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Physical Appearance[]

Zinnia is a tanned/light brown skinned woman with strawberry blond hair she keeps frequently in braids of various styles. She is fat and about average height for an elf. When she has choice over her outfit she prefers loose clothes in greens, pinks, or blues. However she'll wear whatever is practical without complaint.

After Trespasser her left forearm is gone and has been replaced with a green magical replica. It is a spell she has to keep actively up, but does such most of the time in order to use her weapons.


Before the events of the game and during the early act 1 she was a highly stressed out and not well put together person. Constantly trying to live up to the expectations of her clan and of the inquisition but feeling like a complete failure on both fronts, her self confidence was at an all time low and she frequently was tripping over her words and prone to being overwhelmed.

As of late act 1 and through act 2 she steps up to the role of a leader and gains some confidence in her perspective of the world and the worth of her thoughts. The stuttering stops for the most part and it becomes easier for her to stand up to others. She becomes more put together and starts handling stressful situations with grace instead of panic. She also becomes more forward in her personal relationships and willing to share what she needs out of it. However there is still some naive spark of idealism about how things can turn out, she wanted the best for everyone and thought it was possible.

Act 3 hardens her resolve and makes her look at her situation with a lot more realism mixed in with her idealism. Also by then she had fully grown into confidence and while aware of her limits she was able to face problems without being held back by her insecurities.

Throughout all of this growth a few traits remained consistent. A strong sense of duty and a willingness to do whatever it took to live up to duty, even at personal cost. A desire to see her people move forward to new greatness while keeping tradition alive. An unwavering belief in people and their ability to grow.

She is fast to forgive and has a tendency to look past her friends glaring flaws, these traits lessen as she grows but don't go away entirely and at times she'll back slide into them. She has trouble dealing with her own anger so ignores it as much as she can and she can have trouble with terrible truths, sometimes falling into willful ignorance of the issue. However by act 3 and beyond she is working on those things.

Talents and Skills[]

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With a shared interest in ancient elf knowledge and love of the outdoors the two hit it off fairly well from the get go, plus she was thankful for his involvement with her survival in the days she spent unconscious after the breach was opened.

Cassandra Pentaghast[]



She has a sister like relationship with Vivienne where they know that they can always go to her for advice and vise-versa. Zinnia has attempted in the past to get Vivienne to appreciate the great outdoors to little success.

Dorian Pavus[]


Iron Bull[]






The two are very awkward around each other but supportive. Zinnia feels weird about being close with a former Templar involved in all the stuff in Kirkwall and Cullen is aware of this and also occasionally gets reminded of his dead crush (Surana from DA:O) due to the fact she looks similar. However in times of crisis they have each other's backs and she supported him in recovering from his addiction.


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