Wyatt Conor Hawke is the oldest child born to Leandra Amell - the estranged daughter of a noble family in the city of Kirkwall - and the apostate mage Malcolm Hawke. Eventually, the Hawkes ended up with three mages living under their roof: Wyatt, Bethany (twin to Carver), and Malcolm; so it became commonplace for the family to move frequently in order to avoid trouble with the Templars and remain free of the Circle.

Whether it was actual fate that put him at the center of some of Kirkwall’s most renowned history or just pure dumb luck, no one is really sure.

"It was not Hawke that survived Kirkwall, it was Kirkwall that survived Hawke." -Varric Tethras

Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

At an impressive 6'5" (195.58 cm) tall, with strong, broad build, Wyatt does not look like most people expect mages to be - wiry and thin. Instead, he has a brawny physique developed over time through physical labor, exercise and regular activity. With the exception of his brother, and other races such as the qunari, Wyatt typically towers over everyone else around him so it can be a little difficult for him to blend into a crowd. Thanks to his father's roots in Antiva, Wyatt's complexion is a medium tan with a warm undertone that, with excessive sun exposure, only freckles and tans deeper before he burns.

Throughout most of his youth in Ferelden, he kept his auburn-red hair long and tied back in a bun, hiding the naturally but subtle curly texture. Usually by the time it reached the middle of his back he would hack off a few inches, let it grow again and repeat the process. Once he reached adolescence, it was very common for him to sport facial hair, though typically it was just heavy scruff as opposed to a full-on beard. Following his duel against the Arishok in Kirkwall, he felt the need for a change and wound up cutting his hair drastically short and losing the facial hair.

Of course, later after he has left Kirkwall, he starts letting it all grow out once more.


  • Forehead: Right side - cuts through eyebrow and goes to the eyelid. Narrowly missed by a sword.
  • Chin: Left side - from chin up across the lips. Templar gauntlet.
  • Torso: Right side - runs from pectorals just above the waist. Impaled by Arishok.
  • Torso: Left side - diagonal cut along the waist. Sword wound.
  • Forearm: Left - numerous diagonal scars/scratches. Shriek claws.
  • Arm/Fingers: Right - burn scars. Improper handling of mage fire in his youth.
  • Ankle: Right - ice burn. Magic accident while training with Bethany.
  • Thigh: Left - deep gash. Farming accident.
  • Various others earned over the course of time both in Ferelden as a rambunctious young man, or his time in Kirkwall.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"If I could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of my trouble, I wouldn't sit for a month."

Wyatt has always been very friendly, somewhat goofy and an approachable person who is willing to go above and beyond to help others. Despite having to move so often to avoid the Templars, he was always able to make friends quite easily and quickly though it was difficult to maintain those friendships as they never stayed in one place too long. He is someone who is emotionally driven, who is often very much ruled by his heart. Wyatt is an optimist most of the time, preferring to think on the bright side of things. On the surface, he comes off as self-confident and self-assured, someone who tries to inspire others. However all that mild sarcasm and almost-bumbling sort of nature is his way of deflecting, coping with his internal feelings of anxiety and insecurity. The one thing that has always remained constant over time is Wyatt’s devotion to those close to him - those with whom he has formed close and personal bonds with. Family - both blood and adoptive - is everything to him and he will go to any means to defend the ones he loves, even if he doesn’t always make the most logically sound decisions. However - that all said - he can hold a decent grudge and if someone actively wrongs him, expect him to be quite bitter about it for a while.

Flaws[edit | edit source]

Insecurity - He seems confident on the outside, but he does a great job of keeping up the ruse. Underneath the laughs and the pleasant disposition is a man who worries often about doing the right thing, about pleasing everyone and juggling responsibility and personal biases. When he’s in a hard place mentally (this was prevalent after the loss of his mother) he has a very bad habit of pushing himself harder than he should and taking much more significant risks (spiraling) until something snaps him out of it.

Impulsive - Wyatt is a risk taker and often acts without fully considering all possible outcomes or repercussions of his plans. He is known to throw himself into dangerous situations for the sake of protecting those he cares about.

Stubborn - A trait that seems prevalent in all the Hawkes, Wyatt has a tendency to be obstinate a lot of the time. It seems to manifest more in a really serious determination and that once he gets a thought in his head it generally is hard to dissuade him otherwise.

Savior Complex - Wyatt feels the need to help anyone and everyone he can, or he used to anyway. He needs to feel useful and needed and relied upon in order to be fulfilled. This goes hand in hand with his impulsivity.

Loyal to a fault - Both a strength and a flaw really, but Wyatt is loyal and dedicated to those in his inner circle above all else. It’s also fed by his insecurity and need to surround himself with people he cares for and care for him in return. He needs these relationships and it often leads him to overlook their flaws as individuals and rising to their defense in spite of things they may do.

Lightweight - Wyatt is not a huge drinker, but happily partakes in the occasional pint with his friends in the hanged man while Varric spins stories, or over a round of Wicked Grace. Thus his tolerance for spirits is a bit lower than some, and inebriation is fairly quick to hit him. Fortunately, his friends make sure he doesn’t make a complete fool of himself. A drunken Wyatt also tends to become a bit more insufferably affectionate with those he cares about, but it can be considered endearing in a humorous way.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

Magic - Wyatt is a mage and born into a family with magic prevalent in both his bloodlines. His talents manifested young at the age of 9, and he took to his craft readily. His proficiency is with the Elemental school first and foremost, with a strong preference for fire spells. Additionally, he is also skilled with the schools of Fore and Arcane. While growing up as an apostate, his teachings came secondhand from his father who passed on what he knew of his time in the Circle and some of his own personal development.

Physical Labor - Growing up as the oldest of three children, and the effective family “heir” so to speak, he was expected to pull his weight, assisting with chores and raising his younger siblings. This became especially important after his father died and Wyatt became the head of the household. As someone who spent most of his life on the farm, Wyatt is no stranger to hard, honest work and generally prefers to do everything himself if he can help it, even after carving out his status and fortune in Kirkwall.

Endurance & Strength - Though no Grey Warden, Wyatt's years spent performing hard labor, working the lands and training his body, Wyatt has honed his physical capabilities and possesses admirable strength and stamina - especially for a mage. He continues to keep up with his physical fitness over the years as he takes a point of pride in being healthy and capable as it allows him (in his mind) to better protect those he cares about.

Compassion - It can’t be said that Wyatt Hawke isn’t a man with a good heart and a penchant for always trying to be kind and do what he can for those in need even at his own expense. He wasn’t sure what to make of the mantle “Champion” at first but something Carver said stuck with him and he did his best to better the lives of others around the City of Chains. At the same time, he adopted Anders's cause as his own (being a mage himself) and sought to help his people as much as possible and continues to do so until they are free.

Biography[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]


Life growing up on the farm wasn't so bad. His family wasn't wealthy, but they lived within their means and they were comfortable with that. At times, however, Wyatt could be a spirited young boy and only had so many outlets through which to express himself. Initially, he was rambunctious and excitable but easily tempered by his mother. Once the twins were born, he became fiercely protective of them and was quick to take on bullies and children twice his size if they were particularly troublesome. He adored his little siblings, and despite them being much younger than him he always tried to include them in his play whenever possible. They were all but inseparable, until Wyatt turned nine years old.  In an attempt to confront a local bully about bothering other kids in the village, he nearly lit the older boy’s hair on fire in a small and unexpected explosion of magic. Even at such a young age, the need to help and protect others was already there. This new revelation immediately put the family on high-alert, which meant packing up and moving to a new village in order to avoid detection by the Templars. West Hill became their next destination and it seemed like they had managed to escape notice - until years later when little Bethany was the next child to demonstrate latent magical talents. Once more, the Hawke family knew that they could not stay.

As a family of apostates, they had to move often and never stayed in one place too long for fear of drawing too much attention to themselves. It was hard on them as a family, but they made the best of it until they finally settled on the outskirts of Lothering by 9:20 Dragon, and resumed a simple life of farming. Years later in 9:27, Malcolm succumbed to a virulent illness that had been persisting for some time. With no other place to go, Wyatt and his family remained in Lothering until the Fifth Blight came to a head in 9:30 Dragon.

Eventually, as the darkspawn threat loomed ever closer, they were forced to flee Ferelden and took ship to his mother's ancestral home of Kirkwall, The City of Chains. What happened after that can be found in almost any history book, or in the publications of a one Varric Tethras.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Act 1[edit | edit source]

Quests Outcome
The Destruction of Lothering Aveline dealt with Wesley. Joined up with Athenril and the smugglers to gain entry into Kirkwall. Aveline intimidated Cavril into paying his debt.
The Unbidden Rescue Returned Seamus Dumar safely back to the Viscount. Ginnis Winter was killed in the confrontation.
Enemies Among Us Idunna was killed for trying to enthrall him. Keran was rescued and then reinstated into the Templars.
Act of Mercy Tricked the Templars so the Starkhaven mages could escape. Ser Karras was not killed on site. (HC: he was killed much later in Act 3 when Wyatt hears from Alain what happened)
Wayward Son Sent Feynriel to the Dalish to learn about his magic. Danzig the slaver was killed.
Loose Ends Let the kid take the goods, lied to Athenril about what happened to them.
Shepherding Wolves Defended Ketojan from the other Qunari.
Enemies Among Us Idunna was killed for trying to enthrall him. Keran was rescued and then reinstated into the Templars.
Mine Massacre Killed the Mature Dragon in the Bone Pit. Convinced the miners to go back to work with double pay.
Friends in Low Places Accepted Dougal’s offer to help fund the expedition.
The Deep Roads Expedition Brought Anders & Carver. Found Grey Wardens - Carver left with them.
Side Quests Told Ghyslain the truth about his wife. Did not blackmail Ser Thrask with his daughter’s secret. Tracked down the illegal cargo for Martin so he could set up shop. Kelder was killed.

Act 2[edit | edit source]

Quests Outcome
Blackpowder Courtesy Did not kill Javaris.
Dissent Helped Anders find proof of Ser Alrik’s plan, stopped him from hurting Ella.

Began a relationship with Anders who eventually moved into the estate.

Offered and Lost Did not side with Varnell or Sister Petrice against the Qunari. Varnell was killed in the fight.
Following the Qun Didn't help Sister Petrice. Told Elthina what she had been up to.
Prime Suspect Agreed to help Ser Emeric with the investigation; Let Gascard go free after confronting him.
Night Terrors Went into the Fade to save Feynriel who later left for Tevinter to train.
Demands of the Qun Earned the Arishok's respect, agreed to duel. Did not hand Isabela over to him.
Side Quests Fought alongside the guardsmen against the raiders on the cliff. Helped Aveline court Donnic. Brekker was caught and killed for raiding Hubert's caravans. Spared Sabin.

Act 3[edit | edit source]

Quests Outcome
Showdown Sides with Orsino and the mages
On the Loose Did not turn Emile back into the Circle. Helped him get out of the city.
Best Served Cold Anders abducted. Let Keran go. Did not vouch for Samson. Asked for mercy for Alain and the rest, turned in conspirators to Orsino.
The Last Straw Sided with the Mages against Meredith and her templars. Did not kill Anders and approved of his actions with the Chantry.
Side Quests Nathaniel Howe was rescued from the Deep Roads, Reunited Charade and Gamlen. Helped Nuncio find the assassin, but Let Zevran go. Killed the High Dragon at the Bone Pit.

DLC[edit | edit source]

Legacy Took Carver. Found Malcolm's will. Sided with Larius.
Mark of the Assasin Took Carver. Spared Baron Arlange. Fought way through the Chateau. Followed Tallis.

Post-game[edit | edit source]

Wyatt post-Kirkwall.

After the last battle, Wyatt and Anders - with the help of Isabela and her new ship - set sail together away from Kirkwall with a mutual promise to help as many mages as they could during this crucial period. While Isabela offered them all safe passage to wherever they needed to go, most knew they were still needed in the city. This left only the Champion and his beloved to travel with her back to Ferelden. It was the first stop on the road to a full-blown revolution.

Their voyage by ship purposefully took them around the eastern coast of the country stopping at the edge of the Brecilian Forest. It was far enough away from any major cities or villages that the two of them could at least avoid recognition for a while. Eventually, the pair skirted across the Korcari wilds only stopping in the Hinterlands where they spent some time helping as many of the rebels as possible without giving themselves away. Hawke provided his skills readily, in areas of physical labor and magical know-how, while Anders reprised his role as the much-needed healer. Together they led and protected many mages until it seemed like they could manage on their own. Eventually, the two of them moved on before anybody caught wind of their location.

After the Hinterlands, they made a stop in Lothering on Hawke’s request, just to see what had become of the village since the Blight. They didn’t linger long, only spending a night in the tavern where they had a brief but bittersweet reunion with the Hero of Ferelden before leaving again. They settled in Edgehall finally, Wyatt’s birthplace, and had plans to remain there for as long as possible. That is until Varric’s letter from Skyhold arrived detailing what was currently happening in regards to Corypheus and the Grey Wardens.

His business with the Inquisition was concluded within a month and he immediately departed to Weisshaupt to deliver the news about Warden Stroud and the rest of the order, only to be reunited with Anders upon arrival. Not long after he was surprised by the arrival of not only his brother Carver but Laerke who helped them deal with the newly erupted chaos within the fortress' walls. It was after the fact that he had a conversation with the Wardens about their search for a Cure to the taint - the inevitable fate that awaited all Wardens, and something he had only limited knowledge of. She invited Anders and him both to follow her on the search and they agreed.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

Would-be family portrait

Malcolm & Leandra - Wyatt loved his parents dearly, even as a young and rambunctious boy. His relationship with his mother was very different growing up to what it eventually became and the same can be said for his father. For the first several years he relied on his mother's love and guidance and the two were almost as inseparable as Wyatt and his younger brother. He was a wild child, but respected both of their authority and relished the love he received from both of them, especially as their first and eldest child. Once his magic manifested, his idolization for his father began in much more earnest even as Malcolm's role as a teacher oftentimes had to take priority over his being a father in order to see that his son grew to be a strong and capable mage. Still, they got along well enough and maintained a pleasant relationship. He grew distant from Leandra the more involved he became in magic lessons and especially as he grew up and shirked all attempts to get married off. After Malcolm's passing, his relationship with his mother never really changed now that he had stepped into the role his father had essentially played. It was not until much later, before her death that they ultimately started to repair their relationship. Wyatt has deep regrets over not being able to prevent her death and not spending as much time with her as he possibly could before she was gone.

Bethany: Being twins, Carver was the closer to Bethany but Wyatt still adored his baby sister and doted on her alongside his little brother. He felt protective of her as any older sibling might, but especially so once her magic manifested. She was very frequently the voice of reason and sweetness when the boys were locking horns. On occasion, she could be persuaded to help him play a prank on Carver. Overall, they had a great relationship and bonded over magic where she bonded over many other things with Carver. Her death at the hands of the ogre when they fled their home still affects him to this day.

Wyatt & Carver

Carver: Wyatt’s younger brother and twin to Bethany. They bicker from time to time and butt heads, but at the end of the day, they love each other. They have a fairly healthy rivalry, though sometimes both boys can be a little bit bullheaded and competitive. They each took very different paths in life and while Carver was a little resentful at first, by the end they came together as brothers and made peace with who they had respectfully become. He knows the Wardens will look out for his little brother and hopes to be a proper family again someday.

Hana (AU): No one ever outright said that Hana was Anders' but too many details added up to the obvious conclusion. He was nervous to get close to her at first, not wanting to spill the beans so abruptly or take away her choice to decide whether she wanted to know her father or not. However, he became quickly endeared to her and the idea of Anders knowing she existed. Once the truth was out (well after Here Lies the Abyss) and Hana had a chance to get to know her estranged father, the three became close very quickly.

Companions[edit | edit source]

Aveline: She was the first of all his companions and one he holds very dear. Aveline always felt like a mother or older sister figure to him, especially once she became captain of the guard and he started making a name for himself around Kirkwall. Aveline did what she could to steer him down the "path of least resistance" (usually) and though she wouldn’t hesitate to scold him when he did something risky or borderline stupid, she always had his back just the same. In the end, when it came to choosing sides she was there with everyone else, helping him fight for a cause that could have cost her everything. He hated leaving her, and everyone else, but he promised he would eventually get in touch, once he and Anders were finally safe, wherever they landed.

Varric: Wyatt and Varric were just two peas in a pod right from the start. They fed into each other's bad habits, as friends can sometimes do, but they looked out for each other and enjoyed each other's companionship. Varric is and always will be the friend you call when you’re in it deep and know that he will come and bail you out without questions or judgment and simply buy you a pint for your troubles. They played cards, they talked, they trekked through the deep roads together, Varric was there for it all and Hawke would never have had it any other way. Varric being fairly easy to get along with set a good foundation but they both put in the work to develop a lasting friendship.

Isabela: What could be said about the two of them? Wyatt has a penchant for seeing the best in people and putting his trust in unlikely allies. Isabela was no exception to this. He recognized there was more to her than just flirting, dirty jokes, and a lust for all things gold and shiny. When he learned of her involvement in the Qunari occupation and her theft of the tome, he was both furious and concerned. Furious because she could have prevented a lot of death and chaos, but also concerned because she had clearly gotten in way over her head. He had no love lost for the Qunari who were causing such a ruckus around the city, so of course, he was going to support his friend when she returned most unexpectedly, tome in hand. They bonded more after that, leading to Isabela getting out from under Castillon and acquiring her ship. When she presented her offer to sail away from Kirkwall and all of its madness, he was warmed by her invitation and later found himself (along with Anders) taking her up on the offer after everything happened.

Merrill: It took very little time to form an attachment to the elf. From the very start, Merrill reminded him of Bethany and quickly filled in a much needed younger sibling role especially after Carver left for the wardens. She was always a delight to have around, despite his reticence towards her affinity for blood magic. Unlike his companions, he didn’t rush to condemn her for the practice but worried for her all the same. Despite her innocent nature, her quirky sweetness, and seeming naivety about the world outside the Dalish and her clan, he saw her as a grown woman who had every right to make her own choices but made sure he was there to help if anything ever went wrong.

Fenris: Talk about an unexpected friendship. Despite the elf’s initial bristly nature and Wyatt’s status as a mage, the two of them developed a very solid friendship. One that was built gradually and on a firm foundation of respect. Much like a few of Hawke’s companions, Fenris wrestled with past traumas and inner demons. While they didn’t share the same opinions on things like mages, magic and the circle (and Fenris very frequently butt heads with Anders and Merrill - two people who he considered dear to him) they came to accept their differences and Wyatt especially was willing to listen to Fenris and hear him out. What brought them together was how fiercely Hawke was willing to defend Fenris against his former slave master and driving other slavers out of Kirkwall. Fenris saw Hawke as using his status and class for the force of good that it was, even if it didn’t excuse all others like him they forged mutual respect on those grounds.

Anders: Neither of them expected to find love in a place like Kirkwall, and balancing romance and responsibility was a challenge. The relationship was not without obstacles, especially considering the difference in their upbringings, but it was ultimately worth the effort. Wyatt found a deep kinship in Anders, someone with who he could bond with over life as a mage and as a fellow Fereldan. He had a profound respect for Anders's dedication to helping the poor and disenfranchised people of Kirkwall, was drawn in by his passion, and stayed for the tender love and fierce conviction to the cause of freedom for their people. The two of them have remained extremely devoted to one another and found a sliver of happiness among the madness that is their lives.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Likes[edit | edit source]

  • Romance: When it comes to relationships and love, Wyatt is the type of person to feel deeply; he is gentle, patient and fairly sentimental. It's not uncommon for him to go out of his way to make a partner feel as comfortable and appreciated as possible, often through acts of service which is just one part of his love language. Touch is also extremely important to him, as it both grounds him and allows him to reaffirm his feelings. Being soft of heart, Wyatt tends to take conflict hard and is prone to worry if a partner appears to be distant from him
  • Reading: While he doesn’t exactly have much time for the hobby, Wyatt does actually enjoy reading and has been known to offer to read Varric’s latest work and give his thoughts. He had a shelf stuffed full of various books and written works in the estate but many sat untouched, especially after being declared Champion when his free time became even more limited.
  • Sweets: Though it is probably the least surprising fact about him, Wyatt, in fact, has a rather serious sweet tooth. One of his guilty pleasures has always been chocolate. Growing up, it wasn't exactly a common household treat, usually reserved for special occasions. After moving into the Amell Estate in Hightown, it was Leandra who discovered a small chocolatier in the city and started bringing home assorted confections and other baked goods. After her passing, Orana continued the tradition in Leandra's honor. The day after the funeral, she left a small basket of goodies in Wyatt's room as a token of sympathy.
  • Art: While no professional who spent years perfecting his talent, Wyatt quite enjoys sketching. It's a hobby he picked up somewhere in his teens and acts upon every so often when the mood strikes. It's usually often relied upon as an outlet for his emotions in times of high stress or melancholy, perhaps his only one. He keeps a heavily worn sketchbook amongst his personal belongings full of rough sketches and doodles of places and people he has known or cares about.

Dislikes[edit | edit source]

  • Corruption: Wyatt’s feelings about being the Champion were mixed. When they first got to Kirkwall, his first and foremost priority was his family and making sure he was there to provide for them, to carve out a safe and comfortable place for them in Kirkwall. Soon enough he realized there was a significant power imbalance, no shortage of corruption, and plenty of people that needed help but had no one to be their voice.
  • Slavery: While it wasn’t as prominent as in say, Tevinter, Wyatt realized slavers were still an issue even in Kirkwall as they tried desperately to regain a foothold in the city. When he met Fenris, he became even more of an advocate against such a practice and does not hesitate to dispatch slavers quickly, and without mercy whenever he comes across them.
  • Abusing Magic: Something Wyatt saw throughout most of Kirkwall was the flagrant abuse of magic, specifically blood magic. He does not find the practice itself abhorrent so much as he recognizes it as a type of magic that is easily abused and can absolutely be twisted to manipulate, hurt and endanger others and the casters themselves if they are ignorant or not properly practiced in the arts. He doesn’t dabble himself, despite his own genetic disposition towards it thanks to his father, but he has been known to study it which is why seeing it abused like he has frustrated him so.

Fears[edit | edit source]

  • Tranquility: In spite of his boldness using magic and embracing his status as a mage, Wyatt does fear tranquility as a very real possibility for someone like him while the Chantry still preaches . The feelings he had when meeting Karl stayed with him long after the incident. His father had always warned him and Bethany growing up and tried to teach them to be cautious and careful, as it was never his desire to pass his gifts onto his children and with it the fears he faced. Wyatt does not let the fear control him however, but it is something he worries about in the back of his mind.
  • Autophobia: Wyatt fears the idea of being completely alone in the world. It is probably for this reason why he found himself collecting so many friends while in Kirkwall and why the death of his mother and his brother’s near-constant absence, while part of the Warden order, affect him on a much deeper level than he lets on. He is grateful to have a partner like Anders by his side whose love and company keep the feelings of loneliness at bay. The few occasions where he finds himself traveling without Anders are tough, but always make their inevitable reunion so much sweeter.
  • Thalassophobia: After an incident in his childhood in which he almost drowned after falling into a lake, Wyatt has since found himself afraid of very deep and dark bodies of water such as large oceans and murky lakes. It isn't an irrational fear, but being out on the open ocean (even on a ship) being out on docks, or swimming gives him a moderate amount of anxiety.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Wyatt was named for his late-uncle, Malcolm's younger brother who died from an illness.
  • His face claim is Sean Teale.
  • Has an AU-verse where he becomes the Inquisitor after visiting the Conclave.
  • In RP verses, he is the older brother to Astrid Hawke where they were both named Champion of Kirkwall and both twins survive. They all go on to eventually return to the Inquisition where they work together and separately as agents.

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