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Champion of Kirkwall[]

  • Aggressive Rogue (Berserker)
  • Worked for Meeran
  • Bartrand killed, Red Lyrium Idol destroyed
  • Slew the Arishok in single combat
  • Sided with Larius against Janeka
  • Sided with Mages, killed Anders
  • Left Kirkwall with Fenris
  • Survived the Nightmare demon in the Fade


Physical Appearance[]

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Talents and Skills[]

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It seems as though as this age is one for unlikely heroes.

The Champion of Kirkwall was born in Ferelden to Leandra Amell, the estranged daughter of the Amells in the Free Marches, and Malcolm Hawke, an apostate mage with a shadowy background. Enlisting in King Cailan’s army, he and his brother Carver were lucky to escape the disaster at Ostagar, eventually fleeing their hometown of Lothering with their mother and their sister Bethany.

Escaping the darkspawn horde but losing Carver to an ogre, he found little recourse in the Amell’s ancestral home of Kirkwall, being pressed into servitude for a mercenary band called the Red Iron for a year to pay for permanent residence - along with the debts of his wastrel of an uncle, who had spent the family fortune away and had their estate repossessed by the viscount.

The cost of fame and fortune derived through an expedition into the Deep Roads was far steeper than anyone could have imagined. At the heart of the Primeval Thaig containing untold riches was a graven idol shaped from red lyrium - a far more powerful and damaging variant of the magical substance, which eventually away the mind of the expedition’s leader Bartrand Tethras, whom his brother Varric was forced to euthanise.

Reclaiming his family’s estate with his spoils, Hawke soon suffered a major tragedy when his mother’s life was taken by an insane blood mage with delusions of his lost love, and was soon thrust into the chaos caused by the qunari as they revolted and sought to conquer Kirkwall, declaring its decadence and sin at an end, with either death or submission as their solution.

In truth their grievances originated with a stolen sacred tome, in the hands of Hawke’s companion and beloved, the pirate captain Isabela. Without their tome, they had no recourse in seeing their home ever again. Refusing to give either up to their leader, Hawke duelled their Arishok in single combat, slaying the qunari with his own hands after a gruelling battle.

Given the scale of Isabela’s deception, Hawke found himself unable to continue their relationship, eventually finding a kindred soul in Fenris, the escaped Tevinter slave who Hawke had aided through slaying his pursuers and foiling the attempts of Hadriana, disciple of Fenris’ former master, the magister Danarius. When Danarius himself came to Kirkwall to seek out Fenris, Hawke stood beside Fenris to defend him to the very end, with nary a shadow of a doubt.

The Viscount’s death precipitating the bloodshed during the qunari coup left a power vacuum which Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard, leader of Kirkwall’s Templars was eager to fill, tightening the screws on the already-oppressed mages in the city. Witnessing these outrages, the Spirit of Justice in Hawke’s compatriot Anders was corrupted into Vengeance, and he brought events to a head by destroying the Chantry and killing the Grand Cleric Elthina.

In the chaos that ensued, Hawke stood up for the mages who faced the blade, defeating Meredith despite her power being augmented from a sword forged from that same red lyrium idol which had driven Bartrand insane and preyed on her paranoia. Knowing that events had been put in motion which could never be undone, Hawke and his companions, save for Anders, who had paid the ultimate price for his actions, fled Kirkwall.

Among them, it was his Fenris who accompanied him through his arduous flight from the Seekers as they pursued him despite the best efforts of Varric to throw them off the trail. Eventually, however, events caught up to Hawke. Corypheus, an ancient Tevinter magister who had been sealed with Malcolm Hawke’s blood magic, had corrupted the Grey Wardens and tricked them into freeing him. Although Hawke slew him, Corypheus’ essence lived on.

The magister emerged shortly after, killing everyone at the Conclave intended to end the war whose outbreak Hawke had witnessed, and soon Hawke found himself leading the Inquisition to the Wardens’ redoubt at Adamant, where he was confronted with his certain doom in the Fade. Still, it was not Hawke but the disgraced general Loghain Mac Tir who made the ultimate sacrifice to save his life, along with that of the Inquisitor, Rivka Lavellan.

He parted ways with Rivka, leaving Orlais for Weisshaupt with the surviving Grey Wardens, being forced to step in when disaster struck again, saving the first clutch of griffon eggs in four Ages. Eventually, Hawke left Weisshaupt to rejoin Fenris, who was busy in the Silent Plains freeing slaves and hunting down their masters, where once again world events caught up with him…


Family and Relations[]

Leandra and Malcolm








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