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Virathara Lavellan (9:15 Dragon) was born in the Planasene Forest among the Free Marches. Having no land for the Dalish to call their own, Virathara referred to her Clan as Home. Virathara was well known to be the most talented hunter and scout among her Clan, which is why she was chosen to gather what info she could at the Conclave. The event that would change her life forever...

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Virathara Lavellan relied on her dexterous archery skills and swift movements to guide her in battle, each arrow finding the desired destination. Virathara stands at about 5'3" with a fairly lean build from her constant movement and tasks required in her Dalish way of life. The regular responsibility of scouting, hunting and moving the Clan from place to place certainly requires her to be in peak physical form with strong cardio.

She prefers to keep her hair in a short ponytail as a personal preference appearance wise, as well as limiting the interference when drawing her arrows. Her greatest pride was the vallaslin markings she displayed on her body. Most visible are the lines on her face but she also contained marvelous designs running along her arms and back.

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  • Solas -

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  • Zathlan Lavellan -
  • Miriani Lavellan -

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  • Cassandra Pentaghast -
  • Varric Tethras -
  • Dorian Pavus -
  • The Iron Bull -
  • Sera -
  • Blackwall -
  • Cole -
  • Vivienne -
  • Cullen -
  • Leliana -
  • Josephine -


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