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Vatna is an Avvar mage from Two Falcon Hold.



Fiery, easily irritable, dedicated to her people and the gods.

Talents and Skills[]

Elemental magic, focused on winter spells. Spirit magic. Wielding an axe. Traversing the Land of Dreams.



Vatna was born in 9:23 Dragon. In 9:30, a few days before the battle of Ostagar, her dreaming powers manifested, along with her magic.

In 9:41 Vatna decided to leave her Hold in order to learn the meaning behind concerning dreams sent by the gods. They told her of a great danger coming to the Mountains. She saw a dragon with poisoned blood, a wolf with sharp teeth, and many more signs she could not quite decipher yet. The scared gods were fleeing from the north, from the direction of Haven - where Lowlanders were gathering to discuss the war they started amongst themselves. Vatna figured it was the best starting point. She left her home accompanied only by a falcon named Himnar, who is a spirit living in one of the hold-beasts of Two Falcon Hold. On the way to the Conclave, she visited a neighbour Avvar settlement, Ramhold, where she was joined by Eurwyn (Eir), a pathfinder and skilled hunter.


She reached Haven in 9:41 Kingsway. The Divine was giving sermons to the faithful, in which Vatna obviously wasn't interested. Together with Himnar, she searched for clues in the Temple of Sacred Ashes, while Eir looked around Haven. Vatna discovered Corypheus sacrificing the Divine, and she tried to stop the ritual but it was too late. The skies opened, as she feared.

She found herself in the Land of Dreams, though not in the form she was used to. Travelling those paths in the flesh should be impossible for mortals, yet there she was, with a green, glowing mark on her hand. With the help of Himnar, she escaped from the Land of Dreams through an opening in the Lady's Veil. She made an attempt to drag the Divine outside but the fearlings in the shape of wolves overwhelmed her and took away some of her memories. However, the Nightmare's tendrils did not reach Himnar. The spirit remembered what happened in the Temple.



She continued to close the rifts, helping the Lady of the Skies and other gods who were harmed by the Breach.


In the Hold[]

Her parents are Einar and Selke. She has a very good relationship with both her parents. She has a younger sister, Hirka, whom she had fallen out with some time before leaving the Hold. Eventually, the sisters reconciled.

There are two augurs in Two Falcon Hold - the Stone Seer, Jokka, and the Sky Watcher, Sjör. They are both Vatna's teachers, but she is the Sky Watcher's apprentice specifically. She was training to become Sjör's successor. Her magic manifested in the wake of the Fifth Blight. She suffered from vivid nightmares of destruction due to being a dreamer. The augurs assigned her to a wise teaching spirit to help her cope with the nightmares and guide her in wielding magic. She was hosting the god of White River for 8 years, from 7 to 15 years old. When the ground stage of her training was deemed to be completed, she parted with the spirit.

Each of the augurs of Two Falcon Hold is linked to a spirit-guardian who lives inside a hold-beast. There are two of those protectors, Himnar, representing the Sky, and Fjall, representing the Stone. They are connected to the Sky Watcher and the Stone Seer respectively. Vatna was chosen to become the next Sky Watcher. When she was 16 winters old, she underwent a ritual that bound her and Himnar together, though she did not took over Sjör's position in the Hold yet. Vatna and Himnar are not sharing the same body, as it was with her previous teacher, but they have a mental connection that allows them to exchange thoughts at a close range. The further they are from each other, the less precise their communication is, to the point they can only be aware of the other's presence on the opposite end of the rope. If the distance is too large, the link can deteriorate or even break. The rope can be repaired if it still holds together, but it cannot be reattached if it's destroyed.

In the Inquisition[]




Vatna's native language is Avvar, she speaks the middle dialect. There are differences between the languages of Avvar tribes, however, they are mutually intelligible. Her Common is decent, though she talks with a very obvious accent. She began learning the Trade tongue when she was around 5 winters old (it was during the first visit of dwarven merchants that she remembers) and later she received lessons from her spirit-teachers.


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