Pro-Mage, Anders positive, anti-circle, anti-chantry. Don't like it? Then just avoid my pages. Simple as that.

My Protagonists[edit | edit source]

  • Laerke Cousland - Main Warden. Alistairmancer. Queen. Gentle soul.
  • Wyatt Hawke - Main Hawke. Andersmancer. Mage. Mage rights advocate.
  • Genevieve Trevelyan - Main Inquisitor. Cullenmancer. Mage. KE. Disbanded Templar order.
  • Nell Surana - 2nd Warden. Mage. Elf. HC romance with Velanna.
  • Devyn Hawke - 2nd Hawke. Fenrismancer. Rogue. Also mage supporter.
  • Anzo Cadash - 2nd Inquisitor. HC romance with Leliana. Everything else TBD.

My Non-Protagonists and Other OCs[edit | edit source]

  • Raelynn Amell - Cousin to Wyatt. Non-protagonist. Joined the Grey Wardens under Commander Cousland.
  • Ruby Hawke - One-off Hawke, not connected to a Worldstate. Merrill romance. Warrior.
  • Malcolm Hawke - Wyatt's father. AU Inquisitor. Mage.
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