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Trevelyan was born in 9:15 Dragon, the fourth child of the noble house. Similar to her siblings, she was slated to serve the Maker as a knight of the Templar Order. Discovered to be a mage at eight, shortly before her true induction into the order would've begun, she was promptly taken to the Ostwick Circle.


Physical Appearance Edit

Trevelyan is of medium height and build, dark brown skin, and shoulder length black hair. Her irises, steady brown at the Conclave, became tinted with subtle shades of green--as of her confrontation with Fen'Harel, her left eye was a brilliant shade of Fade green.

Trevelyan has a few visible scars and tattoos--the cut crossing over her left eye was from Haven, although in the blur of battle she was never quite sure where exactly she received it. The tattoo under her left eye was a mark of the Legion of the Dead, a symbol of gratitude from the dwarves for stopping the earthquakes of Orzammar in 9:42 Dragon. The scars on her lip and across her right cheek are from the Frostback Basin, and the Avvar war god Trevelyan had fought and killed.

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Trevelyan's skills involve a talent for extreme understatement and unecessary commentary. Beyond such, there are few talents she's learned. For one, her control of magic. Unlike the Amell bloodline, the Trevelyans are not known for any exceptional magical talent. However, with the Anchor flaring up unexpectedly and elvhen magic never before explored corrupting any known Circle spells, Trevelyan was forced to reach a level of control almost unparalled throughout southern Thedas.


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