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Thomas Alvel is an Elven Circle mage in the Gwenith Trevelyan WS. He arrives at the Circle in Ostwick from the local alienage a little while before Gwen does.

Although they appear to have little in common, they eventually become fast friends, going through their training and Harrowing and finally leaving the Circle behind in the pursuit of furthering their studies in Magic.


Physical Appearance[]

5"9, slim build. Large silver-grey eyes, chestnut, short-cropped hair.


Thomas spent the first 10 years of his life growing up in the Ostwick Alienage. He was an unruly boy, always getting into trouble of some kind. Orphaned at age six, he was passed from one sympathetic house to the next, until he was old enough to fend for himself. This has left him with a rather sullen disposition and most people find him cold and distant at first. He is slow to trust, especially those of noble birth, as he has seen how they treat people they consider beneath them. His mouth runs faster than his brain and often gets him in trouble.

Talents and Skills[]

Thomas showed a strong affinity for Spirit and Creation Magics, with some skill in Healing.


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Sadly, Thomas was killed in the explosion at the Conclave.


A childhood friend of Inquisitor Gwenith Trevelyan.