The greatest ghost-hunter duo in the history of Thedas.

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Gabriel Lavellan Edit

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One of the two co-Inquisitors, Gabriel is the "true believer" who genuinely believes in the existence of ghosts and seeks to prove it. To the world and also Cadash, who is stubborn and refuses to believe since he's too narrow-minded.

Torrigan CadashEdit

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The co-Inquisitor of the Inquisition that refuses to believe in ghosts just as he refuses to believe in any god. Doesn't really think ghosts exist (ghosts and spirits are not the same thing!), but decides to humour Lavellan because it's funny watching him scared out of his wits.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Dorian Pavus, Torri's beleaguered boyfriend who doesn't quite want to tell Torri he also believes in ghosts.
  • Cassandra Pentaghast, Gabe's partner who thinks the two of them are going to get themselves killed doing this.
  • Emer Lavellan, the younger of Gabe's daughters who believes in Baba and Uncle Torri! (^ω^)
  • Sildelona "Lona" Lavellanthe older of Gabe's daughters who agrees with Cass and thinks Baba's going to die and Uncle Torri's going to have to raise them and oh Creators they're doomed.
  • Hilde Ordel, Torri's illegitimate daughter whose existence they discover when investigating a so-called "haunting". Initially a skeptic, but she might just believe in ghosts now since her mother always told her that her father died tragically.
  • Edra Ordel, an ex-flame of Torri's and the mother of his child. Really didn't want to end up involved in all of this but when your ex-Carta flame shows up investigating ghosts, what else can you do?
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    v and aeris @ their dad and uncle

  • Variana Lavellan, Gabe's adopted daughter who gets roped in and really doesn't want her Baba to die.
  • Aeris Lavellan, Gabe's adopted son who's just here for a good time.

Universe Plot Edit

Muffins: "Thedas Unsolved is basically what happens when a) a hardcore atheist dwarf (who is somehow also a templar) and a pagan mage elf
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are friends but also proceed to argue a lot about the paranormal, and b) when two nerds (me and Kalan) make jokes about our Inquisitors being totally just Ryan and Shane from Buzzfeed Unsolved and also they'd totally be bros wouldn't they"

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