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Teodora "Thea" Trevelyan, the Inquisitor. Prospective Enchanter of Philosophy at the Circle of Ostick, never to be formally elected due to the mage rebellions.

From the Bloody Dales universe (Ealin Surana -> Marian Hawke -> Thea Trevelyan)


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Teodora "Thea" Trevelyan was born the third child to the Trevelyan noble family of the Free Marches in 9:10 Dragon. Her parents, Demond and Vittoria Trevelyan, are devout Andrastians and are strong supporters of the Chantry in Ostwick.

From an early age, it was clear that Thea was ill-suited to court life. Although the girl was a dedicated study to history and culture, Thea used her knowledge to verbally revile anyone she believed to deserve it. The Chant of Light says, "A learned child is a blessing upon his parents and onto the Maker" - the Trevelyans believed quite the opposite privately.

It was considered a blessing when Thea's magic manifested at the age of eleven. She lived in the Ostwick Circle until its fall during the Mage rebellions in 9:40 Dragon.

In the Ostwick Circle, Thea benefitted as a mage of noble birth. Thea's position did not endear her to peers and she made quite a few rivalries. Technically, Thea rarely used her nobility to take advantage except to gain access to the rarer texts in the Circle. Still, Thea excelled in politics and debated on the freedom of mages with the Fraternities and through her extensive theses. To Thea, all of the political gaming in the Ostwick Circle was merely a distraction from her limited existence in the Circle. As a prolific mage, Thea was to be an Enchanter at the Circle before the mage rebellion started. She would have specialized in philosophy, leading the Fraternities eventually.

When Ostwick fell, Thea both reveled and feared the change. In 9:41 Dragon, Thea willingly attended the Conclave at the Temple of Sacred Ashes. She hoped to weigh in on the future of mages.


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Josephine: The two are cousins on Teodora's mother's side. Teodora's mother, Vittoria, and Aunt Lucille were Antivan before they renounced their citizenship to marry into the Trevelyan family of Teodora's father.




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