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Syrovana is a female elf along with being an honouree Red Jenny as well as being the wife of Sera. She kept the inquisition and vowed to stop Solas at any cost.


Physical Appearance[]

Syrovana Lavellan is a 5'6 elf who is the same height as sera with raven black hair that has a single braid that is tucked behind her ear and Purple eyes. Her most notable feature is her red Valaslin that she wears in honour of Andruil, goddess of the hunt.


Syrovana is an Introvert and spends most of her time on the hunt, even more so than her clan members in Clan Lavellan when she was there. However, she cares deeply about those she holds dear to her and would do anything to protect them. She also has mischievous side to her that people rarely get to see and sometimes pulls pranks with her wife, sera in her spare time.

The term "introvert" describes Syrovana perfectly as she prefers to spend her time hunting and being alone. She can usually be found at the Archery range with her bow and arrow

Talents and Skills[]

Having being the Clan Lavellan's top hunter for a while, Syrovana is highly skilled with a bow as well as tracking, something she took great pride in. Having taken the path of the Assassin from her mentor, Heir, Syrovana is extremely skilled in killing people along with remaining unnoticed, something she has taken a serious interest in.

Being friends with Iron Bull Syrovana knows how to read people and tell when people are being lied to but not at Bull's level. Being friends with Vivienne, Syrovana is quite skilled at The Game, something she doesn't like much but considers it a necessary evil.

Being friends with Varric, Syrovana learned how to tell good but believable stories



Born during the time of The Warden in 9:30 to a City Elf who joined Clan Lavellan when she had enough of being a city elf and a Dalish Elf who was a great tracker for the clan. As a child Syrovana lived in poor conditions and survived on next to nothing as well as being stricken by disease and being driven out of their homes by angry mobs. As a child she believed in the elven gods to help her through the dark times but became disillusioned and eventually stopped believing, When she came out to her parents when she was 15 that she was gay she found them to be extremely supporting as well as the rest of the people in her clan which surprised her and pleased her in equal measure.


After the events of The conclave, many people in Thedas believed that she was "The herald of Andraste" due to the mark on her hand and her miraculous survival of the explosion, a title that made her uncomfortable and she immediately denied as she described herself as an elf. While travelling around Thedas she helped the poor and desperate by clearing the Red Templars from hiding as well as Red Lyrium from around The hinterlands and stopping the mages and templars from killing each other and putting innocent lives in the crossfire, thus gaining the support of everyone by declaring that it was an act of charity and that she just wanted people to know that the inquisition was there for people who were in need.

During the In Hushed Whispers mission, Syrovana was shaken to learn things that could happen if she didn't stop Corypheus and vowed to put a stop to his plans before they could be realised. After dealing with Alexius Syrovana Conscripted the Mages in the Inquisition which in turn garnered the fury of the Templars and Corypheus stormed Haven with the remainder of the red templars. Having barely survived the Red Templars along with Corypheus Syrovana and the rest of the Inquisition were forced to move from Haven to Skyhold and a few months later they arrived there. The reason Syrovana became inquisitor in the first place was because it was the right thing to do.


During the events of Trespasser the inquisition rejoined and thwarted a qunari plot to invade the south along with the rest of the Inquisition. After that she confronted Solas about being the dread wolf and vowed to stop him at any cost. She also stopped Thedas from being torn apart from earthquakes by defeating a Lyrium Titan, On top of that she has slain several dragons and eventually married Sera in a simple ceremony with all members of the Inquisition present. They are currently planning on starting a family in the future


The Iron Bull remained close to the inquisitor as well as remaining loyal to the Chargers

Dorian and Syrovana are close and remain in constant contact

Sera and Syrovana married in a gorgeous ceremony with lots of streamers and the whole of the inquisition was there. Who gave Syrovana away was Dorian to which he was more than honoured and Bull gave away Sera.

Josephine was a good friend to Syrovana and a confident

Solas and Syrovana tolerated each other but have a somewhat strained relationship as she finds him rude and arrogant

Syrovana is wary of Cole given his nature as a spirit

Syrovana and Cassandra are good friends despite their difference in opinions

Syrovana and Dorian are extremely close and remain in constant contact with each other long after the inquisition became a peacekeeping force and was always there to lead an ear as well and to be a source of motivation to him


  • Syrovana has a sweet tooth and loves tiny cakes
  • Syrovana's biggest flaw is her tendency to get tunnel vision
  • Syrovana is serious about being an assassin. She even told sera that she'd never take a contract out on her as she loves her dearly


  • Mother- Syrovana's mother is called Ariane, a city elf who moved to the woods
  • Father- Syrovana's father is called Varralan, a Dalish elf who was a hunter of Clan Lavellan and nursed her mother back to health
  • Uncle- Syrovana's uncle is called Feyrian, the father to Varralan


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