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Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.

— Syrillon Lavellan

Syrillon Lavellan is a Necromancer Mage, https://daoce.fandom.com/wiki/Rakanne_Lavellan's older brother and https://daoce.fandom.com/wiki/Felix_Pavus_(Lavellan)'s adoptive father.


General Information[]

  • Nickname: Syri, mainly used only by his relatives
  • Occupation: Inquisitor and Herald of Andraste
  • Date of Birth: 9:10 Dragon
  • Nationality: Dalish
  • Orientation: Homosexual

Physical Information[]

  • Height: 5'6" / 1.72 m
  • Eyes: Light green
  • Hair: Red and short
  • Vallaslin: Sylaise (simple version)

Personality Information[]

Talents and Skills[]




  • Recruited the Mages.
  • Left only Celene on the Throne.
  • Left Hawke in the Fade.
  • Let Morrigan drink from the Well.
  • Leliana is the new Divine.
  • Kept the Inquisition.




Blackwall: They have never established a deep friendship, but since the first time they met they have always had a stable relationship and Syrillon expresses a lot of respect towards him. They don't speak often, but the few times they do, it pleases both.

Cassandra: The first time they two met, Syrillon got a totally wrong idea of ​​Cassandra. He doesn't spend much time with her but when he needs something he always knows who to refer to. He often teases her when he sees her talking to Varric.

Cole: Syrillon always liked him very much and never found him strange or bizarre. He genuinely likes spending time with him, and he is his favorite rogue to have in the party. He has kept his spirit and often wants to make sure he is ok, even if Cole knows when the elf's looking for him and he is always the one to find Syrillon.

Cullen: One of Syrillon's favorite pastimes is flirting with Cullen. He considers him a great friend, probably one of his best friends, he spends a lot of time with him and they play together many chess games. He often visits him at his office and helps him in his lyrium withdrawal problems, and sometimes also Syrillon talks with Cullen about his personal problems or when him and Dorian had argue.

Dorian: If Syrillon didn't fall in love with him at first sight, most likely he was in the second. Given the lack of acceptance of his sexuality by the other elves during his childhood, however, he preferred to avoid flirting too much until Dorian revealed his feelings and talked about his preferences. He always takes Dorian with him in the party and could not wish for a better partner.


Iron Bull: His drinking buddy, Bull is one of the companions with whom he has a closer relationship. They often make fun of each other and drink together almost every day at the tavern. Bull is the warrior of his party, and during their travels they talk a lot to pass the time. 

Josephine: Josie has always inspired Syrillon. He trusts her a lot and knows how precise and accurate she is in her assignment. He has no chance to spend a lot of time with her as she is always very busy but when they have a chat Syrillon is always very pleased. 

Leliana: During the first few weeks Syrillon was truly intimidated by her. Over time he has learned to trust her and even if they do not often enjoy themselves together and they talk mainly about serious stuff Syrillon appreciates her presence and her hard work. 


Sera: Sera never liked Syrillon particularly. They laugh and joke together, but Sera doesn't consider him a good partner for her jokes. They also don't have many things to talk about but still try to be as friendly as possible even if Syrillon, being a proud elf, argued a few times with her when she expressed her disgust for the elven culture. 

Solas: Syrillon has always been very interested in Solas' explanations and he approves many of his ideas, although the other never seemed into the idea of developing an emotional or friendly relationship. Despite his sincere trust in the other elf, when his sister revealed to him about his relationship with Solas, the brother did not miss an opportunity to become the typical overprotective brother. When he has the opportunity, while they two are together, he never loses sight of them. 

Varric: Without Varric, Syrillon's experience in the inquisition wouldn't have been the same. Also, he is considered one of the elf's best friends, and Syrillon loves to read his books. Having a strong passion for writing, they often give each other advice and play cards together. 

Vivienne: Syrillon has always hated Vivienne, for no particular reason, probably for the way she treats Cole. They hardly ever speak and their conversations are fast and not very thorough. The elf knows that his feelings towards her are reciprocated, so he merely respects her to avoid argues and problems.