"We are the last Elvhen, never again shall we submit."

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A picture of Syl while she still had her vallaslin.

Syl'i've'la is on the tall side of the elf spectrum, with her height being around 168cm. She has a very slight muscular build, especially on her legs, which comes mainly from her training as a Knight Enchanter.

She has dark skin and ashen-gray hair with really light, almost white eyes. Originally she had dark-brown hair and eyes, both of which changed in an instant once her magic manifested.

She chose dark-red vallaslin representing the Elvhen god of Crafts, June.

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A romantic, very charismatic and witty, yet really aggressive if someone badmouths elves or elven culture.

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Even though she was the Keeper's First and a mage, Syl'i've'la had also developed some skills as a minstrel, having learned to play several instruments and regularly performing small plays alongside the clan's hah'ren with the purpose of teaching Elvhen history.

In spite of her being the Keeper's First, she wasn't quite good with battle magic, instead focusing more on magical theory. This started to change when she joined the Inquisition, seeing as she needed to become proficient at fighting. She later found out that her fondness of music causes her to radiate a small amount of stray magic around her, helping her in fights.

After becoming Inquisitor, she also started learning the ways of the Knight Enchanter, honoring the ancient Elvhen tradition of Arcane Warriors. Manifesting the Spirit Blade proved relatively easy, but she needed to learn how to fight with a sword. She trained tirelessly with both Commander Helaine and Cassandra, which caused her to actually develop a more muscly build.


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One of the earliest memories Syl remembers is when her magic abilities first appeared. She woke up and everyone who saw her that morning was shocked: her dark hair had turned ashen, her dark eyes bright with a hint of yellow. This terrified her to see as a small child, but with guidance from the Keeper, she learned that this was a normal process that happens to some mages when they discover their magic.

Slowly learning proper breathing techniques and focus, Syl was beginning to master herself and her magic. In addition to that, learning the old tongue and the lore. She was now a candidate for the Keeper's First, along with the other younger mages in the clan. Unlike most clans however, the mage candidates worked in a more communal way instead of competing with eachother.

Magical training was not her only means to pass the time. One of her favourite things to do was listening to the hah'ren talk about the history of the Elvhen. She was fascinated and would often tell stories to the clan herself, putting herself in the hah'ren's place.

Another hobby of Syl’s included music, both singing and playing. She had picked up playing string and bowed string instruments as well as drums and would often put on performances with other members of the clan. The performances included mostly singing and playing what little they remembered from the days of Arlathan and the Dales.

Her fondest memories were at every Arlathvhen. The daytime was reserved for showing artifacts and checking up on the lore. But the evenings were the more interesting parts: lots of music, dancing and drinking that Syl'i've'la was happy to be a part of.

When Syl'i've'la was deemed ready to take her vallaslin, she chose markings honouring the elven god June. Just as the Keeper finished applying them to her face, she was informed that she was chosen to be the clan's First. She took this position with honour, yet still working to preserve the communal way of the clan’s mages, sharing all knowledge with them.

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"Vhenan. Ar lath ma. Ma lasa ma sulevin."

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Syl and Solas were romantically involved.

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It's an understatement to say that Syl and Cassandra got off on the wrong foot. Waking up without her memories with a pain in her left hand while a strange woman was yelling at her about killing her is enough to make Syl hate her for the rest of her life, but Cassandra has been nothing if not rational, even apologizing.

Sera Edit

"- You're the frigging Herald of Andraste! Every time you open your mouth, you'll sound like an idiot."
"- Well it works for you, so I'm in good company."


Syl's and Sera's friendship was unusual, but true and long-lasting.


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  • Syl'i've'la's name means breeze (syl) from The Beyond (i've'an). At least according to FenxShiral's Elvhen Lexicon.
  • Syl'i've'la's nicknames are mostly: Syl or Syl'a.
  • Syl's parents are Zarima and Celan who disappeared under mysterious circumstances when she was very young.

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