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"Why do you people keep calling me the Maker's chosen? I don't even believe in the Maker!"

-Sybil Cadash not wanting anything to do with any of this

In alternate worldstates: Sybil Cadash was the youngest daughter of a major Carta crime family. She was sent to spy on the Conclave, where she was killed during the explosion.

In her own worldstate: Sybil Cadash was the youngest daughter of a major Carta crime family. After the Mage-Templar war interrupted their lyrium smuggling, Sybil was sent to the Conclave as a spy, where through a very weird series of events, she became the Herald of Andraste and later, the leader of the second Inquisition - a position she had to be dragged to kicking and screaming.

Appearance and Personality[]

Sybil is short even by dwarven standards, standing at an even 4'0". She has brown hair that she wears in a short, messy bob and slightly narrow brown eyes.

Sybil is still very young and kind of immature, and becoming the Herald put a lot of stress on her - largely because she had no idea what to make of her new powers. She absolutely refused to claim that she was the Herald of Andraste and she doesn't believe in the Maker, so she doesn't really think that she has any place being the Inquisitor. No matter how much she tries to run away from her responsibilities, they always seem to find her again - from the minute she falls out of the Fade to the minute she disbands the Inquisition.

Still, Sybil is a relatively free-spirited type who's always ready to have fun or offer support to a friend in need. She really seems to care about the people who are counting on her and while she doesn't always like being the Inquisitor, she's willing to deal with the rough stuff if it means being around them - particularly if "them" means a rebellious city elf who can make her a jar of bees.

Talents and Skills[]

Sybil isn't necessarily all that strong, but she's stealthy and she's good with a pair of daggers. Her greatest talents are misdirection and taking down her enemies with various snares, traps, and poisons: skills that only got better when she became an Artificer.


Early Life[]

Sybil Cadash was born on 15th Harvestmere in 9:20 Dragon to Jared Cadash, a surface dwarf from the long-disgraced Cadash family, and a dwarven woman named Malia. Jared left the family a few months before Sybil was born, leaving Malia alone to raise her daughter in poverty.

Sybil's childhood was a difficult one, to say the least, but she always managed to make the best of things. She and her mother were always very close, and Malia always worked hard and provided for Sybil the best way that she could. When Sybil was fifteen, her mother lost her job, so she joined the Carta despite her distaste for doing so to provide for both of them.

While Sybil hadn't intended to stay in the Carta once her mother got her job back, she soon found that leaving was a lot harder than she thought that it would be. Her mentors in the Carta trained her in the use of daggers and taught her how to make traps and poisons. She became a spy for them - her youth and unassuming appearance made her well-suited for the job. Despite being good at what she did, Sybil hated being in the Carta and just wanted to leave.

Finally, the Carta boss she worked for took pity on her as a kid who had gotten in way over her head and offered her a chance to leave the Carta on the condition that she take her mother and go somewhere far away - as long as she did one more job for him. Sybil readily agreed, and the boss sent her to spy on the Conclave - the war between the mages and Templars was interfering with their lyrium smuggling and he wanted to figure out why. Sybil was nervous, but didn't see a way out of it.

Sybil made it to the Conclave okay, but what happened to her there...no one saw it coming. Least of all Sybil herself, who doesn't remember anything between arriving at the Conclave and waking up in a dungeon.

In trying to dig herself out of the hole she had gotten herself stuck in, Sybil somehow dug herself deeper...


  • Denied being the Herald (The Wrath of Heaven)
  • Templars were leashed (Champions of the Just)
  • Inquisition declared for doing what's right (In Your Heart Shall Burn)
  • Wardens recruited (Here Lies the Abyss, Part 1)
  • Loghain left in the Fade (Here Lies the Abyss, Part 2)
  • Celene and Briala reconciled (Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts)
  • Morrigan drank from the Well (What Pride Have Wrought)
  • Leliana is Divine (Doom Upon on the World)



"I wish she'd stop calling me the Herald of Andraste. I don't believe in her god"

Sybil doesn't much like Cassandra, although their relationship improves somewhat as Sybil steps up and takes responsibility.


"These Chantry idiots think that everything in Tevinter is bad news, but the Tevinter guy we have around here seems okay. He's pretty funny, actually."

He's a friend of Sybil's, though not a particularly close one. Still, the two are civil with each other.


"The guy's weird. Like, really weird. Why does he have to keep popping up everywhere?"

Sybil finds him a bit off, but he's been a big help and she likes his kindness, so she lets him stick around.


"Finally, someone who isn't pressuring me to be a big hero. I like this guy"

Varric is like a big brother to Sybil. She likes him and his stories, and she likes that he doesn't pressure her into taking on responsibility she's not ready for.


"I don't know why he did what he did, but he's been kind to me. I can't just leave him to rot."

Blackwall is like a second father to Sybil, and she cares about him a lot. She can't really blame him for the shit he pulled, because she was a criminal herself before this "Inquisition" business.


"She's fun and full of energy. She just wants things to be normal again, and I completely stand behind that. I like her."

Sera is closer in age to Sybil to anyone else in the Inquisition. The two become friends, develop crushes on each other, fell in love, and then decide to become the most terrifying/awesome power couple in the Inquisition. They've had their arguments, but they're always there for each other. They got married during the Exalted Council and currently roam the streets of the cities, causing trouble.


"I don't think I've ever met someone who was more of a self-important know-it-all, and I am very much including that bitchy Deshyr a few years ago"

Sybil doesn't much like Solas - he's a weirdo who talks like he's a million years old. She liked him even less when he found out he was an Elven trickster god who was plotting to destroy the world. She feels like she's going to make scrambled eggs in the future...

Iron Bull[]

"Why do Qunari have to be so tall? It's really frustrating feeling like I'm talking to his junk"

Sybil likes Iron Bull and she likes the Chargers. Still, she finds the Qun to be kind of weird, so she had him go Tal-Vashoth. They're good friends, even if they don't talk much.


"You know that thing I said about being stuck-up and self important? Well, Miss Priss is both. I don't even know why I bothered letting her join."

Sybil and Vivienne do not get along at all. Sybil calls Vivienne "Miss Priss" for her haughty, icy behavior and obsession with her looks, and Vivienne finds Sybil crass and immature. They mostly ignore each other and Sybil doesn't even think about supporting her bid as Divine.


"The guy's pretty good looking for a human. Too bad he's a bit lyrium-addled and has a giant stick lodged in his rear end."

Sybil likes Cullen, even if she does think that he's a bit of a stick in the mud. She encouraged him to stay off of lyrium because that stuff "messes humans up".


"I'm really glad that I have Josie on my side. She deals with all the boring stuff like talking to stuffy nobles."

Sybil and Josephine have a cordial relationship and Josie is happy to advise Sybil on matters of diplomacy.


"That Nightingale lady is scarier than old One-Eye was in the Carta. I mean, she really likes stabbing people."

Sybil thinks that Leliana is a terrifying human who likes stabbing a bit too much for her own good, but that ruthlessness helps her. Still, she appreciates her softer side and the fact that she cares about the oppressed more than the others do, and as a result, she throws her support behind the spymaster and makes her the new Divine. She's doing a pretty good job so far, or at least Sybil thinks so.