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Solona is the kind of woman who gets things done. Whether you have a demon problem, a civil war, or a dog eating your underpants, she'll take care of it for you. It just won't come cheap ...

Overview Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Solona is rather tall for a woman, rather skinny, and has a sharp, serious face. To add to the effect, she wears her blonde hair in a severe bun. Generally found in mage robes, she will occasionally don a suit of armour if she's expecting a particularly nasty fight.

Personality Edit

Solona is a serious woman who rarely allows her light-hearted side to surface. Her responsibilities weigh on her and tend to make her a little dour. Laughter is rare and hard-won, but worth it when it arrives. She is afraid of very few things, and will do whatever she deems necessary to reach the best outcome for all.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Solona is an extremely talented mage, particularly in the realm of the elements. Her fighting style relies heavily on this. She also learnt to wield a sword with some skill, but will generally prefer to use her staff. She is very clever, with an excellent memory and intense powers of concentration, which allows her to grasp situations immediately, as well as learn at a voracious rate.

She can also down a pint of beer in ten seconds. You are unlikely to see her do this.


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