Warden-Commander Comtess Solona Adina Amell-Theirin Rutherford, Arlessa of Amaranthine, Senior Enchanter of Kinloch Circle, Hero of Ferelden, Savior of the Fifth Blight, Slayer of Urthemiel, Vanguard of the Scared Urn of Andraste, and Liberator of the Circle of Magi.

 "Why the fuck do I have so many titles?" ~ Solona Amell

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Physical Appearance Edit

Slightly below average height with short, wavy red-hair and dark green eyes.

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She wants to help people but due to her time in the Circle, she has a fair bit of sarcasm to share. Solona does not like blood magic or abominations.All she really wants to do is research magic and magical theory.

Talents and SkillsEdit

She is a skilled mage for sure, specializing in lighting and fire magic. While out of the Amell brood, Solona isnt a much of a heavy hitter as her siblings (Felix Amell AU sibling), she is a scalpel, able find the weak spots in any enemy. Amell is very diplomatic and tries to broker peace in most situations.


History Edit

Born in Kirkwall in the year 9:12 Dragon. Taken to the Fereldan Circle at a young age, Solona grew up not really knowing her family until a strange letter arrived for her one day. It was from her second cousin, someone named Marian. It began a series of trading letters back and forth, a look at the outside world. Solona guarded these letters as more precious than gold.

Her closest friends in the Circle were Jowan and Anders. Though the two strongly disliked eachother, they were constant companions to her.

Solona did have a small crush on a certain Templar for a few years, but he was unwilling to look beyond her status as a mage to really get to know her personally. This had a lasting effect on her self-esteem since it seemed any person she was interested in was not attracted to her.

In-game Edit

Solona completed her Harrowing on the eve of her 18th birthday, earning the title of Mage. However, it was helping her friend, Jowan that nearly had her made Tranquil until Duncan stepped in and asked her to join the Grey Wardens. She quickly befriended Alistair, the other Grey Warden, it was his easy acceptance of her magic and his ability to make her laugh that endeared him to her. After Ostagar Solona was dependent on his knowledge of Ferelden since she possessed a purely academic learning of other cultures and people.

Post-game Edit

She and Alistair continue to be Wardens together, and he eventually proposes marriage. They wed at the Kirkwall Chantry with Marian Hawke and Fenris as witnesses.

Solona leaves in search of a Cure for the Taint, even though Anders had already broken the news that she would likely never be able to bear children due to damage done to her body already. It was heartbreaking news, but only encouraged her to increase her efforts so that other Wardens could possibly have the option in the future.

After Alistair's passing in the Fade, she traveled less, staying close to Vigil's Keep and Kirkwall to help with her nieces, Camilla and Helena Hawke. Both girls came into their magic at a young age, and Solona was instrumental in their instruction.

When Solona visits Skyhold after news of Alistair's death to deliver letters to Kieran, she goes to see Cullen and the two exchange letters for the better part of a year before he visits her at Vigil's Keep and they consummate their desire for each other. Over the next two years, and thanks to a pair of Eluvians between Skyhold and Vigil's Keep, Solona and Cullen visit frequently. He invites her to the Exalted Council with the intent of proposing marriage after the Council in concluded. It was then that they discovered she was pregnant, something neither of them thought could happen and they wed in Amaranthine two months later.

Relationships Edit

Alistair: Solona was quick to see the pain he hid under humor, but his non-judgemental attitude towards her magic had Solona thinking that maybe he just needed a friend who wouldnt shove him aside for someone. She needed to not feel like a monster, and he needed to not feel alone. That friendship quickly blossomed into infatuation before turning into love. Even after she discovered he was in line for the Ferelden throne, Solona always made sure to ask him what he wanted to do with his life. They eventually married in 9:34 Dragon while visiting Marian Hawke in Kirkwall.

Anders: Solona and Anders met when he was brought to the Circle. The first few months she simply watched him as he refused to engage with anyone until she decided that she would befriend him. They became fast friends and briefly lovers for a time, but their own desires and personalities made it clear that neither carried that kind of love for the other. They stayed friends and she was instrumental in bringing Anders into the Wardens, a decision she still doesnt know was wise or not, given his actions in Kirkwall. She took him Weisshaupt after passing judgement, decreeing that Anders would spend out his days doing what he did best, being a Healer. He also aided Solona in her research for the Cure.

Morrigan: While the two never quite saw entirely eye to eye, they were very close. Solona tried to help Morrigan see that she could be something beyond what her mother made her. And it worked to a point. They have not seen each other since Morrigan traveled through the Eluvian after her child was born, but every once in a while a letter will arrive for Solona from Morrigan. Solona values these letters as they discuss Kieran and what the child is learning and how he grows. She has shared these missives with Alistair, who is both pleased and saddened by them.

Lelianna: It was difficult for Solona to trust the once-spy in the beginning, but they did become fast friends. Solona yearned to learn more about the world and Lelianna was more than happy to share her tales. They parted company after the Archdemon was slain but still exchange letters and Lelianna sought her out when they were both in Kirkwall at the same time. Lelianna was one of the people who supported Solona's wish to find a cure for the Taint and would frequently send her any research she came across to aid her mission.

BarkSpawn: Her loyal Mabari hound. He was always at her side as Solona traveled. He fathered countless pups, most immune to the Blight. Solona made it her mission to pair these pups with fellow Wardens, knowing that a hound's loyalty is paramount. She would frequently had a half dozen of these pups with her as she trained them, something that would cause Alistair a mild bit of annoyance, since he was not keen on sharing his tent with a pack of drooling lapdogs. BarkSpawn eventually passed in 9:39 Dragon, age and many years of fighting catching up with him. Solona has yet to find a new Marbari to be at her side.

Zevran: At first Solona allowed the elf around because his flirting caused Alistair to be flustered, but he was a stead-fast friend to her. She never quite understood how the former assassin could turn everything in a sexual innuendo, but he could. Zev reminded her a bit of a good friend back at the Circle with his brand of humor, something she found she missed greatly. Solona helped him rediscover his Dalish heritage, and while he never joined a Clan, he was able to understand more about his mother.

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Solona is terrified of needles. When Zevran offered to pierce her ears, she ran and hid in the trees and refused to come down until he tossed the needle into the river.

Middle name is Adina.

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