Sirius Hawke (born 9:07 Dragon), formerly known as the Champion of Kirkwall, is a key figure in the Mage Rebellion. An apostate and blood mage, he rose to influence in Kirkwall against all odds (and common sense).

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A tad shy of 6 feet tall, Sirius is wiry and well-muscled. His skin is a warm tan and heavily freckled, dotted with a few moles. Sirius has a prominent Roman nose marked with a bump from a time it was broken (courtesy of Carver). His eyes are an olive green. Sirius has thick lips and slightly crooked teeth. His hair is chestnut-brown, curly, and very wild (and woefully unable to be captured in the CC). Sirius is the spitting image of his father, Malcolm, and while he isn't classically handsome, many would say that his face has a lot of "character."

Personality Edit

Sirius is something of a maverick. He hates obeying rules and being told what to do, and always tries to live by his own truth-- that is, saying what he wants and doing what he wants. Sirius is candid and proud, and isn't the type to mince his words. Like his father, Sirius has a propensity for not taking anything seriously and constantly telling jokes. He's more creative than he is practical, preferring improvisation to careful planning. He loves art. Despite his playful nature, Sirius is very prone to depression and depressive episodes. He desperately doesn't want people to know of that side of him.

Talents and SkillsEdit

As a mage, Sirius has a lot of raw power but little refinement. The deliberate weaving of spirit and healing magic is not for him; he revels in the chaos of pyromancy and blood magic. He's capable with lance and pole arm combat, preferring to wield a staff with a blade.

Outside of combat, Sirius paints and draws passionately. He also has a talent for mending and altering clothing, with most of the superfluous spikes and buckles on his armor being of his own design.


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