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Siberia Lavellan is a Knight-Enchanter Mage.


Basic Information[]

Full Name:



Date of Birth: 9:11 Dragon

Nationality: Dalish



Physical Appearance[]


Eyes: Light blue

Hair: White and long

Vallaslin: Mythal



Talents and Skills[]




Siberia was found in the forest as a baby by dalish hunters in 9:11 dragon. They took her in and Aaron instantly fell in love with her. The rest of the dalish where suspicious of Siberia, because her dead mother had a broken phylactery with her. It turned out Siberia was a mage, and the dalish mistreated her for it. Aaron was the only person who took care of Siberia properly. The dalish in advance had told Siberia that when she turns 19, she will be given to the circle of magi, and if she shows any signs of being dangerous, she will be made tranquil. In private, Siberia would practice her magic, even though the dalish forbid it. One day, she was caught, and from that day forward, she knew that she would loose her emotions when she turned 19. When Siberia was 15, Aaron told her that he was a mage, and had been hiding it from the rest of the clan all his life. He gave her a necklace, it had a wolf fang on the end of it. He told her "This necklace glows when I am alive, and the brighter if glows the closer I am." "Why are you giving me this?" "In four years time, you are going to be sent to the circle of magi. You will be drained of emotion. I can't let that happen to you. When that day comes, you are going to run. Run as far as you can and don't look back. I will use my magic abilities so that the Templars and the dalish won't chase you." Even though she was being sent to the circle, the dalish still gave her her valaslin, even though Siberia didn't want it. When she turned 19, she was nervously anticipating what Aaron was going to do, until the day came. Siberia had packed a small bag with the essential things she would need, her clan thinking that the bag was filled with things she would need to bring to the circle. Aaron approached her. The two hugged."..Ar lath ma, nésa." (I love you, sister). Siberia pulled her backpack over her shoulders and ran. Despite the loud sound of crackling magic and screaming, she didn't look back. This all took place in 9:31 dragon, and in the frostback basin. Siberia found herself in a small village called Vulfhold. She had just enough money to rent a night in a tavern there. The Dusty Druffalo. She pleaded the owner to let her work there, and luckily, she accepted! Things where looking better for Siberia. She lived in a tavern room which wasn't the most comfortable place, but at least it was something, and she had a job. It was very low paying, but she had enough money for the essential items. However, when she had finished her shift for the night, she went up to her room, and a templar was standing at her door, not letting her pass. She thought that she had been caught, and was going to be taken to a circle, but it wasn't that. It was worse. She was pulled into her room, and she was raped. After this happened, the same templar would occasionally come back, and do the same things. Nobody cared about Siberia, she was just a dalish elf. Soon, different templars would come into the tavern. They would do the same thing. This caused Siberia to have a great hatred and fear of templars. She lived in The Dusty Druffalo from 9:31 - 9:41 Dragon. These events happened to her for all those years. In 9:41 (Age: 29) Siberia got so panicked, she accidentally electrocuted the templar who was attacking her, ripping him to pieces. In fear, she grabbed hold of her backpack and ran out of the tavern. Surely people would find out she was the one who did it. She held onto her necklace tightly. The light was faint, but it was still glowing. "I failed you..." She hid her face in her hands. The mage and templar war had gotten so bad that the circles had disbanded, so she at least didn't need to worry about that.. the conclave. It's the only place Siberia could think of. A meeting to try and get the mages and templars to stop fighting. There would be many templars there which scared Siberia, but she knew that Aaron would have wanted her to go, despite her fears. Vulfhold was close to the temple of sacred ashes, so she walked there by foot using her map that she conveniently had in her bag. Little did she know that going to the conclave was both the best and worse decision she has ever made.












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