"Sylaise, whose fire cannot be quenched. We give ourselves gladly to your service."

Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance: [edit | edit source]

Shae is of average height, 5.7 or 1.72m. Although quite slender, she was fortunate enough to inherit some of the more generous curves in derriere and chest areas when compared to some of the other women in her clan. Due to an unfortunate case of food poisoning when she was little, she's always had a very sensitive stomach as well as a mind that is easily distracted, so she quite often simply forgets to eat. She'll quickly get a look that is just slightly emaciated and gaunt and has to be firmly reminded to eat properly.

Her long, silver-blonde hair is straight and falls halfway to her back. She usually ties it back with a combination of casual plaits or just in a messy bun, not really all that bothered about her appearance. Her light-green eyes are dotted with hints of aquamarine and usually show a mischievous twinkle or gleam. Shae not being up to something is very unusual indeed. She is quick to smile, although the joke is usually on other people. A small button nose adds to the general impression of cheekiness as does do her adorably petite elven ears, which she's always being mocked for.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Shae lives to laugh. She is quick to see the humour in just about everything and will use this even in serious and ultimately tragic situations as a coping mechanism. Her attempts at elevating sorrow and anger with humour do not always go down well and over the years, she has had to learn to inhibit her naturally boisterous nature. Sitting still is so hard for her, as is being quiet and patient. She was always grateful to have magic, as she lacks the innate skills of stealth and ability to go without sound needed for the good hunters in her clan.

Shae never backed down from a good dare or bet in her life and is forever trying to involve other people in a number of hair-brained schemes she thinks are the best thing she's ever thought of. Most of these plans tend to end in disaster. She has a mercurial mind and the concentration span of a magpie in a forest of mirrors. She cannot help but always be attracted to the next shiny thing on the horizon. Her mind works at twice the speed of the average person she deals with, which means she unintentionally ends up interrupting people during conversations as she's already three topics ahead.

All this intense energy is definitely not for everyone and quite often she hears that people find her exhausting and need some room to breathe. Being around Shae is very akin to being in a whirlwind-romance. All her emotions seem magnified and just a little bit louder than the average person. Her focus is intense, for as long as one manages to capture it and it is hard not to be taken in when Shae uses all that energy on someone, seeing them in every shiny detail, watch her fall in love with them before their eyes. And then just when they decide this elven woman is utterly charming and so lovely, she's pretty much already moved on to the next person or event to come along. For those she can forge a true connection with, they know everything comes around in quick circles with Shae, so if given some room to let her mind soar, she will inevitably return to the things that are dear to her heart. Nothing makes her sadder than feeling like she's trapped or needs to change to be accepted by another person.

Even though she never has children over her own, Shae has a very strongly developed mothering instinct, which will be applied to just about anyone and anything that gives her half a chance. She is fiercely protective of those she considers part of her pack and quick to defend them when she feels they are in any way being attacked. Bad-mouthing her friends is not ok and you will hear about it in no uncertain terms.

Talents and Skills[edit | edit source]

Class: Mage

Major affinity: Shapeshifting /Conjuring

Secondary Affinity: Nature / Healing magic

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