Sevrin Claudius Cousland is the savior of Fereldan and former Warden Commander in Fereldan. He is best known for stopping the Fifth Blight and aiding in the reconstruction of Fereldan. His current whereabouts are unknown. Despite the debate among scholars about whether or not the Fifth Blight was a true Blight, all agree that he was one of the best warriors of the Dragon Age and that his influence could be felt millennia stll later.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sevrin is a mixture of his pampered noble upbringing and years of being a veteran warrior with years of combat under his belt. While his short black hair is never unwashed or dirty, he doesn't do more than clean it. When it comes to shaving, he rarely bothers and only puts in the effort when his facial hair becomes too long. He is abnormally large for a Human - standing at 6'5 with haunting blue pools for eyes. There are various scars covering his body. Some from swords and axes; some from arrows and bolts; the most prominent though are faded burns across most of his body from his battle with Urthemial the Archdemon.

When it comes to his weapons and armor, Sevrin is very demanding and only desires things that can be practical in a battle. Typically Sevrin can be seen in an impeccable and practical set of massive heavy armor. Forged from the shell of the massive Inferno Golem, this chest piece has been improved from the original version crafted by Master Wade and has the Griffin of the Grey Warden's emblazoned across the chest plate. He wears the same Juggernaught gauntlets and boots that he acquired during his time in the Brecillian Forest, though they are noticeably scorched from his final battle with Urthemial. In addition, The Helm of the Sentinel is almost always covering his face. Though it looks new, signs of previous battles can be seen from smudged paint and scratches.

When it comes to his weapons and armor, Sevrin can usually be seen with the infamous shield Fade Wall strapped across his back. Despite years of use and shielding him from attacks that would shatter any other shield, Fade Wall is nearly flawless and unblemished. The only signs of damage are faint scorch marks from the flames of Urthemial, still hot to the touch. At his side hangs Vigilance - a sword crafted from the bones of a mighty Dragon - capable of cutting through anything with ease. Despite the fact it was originally stolen by the Crows, he managed to retrieve it after a short trip to Antiva.

When he isn't prepared for war, Sevrin typically wears a modest set of finely crafted silk clothes imported from Orlais. However, remnants of his journey to stop the Blight are still present on him at all times. He wears a one of a kind amulet called Spellward - a reminder of his favorite father/son duo. The belt Andruil's Blessing can always be seen wrapped around his waist. A pair of rings from his time in Orzammar can also be seen on his left hands ring and middle finger.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sevrin is much different than he was in his early life. Before he became a Grey Warden, he was a pompous and arrogant brat who believed he was king of the world and deserved to be worshipped like one. He was incredibly selfish and believed that he was always right, regardless of insurmountable evidence to the contrary. He was incredibly charming and was almost always sleeping with someone, whether it was one of the servants, or some nobleman's wife or daughter. He cared not for the lives of the other races and wouldn't have batted an eye if they all disappeared off the face of Thedas.

After the events at Highever Castle and his conscription into the Grey Warden's - as well as all the tragedy and adventures he would go on from then - he changed into a much better person. If one who was entirely ruthless.

When presented with a goal, Sevrin will pursue it with a single-minded intensity that would put others to shame. Even when given alternative objectives or his closest companions raising the issue, he will not stop until he completes what he sets out to do. This determination has allowed him to overcome odds that even other heroes would scoff at - whether it be a battle against the Archdemon outnumbered 10 to 1, wading into parts of the Deep Roads no sapient being had been to in centuries, or many other nigh-impossible feats that would only be rivaled by the Champion and Inquisitor. For all that his determination could terrify his enemies, it was inspiring to his allies.

He was an extremely loyal man who would never betray those he trusted or made a promise to - not unless the very survival of the world was at stake. His loyalty to the Grey Warden's is absolute and something he will always uphold. His allies and friends can expect the same loyalty; so long as they remain by his side and don't betray him, he would sacrifice his life for them. In this same vein, he always keeps his word. No matter what, if he makes a promise he will keep it. Even if he has to endure great pain to do so.

While he is still extremely socially active and charming, it's taken on a different form with a different purpose. Whereas before Sevrin's only use for his extreme social skills was to add as many notches to his bedpost as possible, now he uses it to learn who's trustworthy and who isn't or to learn what others are keeping from him. All in the interest of protecting the world and fulfilling his duties as a Grey Warden.

He's almost always in a serious mood. While he was once a fun-loving and playful man, time and trials by fire have hardened him into a man who treats everything seriously. Whether as dangerous as a group of bandits raiding a village or as silly as someone pulling a prank on him, he will respond in the only way he believes respectable: with enough force and guile to send the Archdemon running. This has earned him many a reputation as a man you didn't mess around with. One he uses to his advantage.

He truly doesn't care about what species someone is or what nation they came from. In Sevrin's mind, all that matters is the results someone can produce. Having personally recruited the outcasts and monsters of society to his Warden's, he is the embodiment of victory by any cost. However, he does not agree with the Warden policy of being apolitical and believes that they should be more involved in the events of the world. In his mind, the tragedies that plagued Kirkwall never would have happened had the Warden's intervened. To prove his point that Warden's getting involved in the affairs of the world, he points to the political divisions that had spread through Orzammar and Fereldan. Had it not been for him and his companions, the world would be in the middle of a Blight.

Talents and Skills[edit | edit source]

Master Swordsman: Sevrin is among the best swordsmen in all of Thedas. Through a combination of personal tutors from his time in Highever, over a decade of experience in life or death against various opponents, and a blending of styles from such vastly different cultures has allowed him to create a unique style that he has used to defeat some of the premier fighters in the world. Loghain, Cauthrien, the Disciples, and many others have all proven to be his inferior.

Inhuman Durabilty and Pain Tolerance: Sevrin has managed to survive ordeals and attacks that would have killed many others. From being tossed around by Ogres and Broodmothers, to being pinned by Werewolves and the Children, to being pelted and riddled with enough bolts and arrows, to endless attacks by mages he has managed to survive them all long enough to kill the one responsible and taking a potion or get healing from Morrigan. The worst pain he has managed to endure was being set on fire by Urthemial in a full set of metal armor.

Throughout each, he managed to fight through the pain and kill the one responsible and all those who survived with them. It makes for a terrifying sight to see one man take everything you have and shrug it off with single-minded determination to kill you.

Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Sevrin has proven to be a deadly combatant with his lands. Labeled as his ‘Fists of Fury’ by Alistair, his hands are just as much viable weapon as any sword. His skill with them has enabled him to survive situations where he found himself without a weapon: such as his escape from Fort Drakon and his capture in the Silverite Mines. While not something he uses often, he is not a man to be underestimated even when he doesn’t have a weapon.

Multilingual: Sevrin speaks multiple languages. In addition to speaking the common language of Thedas, he also speaks a bit of Elvish from his time among the Dalish, Tevene due to having to negotiate with more than a few Magisters, and Qunlat courtesy of his many nights talking with Sten.

Social Manipulatoon: Sevrin is an expert in manipulating people and situations to his advantage. Not because complicated plots or being overtly smarter. Instead, it I shall simply because he knows when people are lying and telling the truth. Having always been able to read the emotions and intentions of others, he used to use it to seduce others. Now he uses it on the rare occasions he needs to use words rather than his actions.

Master Tactician: Sevrin has learned battle tactics for small unit teams, and massive armies battling it out. Through the xperience Against numerically superior foes, he learned the best ways to turn numbers against them and use the environment to his advantage. For large battles between armies, he has learned many tactics that have aided rookie leaders in defeating more experienced generals. He wrote a book on his tactics called The Dance of Armies.

Excellent Cook: Sevrin is an excellent cook. There isn’t much more to say. When faced with the decision between cooking his own food or letting Alistair cook, the choice was obvious.

Closet Romantic: As a former lover, Sevrin has intimate knowledge of romance. Due to his image as the imposing Hero of Fereldan though, this side of him is hidden. However, he makes a habit of teaching young children in love how to win the affection of their hearts desire.

Healer: With no one else in the group capable of making potions and the only Mage capable of healing being Morrigan, Sevrin quickly began picking up how to craft Poltices and Balms that would heal and aid him and the others. They taste like ash though.

Surprising Speed: Despite his large height and massive armor, Sevrin is much faster than one would expect. While still slower than someone in leather or other light armors, years of training in heavy armor have allowed him to move quickly when he has to.

Biography[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Sevrin was born and raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. Like many young nobles, Sevrin was raised believing that the ground quaked beneath his feet and that all should bow to him. Like many, he took to this knowledge like a moth to a flame. Children already act petulantly and with sailfish desire; telling a child they’re more important than everyone else did exactly what could be expected.

Like all children, he absolutely despised learning about things like history and the intricacies of politics. As the second child of the Couslands, he wasn’t meant to be the heir. Even in his young mind, he had no interest in ruling or leading, which meant he saw no point in learning anything his tutors were teaching. Instead, he wanted to hear stories about heroes of old and go on adventures of his old - like King Meric who freed Fereldan from the Orlesians.

Like all children, he became more mature as he grew. While still not the biggest fan of the lectures he received daily, 11 year old Sevrin was mature enough to sit through them and not fall asleep. Instead, he bided his time waiting for practice with his older brother Fergus. While not the greatest swordsman, Sevrin showed promise and potential for such a young man with the sword and shield. Through the combined training of Fergus and his tutors, he was able to become a halfway decent Warrior when he was 16.

It was at this time that his father Bryce needed to travel abroad to Antiva to attend to some business and took his young, budding son with all the potential in the world with him. He’d hoped to teach him a nit about how to play politics while he was there. Fergus would need all the help he could get when the time came for him to become the next Teyrn of Highever.

Instead what happened was Sevrin introduced to the Antivan way of life and couldn’t get enough of it. He went on that short, month long trip a shy but arrogant virgin lord... and left an even more arrogant womanizer who played with the hearts of many a woman. Something that he would unabashedly continue to be for years to come.

After returning from Antiva and settling back into life in Highever, he began a life of sin and pure pleasure. Many a servant and visiting noble were seduced by him - something that caused no end of trouble for his family. Despite the many lectures of his father to be more tactful or his mother trying to make him into a gentleman, he pointedly ignored them all. Only his brother managed to get through to him - and that was over a night of drinks in his room.

Despite his new tendencies and attitude, Sevrin was still a Cousland and with that came responsibilities. His training continued as planned alongside his studies. One day in the middle of his training, he received news that the Howe’s - Rendon, Nathaniel, and Delilah - had come for a visit. He didn’t know what for, but it was something he was looking forward to. After all, he hadn’t seen them in years!

What followed was a misadventure as Sevrin, Nathaniel, and Delilah all decided to have as much fun as possible while they were together. All at the expense of their parents, of course. A night of ruined food, Alpha the Mabari ruining important talks by chasing rats, and duels between Nathaniel and Sevrin. All to end in a single night of passioate sex between Sevrin and Delilah.

Something that would end in Sevrin and Nathaniel getting into a fist fight over. Neither is willing to say who won that fight, in the end. Rendon Howe though was... not as furious as everyone thought he’d be. Instead, all he did was take his family and leave. It would be years before he saw anyone from the Howe family besides the patriarch himself for years.

As he neared his 20’s, Sevrin began to feel a need to prove himself. He’d already acquired a reputation as a man not to trust if you were a woman, but nothing beyond that. He wanted glory and fame! His brother may have been content to be a family man and the Teyrn one day, but he wasn’t! Which lead to him joining his first tourney against other minor nobles and knights. Many expected him - the brat and shame of the Couslands - to be nocked out in the first match by one of the more skilled contestants.

Instead, he wound up winning through a combination of skill and misdirection. From the moment he saw the shocked looks on everyone’s faces to the moment he was crowned the champion of that tourney, he knew he would have to continue participating. After all, how else was he supposed to get a sense of thrill and respect out of the bedroom? In his mind, there was no other way.

This continued for many years. He’d won many a tourney and make a name for himself as an excellent tournament fighter. Many veterans and real soldiers would scoff at his play fighting, but he would simply shrug them off. As his nephew grew older, he would mature a little as well. While he got to be the fun uncle, he knew he had to tone down his more... perverse activities when his nephew was in the area.

If he didn’t, not only would he scar his nephew, his step-sister would throttle him to death!

Yes, life was good for Sevrin. He could have any woman he wanted, he was famous for his prowess in the tournament ring, and all without the horrible responsibility of being the heir to his family. Life couldn’t get worse in his mind.

If only he knew that within a few weeks, a betrayal no one saw coming would change Sevrin’s life and who he was as a person for years to come.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Origins: The night of Howe’s betrayal and Siege of Highever, Sevrin had been up to his usual antics: sleeping with the first girl to catch his attention. After managing to fight two of Howe’s men off and dress himself, he - accompanied by Alpha and his mother - fought their way through the castle. Despite his accolades as a champion fighter, taking a life was something Sevrin hadn’t been prepared for. He wouldn’t have much time to get used to it, however, as he would end up leading the surviving soldiers in his path with him to the secret passage where his father was hidden.

After a tear-filled goodbye, Sevrin and the few soldiers still alive accompanied the Grey Warden Duncan to Ostogar. Along the way, Sevrin mourned his family’s loss while the soldiers sworn to aid him looked after his needs. The journey was spent in silence as Duncan did his best to motivate Sevrin to speak or do something for himself.

When the finally arrived at Ostogar and saw it prepared for war - after he received an audience with the king himself and managed to trick his way into meeting with Loghain - there only one option for him. Instead of seeking out the other recruits and Alistair like he’d been told, he did the next best thing he could find.

He used every coin he had to buy as many bottles of alcohol, get blackout drunk, and sleep with as many of the soldiers there as he could. In the end - after two days of him not looking for the other recruits or Alistair - they had to look for him. Alpha even went so far as to rat out his location despite his masters orders not to. He’d been hiding in the tent of one of the soldiers, drinking day old ale half naked. Suffice it to say, he was dragged out of there and forced to get over his hangover.

During the journey into the Wilds, Sevrin and the other Warden recruits were accompanied by the few soldiers who had followed him from Highever. They were tentatively allowed to go, but only so long as they didn’t interfere. It was here that he encountered his first Darkspawn though. No amount of training could prepare him for the battles he faced here.

After many trying battles against the Darkspawn and even a Demon hidden in the Wilds, Sevrin and the others managed to make it to the ruins where the Treaties were kept after they had all managed to get the vials of Blood they needed. Everything was going according to Duncan’s plan... until they got there and found the chest the Treaties were supposed to be in weren’t there.

It was in that moment that a small band of Genlock’s - hidden within the ruins and waiting to strike - attacked the unprepared party. The few soldiers who accompanied him lost their lives to the bolts and axes of the Darkspawn. It was only thanks to the timely intervention of Morrigan that the rest of them didn’t suffer the same fate. Afterward, when thanks and greetings were exchanged, she took the small group to the hut of her and her mother, Flemeth.

After arriving, they immediately began the Joining. Scouts had reported the Darkspawn massing at the edge of the Wilds. They would arrive soon and the army would need as many Grey Warden’s as they could get. When the Joining was complete, Sevrin was the only one to survive. Afterward, he would feel... a sense of strength and vitality that hadn’t been there before. For all the dangers of joining the Grey Warden’s, the physical advantages they gave you was something Sevrin couldn’t overlook.

He had no time to ponder this, though, as the battle began soon after. He, Alistair, Alpha, and Wynne - a Mage he had embarrassingly tried to seduce in his first drunken binge - journeyed into the Tower Of Ishaal to light the Beacon. It was here that Sevrin saw the true horrors that the Darkspawn could commit in such a short period of time. Despite all of their best efforts, none within the Tower could be saved from the Darkspawn. Throughout this battle, Sevrin and Alistair began to grow accustomed to fighting beside one another. While still only just budding, Sevrin’s ability to draw attention to himself and fend them off meshed well with Alistair’s style of defending and counter-attacking.

When they reached the top of the Tower and encountered an Ogre - a living siege machine that required multiple well equipped, seasoned warriors to beat - it was a battle that shook the Tower of Ishaal to its foundations. No matter how many times Alistair and Sevrin slashed and stabbed it; no matter how many times Alpha distracted or slammed into the back of its knees; no matter how many times Wynne pelted it with magical energy and fire, they couldn’t bring it down.

Its strikes shook the ground and shattered the ground they stood on, and it threw them around the room as if it was toying with them. With no other option, Sevrin took a risky move. While Alistair was pinned beneath Alpha, Sevrin ran towards the exposed back of the Ogre while it towered above Wynne. Despite numerous wounds and dislocated bones, he leapt onto its back and drove his family sword into the back of the Ogre. After a terrifying ride on its back as he slowly tried to climb up and around its head as it clawed at him, he finally managed to bring it down when Wynne healed him with a surge of magical energy and Alistair and Alpha managed to bring it to its knees.

Instead of basking in the glory - the sheer pleasure - Of bring down a beast that many would call impossible to kill, he and Alistair immediately rushed to light the signal fire. There must have been enough time for Loghain to charge the enemy from behind and win the battle for them!

Except... Loghain and his men were long since underway and leaving the battlefield. Unaware that their king and comrades were doomed down in the valley below, they were ambushed by a group of Darkspawn. When the bolts pelted him, the exhaustion from fighting the Ogre coupled with this new pain sent him tumbling to the ground, unconscious.

When he awoke in the cabin of Morrigan and Flemeth, he was in store for even more tragedy. Loghain - a respected hero of Fereldan and a man who many considered even more of a hero than Meric- had betrayed the king and fled the battle with his army. The king, the rest of the Wardens, and nearly everyone who had been in the battle were dead.

Sevrin and Alistair were the last Grey Wardens. And it was up to them to stop the Blight from destroying Fereldan and moving on to the rest of the world.

Setting out from the Wilds - joined by the apostate Morrigan - they would arrive at the village of Lothering to find its roads held hostage by a group of bandits. Before they could be accosted and end up in a battle with them, a young woman who would later be known as the Champion of Kirkwall's sister, Bethany joined them in a misguided attempt to save them. Through a surprising use of magical power - combined with the skill those Sevrin was travelling with - the highwaymen were driven off.

After the initial shock of running into another apostate in the span of only a couple of weeks, Sevrin and his small group followed the young apostate through the village filled to bursting. It was here that Sevrin witnessed first hand the effects of the Darkspawn outside of a battle. People were sick and sleeping wherever they could; what few merchants remained were bleeding everyone dry; the town had practically been split between the refugees and original townsfolk, and the Chasind Barbarians who had fled from the Wilds. Even worse, the Grey Warden’s had been branded traitors. Tensions were growing - and with all the other problems facing the village as well as the encroaching Darkspawn horde - it looked like none of them would be staying long.

Sevrin and his group were unable to leave Lothering immediately though. They needed food and other supplies - up-to-date maps of Fereldan, better equipment than what they currently had, perhaps even allies if they were lucky.

For roughly a week, Sevrin and his companions stayed in the village to gather intel and equipment. While they had initially all planned on lying low and not drawing attention to themselves, Alistair‘s noble heart drew them into trouble. Whether it was helping a small child find his mother, dealing with the bandit and vermin problems that plagued the village, or creating healing salves for the sick and injured. All of their good deeds drew the attention of Loghain’s men - they were nothing more than lazy dregs and morons that were left behind, but they were well equipped.

Much to everyone’s relief, a certain former Orlesian Bard known as Leliana managed to trick them into leaving before a fight could break out. From there, things spiraled out of control. A mob of starving people athrived at the Hawke household, intending to kill them and take the bounty on their head. After a pitifully easy slaughter, Sevrin made the decision to quickly leave the village before an angry mob could form to take revenge on him.

None of them could escape though, as tensions flared between the villagers and Chasind. A small skirmish broke out between the Templar’s, villagers, and Chasind over The quickly dwindling supplies in the village. With Bethany and the rest of the Hawke family unable to step in - and the Templar’s ineffective against such large numbers - it was up to Sevrin and his own people to resolve the issue.

It... could have gone worse. Thanks to his natural charisma and years of manipulating people into seeing things his way, Sevrin was able to calm a majority of the people down and stop them from killing one another. Sadly, there was still the Chasind - driven into a ferver by a raving lunatic - shouting about how the Darkspawn would kill all.

The fight continued, but this time Sevrin and his allies joined in the fight. From there, it was a brutal but fast clean up. With Sevrin and his companions skill, the sheer mass of villagers, and the training of the Templar’s they managed to win the battle. It would have been a tragedy that saw to the loss of many lives had it not been for them. It nearly still was when a child was nearly killed - would have been, had it not been for the Qunari prisoner Sten stopping the killing blow moments before it struck the child just outside of his cage long enough for Leliana to kill the man.

Afterwards - when questioned about who he was and why he was there - Sevrin did the only reasonable thing when faced with a giant, foreign warrior able to squish heads with the ease he did a grape offering his help: he stole the key from the Chantry in the dead of night and had them all flee before anyone could try to stop him. They needed all the allies they could get, after all.

On their way out of the village, they would also wind up saving Bodhan and Sandal from a small band of Darkspawn scouts. A rescue that would secure them a loyal pair of Dwarves that would be the unsung heroes of the Blight.

It was from here after they departed from Lothering that the group was faced with a hard decision: who did they approach for aid first? While ultimately the decision was in Sevrin’s hands, everyone had their own opinions. Some believed that the Mages should be approached first while others believed that they should seek out the Elves rumored to be near the Brecilian Forest.

Ultimately, Sevrin decided to go to Redcliff. As the uncle of King Cailan, surely he would want justice and would support them. Assuming he didn’t have them executed based on the lies Loghain had told him, anyway. On their way to Redcliff, they came across a merchant giving away the control rod to a golem.

This would divert them from Redcliff and instead take them to the village of Honneleath. After fighting through the band of Darkspawn that had raided the village and agreeing to find a little girl for a password to activate the Golem Shale, Sevrin would go through one of his toughest challenges of his entire journey: completing a puzzle that had driven a demon insane enough to think befriending a little girl was a good idea.

In the end, Sevrin patience wore thin and he decided it wasn’t worth it. Instead, he grabbed the demon cat and tore its head from its body. After taking a horrified and scared little girl to her father, Sevrin left with the password... and a Golem with enough snark to give Morrigan a run for her money.

It was after this that they made a little change of plans. Shale wanted to learn more about her past - why she was having flashes of her past life - and desired to go to Orzammar. Since they planned on going there anyway, they headed to the ancient Dwarven city one of the last strongholds of the Dwarves on Thedas.

After gaining entrance by dealing with Loghain’s assassins and announcing himself as a Grey Warden, Sevrin and his companions were greeted by a city in turmoil. As if being a mirror image of the state of the surface above, Orzammar was in the state of a political divide on the verge of turning into a full civil war. The fact that the two rivals who would be king were arguing in the middle of the streets and even going so far as to have their supporters kill one another was all the group needed to see to know how desperate the situation was.

Once there, they decided to ask around and learn of the political landscape. Bhelen- last living child of the former king - was in contention with Harrowmont over who would rule the Dwarves. Warden policy dictated that they stay out of it and either wait for a decision to be made or to go search for other allies.

Instead, Sevrin decided to throw his support behind Bhelen. While there were many rumors that he had killed his oldest brother and father - as well as framing second older brother, the kings favorite - he was also someone who advocated for change and more active roles on the surface and against the Darkspawn.

After proving that he was someone he could trust by turning some of Harrowmont’s most loyal houses and supporters through various means - mainly blackmail, seduction, or straight up deception - he was given a new task: find evidence Harrowmont had worked with the Carta stored in the Carta’s base in Dust Town. Bhelen’s concubine Rica suggested that Sevrin seek out her sister - Natia - Who was an enforcer for Jarvia in the Carta who would be willing to help out.

After fighting through Harrowmont’s supporters in the streets and fighting in the Proving’s to increase Bhelen’s standing, they arrived in Dust Town. It... was worse than they’d expected. Beggars lined the streets, the guards never ventured any further than the stairs to the upper city, and criminals walked the streets as if there was nothing to fear. Even worse, talking to people just showed how tight of a grip the Carta had on the forgotten part of Orzammar.

After arriving at the former house of the Brosca family that he was set to meet with Natia, he was greeted by her and her right hand man, Leske. After tense negotiations and Sevrin ignoring all his instincts to kill the woman, they formed an alliance. Natia would get Sevrin and his people inside the base and clear the people loyal to her out so he could kill Jarvis easier and take what he needed. Afterwards, she was free to fill the power-vacuum left by her death.

Despite all of his companions telling him telling him trusting her was a bad idea, Sevrin fulfilled his end of the bargain to the latter. After making it into the base, he and his people carved a path through the criminals hidden inside. Thanks to Natia’s planning, Jarvia and her loyalists were caught unaware and undermanned. Facing down a pair Of Grey Warden’s and their deadly companions with surprise on their side spelt their doom. After finding the evidence against Harrowmont - as well as proof that Bhelen did frame his older brother for the murder of his other brother - Sevrin left the hideout.

Despite what he found, he remained on the side of Bhelen. For all he despised a man who could betray his family, this was a time of crisis. A strong leader willing to do anything and push the boundaries was something that the world needed in the wake of the Blight. As for Natia... Sevrin left her alive. For all that she was a greedy criminal aiming to be the next kingpin, the Casteless Dwarves needed the Carta.

However, despite damning evidence against Harrowmont, he still maintained a strong support basis that had locked the Senate in a tie. Even worse, he had declared to all that his people would venture into the Deep Roads and find Paragon Branka to acquire her backing - something that would secure Harrowmont the rule without question.

With no other choice, Bhelen also declared that he would seek out Branka’s support. And Sevrin and his companions would be the ones to find her - showing a strong alliance between Orzammar and the Grey Warden’s in the process.

After being joined by an old, shamed Berserker named Oghren, the party set out into the Darkspawn infested Deep Roads. Despite numerous close calls against various Darkspawn - some that the surface hadn’t seen since the last Bligh - they slowly made it through. They retraced Brank’s steps through numerous lost Thiags, encountering horrors the likes of which that would send a normal man screaming in terror. They even encountered a poor soul who had feasted on Darkspawn flesh - driven made by the hunger and isolation, but still sane enough to speak.

He told them the direction that Branka and her House had gone - to the Dead Trenches, the breeding grounds of the Darkspawn and only place the Grey Warden’s would ever claim to be unassailable. It was here that Sevrin and his companions first encountered the Archdemon and its horde of Darkspawn.

The sight of a towering, imposing Old God commanding what must have been an army of millions - all marching towards the surface with the only intention being to destroy and corrupt all life of the surface - sent chills all their spines. Even worse for Sevrin and Alistair... it was as if they could actually understand it. The meaning behind its roars and growls if nothing else.

After getting their horror at the true scope of the enemy before them, Sevrin lead his people through the Dead Trenches. Along the way, they were joined by a small detachment of Legionaire’s from the Legion of The Dead, led by a Dwarf named Kardol. After a bit of negotiations, the two parties joined forces to cut deeper into the Dead Trenches. Though they were there for two different reasons, they were headed in the same direction and knew they’d have better chances together than alone.

As they fought through the trenches, they would encounter many scouts who had managed to slip through cracks in the Darkspawn line - including one who would eventually become a future Grey Warden, Sigrun. They fought their way deeper deeper in - encountering more horrors with every step. When they came across Hespith though... the horrors of the Taint were truly unleashed. They saw Dwarves corrupted - undergoing a change so drastic that it sent chills down everyone’s spine. After following the deranged and corrupted woman - the last member of Brank’s House - they came across... a Broodmother.

A creature so sickening and horrifying that Sevrin nearly fainted from disgust, it would be a creature he would see in his nightmares for years. Only meeting an even darker creature - known as the Mother - would replace it. After a terrifyingly close battle in which Sevrin was nearly broken in two, he managed to saw through the tentacles of the beast and cleave its chest in two through nothing but sheer rage and determination.

From here, Sevrin and the Legion split ways. They had reached their destination and couldn’t go any further, while Sevrin and his team needed to keep following Branka’s trail. A search that was quickly coming to an end, but one that was getting more dangerous with every step they took.

After finally finding Branka... none of them were surprised to find her on the edge of her sanity and surrounded by the countless corpses of her decimated House. What made the situation even worse was that she was unwilling to come with them back to Orzammar. She was fixated on finding the Anvil of the Void hidden behind the traps left behind by the Paragon Caradin. With no other choice, Sevrin and his group faced down each of the trials - proving their metal each and every time despite the raps each possessing a masterful craftsmanship unmatched in the modern world.

FInally after they fought past the final and most deadly trap at Caradin’s disposal, they found the Anvil do the Void... guarded by Caradin - who had encased himself in the shell of a Golem himself - and a small legion of golems loyal to him. It was here that Sevrin learned not only of Shale’s past, but the true insidious nature of the Anvil. Caradin asked that Sevrin destroy the Anvil and put an end to his legacy; Branka demanded he kill Caradin. Shale demanded they side with Caradin - or else she would kill them all.

While Sevrin’s heart and soul told him to side with Caradin not just because Shale asked him to, but because it was the right thing to do... but his mind told him they needed the strength that Golems could give them. The Darkspawn had Ogres capable of killing entire legions of men on their own and they had no counter as of now.

With a heavy heart, Sevrin made his choice - and stroke Shale. The battle was begun - Caradin and his Golems against Sevrin, Branka, and his companions. It was a tough battle - one that pushed them all to the edge of their limits. For the entire fight, Sevrin and shale were locked in a duel against the other. While Sevrin was faster, Shale simply had the strength and durability that only a golem could achieve. In the end, there was only one way to defeat her... and that was by baiting her into a charge and sending her tumbling down into the lava pools below.

When the fight was over and Caradin lay dead, Branka laid claim to the Anvil and created a crown to give to whomever Sevrin chose to be the next king of Orzammar. When they returned and he crowned Bhelen as king with Branka’s crown, none questioned or opposed the decision. While Sevrin knew that Orzammar would be facing an uncertain and turbulent future because of what he did, he would get the powerful allies he was promised. Doubly so when he managed to convince the Legion of the Dead to join them on the surface in the final battle.

From here, Sevrin and his band of heroes would depart Orzammar - now joined by Oghren. From here, they started the journey to the Circle of Magi. Along their way, they encountered a crash sight with metal in the ground that couple found a baby in. More importantly, though, the group was ambushed by a band of Antivan Crows. After a hard fought battle, they managed to find a survivor known as Zevran. After a short interrogation, the rogue crow joined the ragtag bunch of heroes.

Mere days before they arrived at the Circle of Magi as they were passing through Bann Loren’s lands, they came across a dying member of King Cailan’s Honor Guard. After giving them the location of the key to Cailan’s personal chest, they buried the man and continued on their way to the Circle with the intention of going to retrieve the key eventually.

As they arrived at the Circle, it was to their dismay that it was suffering a crisis of its own. Blood Mages and Demons had taken control of the Circle and all but forced the Templar’s out. With no other choice, Sevrin and his companions ventured into the tower to hunt down those responsible, rescue whoever he could, and find the First Enchanter... assuming he was alive and unpossessed, of course.

As they ventured deeper in they encountered a small group of Mages who hadn’t fallen to the temptation of Blood Magic, defending themselves from the Demons. Among them was Wynne - who had managed to escape from the Tower of Ishaal in a brilliant display of magical power - and make it back to the Circle mere days before this trouble started. After that brief reunion, they travelled further into the Tower.

As they ascended higher and higher, they encountered many horrors. It was as if every horrific tale the Chantry told people about Mages had come true. Abominations and Demons ran rampant throughout the Tower, slaughtering they came across. The Blood Mages took out years of anger and frustration at perceived wrongs done to them on everyone, torturing Templar’s beyond the point of death and turning those few Mages who didn’t side with them into Abominations.

Up until this point, Sevrin had thought that only the Darkspawn capable of such horrors. To see people commit them was... shocking. Anyone capable of doing this sort of thing to others deserved death. Which why whenever he came across any Blood Mage attempting to surrender to him, he executed them. He would deny for years that he took any sort of satisfaction in the act.

As they cut a bloody swath through the horrors that had infested the Tower, they eventually came upon an Abomination that was... unlike the others. Not only had it retained its ability to speak, it possessed an air pure magical power radiating from it. This would be displayed for them when it sent Sevrin and all of his companions into a deep sleep.

Sevrin’s dream in the Fade... was not what he or anyone else could have expected. Unlike so many would have assumed, his deepest desire wasn’t to be surrounded by a harem of women and pleasured at all times, or be renowned as a hero for single-handedly stopping the Blight. Instead... his desire was to be back at Highever with his family alive and well around.

It’s unknown exactly how long he was in the dream. To him, it felt like years had passed inside as he watched his family in the Fade grow old and achieve things no one else had. The Demon had Sevrin fooled; his grief and rage was the perfect tool to use against him in this dreamscape. The only reason Sevrin ever escaped - the only reason he would go on to save the world from the Blight - was because of one simple reason.

Howe had come in the same way he had the day he betrayed the Couslands. Had it not been for how eerily similar the situation was, Sevrin never would have managed to break free from the Demons hold. He did, though, and after cutting his way through every one of the imposters he managed to find the way out and into the Fade at large.

After escaping, it was a simple matter to hunt down his companions and free them from their own mental prisons. With the help of Niall - a Mage who had also managed to escape from his own prison - they worked together to clear the way to the center of the Fade where the true form of the Demon resided.

Gathered with all his companions, he confronted the Sloth Demon on his island. With but a simple warning that if he won, the Sloth Demon would place them all in a nightmare they would never escape from, they began the battle. While his companions were forced to do battle in their original forms, Sevrin had mastered the fluidity of the Fade like few others - even Mages - were able to. Matching the Sloth Demon form for form as they fought, they eventually managed to bring it down through a combination of sheer magical power and brute force.

When they awoke, Sevrin pulled the Litany of Adralla from Niall’s corpse, the shaken but alive group ascended further up the Tower and dispatched the few Demons and Abominations left in their path. Everyone knew they were approaching the one behind this and that soon this would all end - one way or another.

It was then they encountered a single Templar - Cullen - imprisoned behind a magical barrier. Tormented beyond what any Human should have had to endure. His body appeared physically fine but his mind... that was almost shattered beyond repair. He even first thought that they were little more than apparitions created to trick him into lowering his guard.

When he finally accepted that they weren’t simple tricks of the mind, he made one simple request: Kill every Mage they found up there. There was no telling who was a Blood Mage or an Abomination in hiding. Despite morals telling him to once again use compassion - he had the Litany after all! It should have been easy to stop any Blood Mage from using magic and finding them!

Except... if it were that easy, surely the Circle wouldn’t be in such a state? As much as it pained him, once again of he would need to make the hard decision - one that nearly all of his companions were condemning as the wrong choice. Wynne would even go so far as to outright attack them for even entertaining the thought of killing the Mages beyond the door indiscriminately.

Once more, a good and valuable fighter who could have been a friend in another life died at his hand.

With no time to think on what could have been, they ventured into the Harrowing Chamber atop the tower. While Sevrin would do his best to save as many Mages as he possibly could, he knew there was a very real possibility he couldn’t. Something he wished Wynne could have realized before she attacked.

It was when they reached the top that their worst fears were realized. All the Mages there had been turned into Abominations and led by a Pride Demon that had possessed the Mage Uldred. The Litany was entirely useless. More than that, they were out 3 to 1 against foes easily capable of wreaking havoc upon hundreds by themselves.

What followed was a battle that many within the Tower would remember till the day they died. Though only Sevrin and his companions walked away that day, those scarce few Mages who had managed to hide that weren’t Blood Mages could feel the raw magical energy being exerted atop the tower. For the Templar’s, it was as if the very Tower itself was shaking with every blow that they feared one of the Forbidden Ones had been summoned by the Blood Mages.

What truly happened was that Sevrin and his companions gave their all in the fight against the horde of Abominations. Slowly but surely, they turned the tide through superior teamwork, Morrigan’s mastery of Shape-shifting, Alistair’s quick use of Templar abilities, and Oghren and Sevrin tapping into their Berserker rage to cleave through and survive attacks that would have otherwise killed them.

When it was all over, Uldred and his Abominations lay dead at their feat... along with any chance of aid from the Mages. To their surprise, however, Gregor the Knight Commander pledged the support of every Templar within Fereldan under his command to the Grey Warden’s cause. Perhaps an even more valuable ally than the Mages, in the end.

With the Templar’s secured as allies, Sevrin and his band of companions journeyed to Redcliffe to finally secure Arl Eamon as an ally and put a rest to the Grey Warden status as criminals and traitors. After a revelation at Alistair was the true heir to the throne of Fereldan, they quickly journeyed deeper into Redcliff. Or they would have, had it not been for the news that the Arl had fallen ill and the village was under siege by the living dead.

After quick reunions and hastily working to prepare the village as best they could, Night fell upon the village and the defenses were put to the test. As if straight out of a nightmare, the endless hordes of the dead surged forth from the castle and the lake, not stopped until chopped into little bits or decapitated. Somehow though, Sevrin and his companions managed to not only lead the village through the night, but do it with everyone alive. The villagers would attest this to the Sevrin’s sheer strength and determination as he cut through dozens upon dozens of them by himself as what inspired them to fight harder and look after one another in the difficult battle.

After a short celebration by the townsfolk, Sevrin and Bann Teagan met by the windmill on the hill overlooking the lake. It was here that Teagan revealed an entrance into the castle unknown to all but his family. Before any questions could be asked, the Arlessa arrived with a small contingent of guards and revealed the true cause behind the dead rising and the Arl falling ill. A mage had had been trusted to train the Arl’s son - Connor - and had poisoned the Arl. According to her, after he was captured he summoned a Demon to raise the dead and unleash horror upon Redcliffe.

After a short argument between Alistair and Teagann about whether or not everyone but Eamon was expendable, they parted ways and into the secret passage to the castle. It was when the entered the dungeons beneath the castle that they met the Mage who had supposedly caused all of this, Jowan.

After saving him from a horde of the dead, Sevrin and him got to talking. While it was true that he had poisoned the Arl on the orders of Teyrn Loghain, he didn’t summon the Demon that was causing all of this. The real person behind all of this Connor, the Arl’s son who had his magic hidden for fear he’d be taken to the Circle.

With nothing else to be said, Sevrin unlocked the door to Jowan’s prison... and decapitated him the moment he stepped out of the prison. So soon after the horror of the Circle, he would not trust anything a Blood Mage had to say, let alone allow him to walk around free with the chance of escaping.

From here they battled through the undead infested castle - saving what few, poor souls left alive inside that they could find - before finally breaching the throne room alongside the few knights of Redcliffe still alive. It was here that they encountered the Abomination that had once been the child Connor. As if mocking child innocence, the Abomination forced its slaves to obey its every whim, act like fools, and played the fool itself when it thought that it could inspire fear into the hearts of others.

Sevrin and his companions managed to free Bann Teagann from the clutches of the Demons control, but the possessed Connor was nowhere to be seen. With no other option available to him that would end the threat plaguing Redcliffe, Sevrin set out to kill Connor with a heavy heart. Despite the cries and damnations of the Arlessa and the shameful looks many of his companions were giving him, Sevrin knew there was no other way. The Circle was destroyed and thus of no use, and he would not resort to Blood Magic or risk leaving the Demon to its machinations while he searched for some aid that he wouldn’t find.

What followed was a tragedy that would haunt Sevrin until his dying days. What he found deep within the castle was not the evil Abomination that had tormented Redcliffe. Instead, it was the real Connor who had been possessed trying to save his father. Worse still, Connor knew exactly what he had caused. With a heavy heart, Sevrin prepared for the battle and asked Connor to help him fight the Demon. Like the heroes of legend that all Fereldaner’s were told stories about as children.

Afterwards, it was a simple matter of defeating the Desire Demon that had possessed Connor. Against such numerically superior opponents and those who had fought beings far more powerful, the fight was trivial. What wasn’t trivial was the dying boy that Sevrin had to hold in his arms and comfort in his final moments. Something his companions would never speak was how Sevrin sang a children’s lullaby to Connor in his final moments - as if putting him to sleep.

Despite all that he had done though, Arl Eamon remained in a state of limbo. While he had saved the village from the undead threat, the Arl was still virtually dead for all the good he was. Which left Sevrin and his companions with little choice but to seek out the Urn of Sacred Ash’s. To do that, they would need to go to Denerim and find Brother Genetivi.

With a destination in mind, Sevrin and his company set out for Denerim. Along the way, the stopped by the ruins of Ostogar to search for the key to the chest that they had been told about. While most didn’t see much point in being there, it was personal for Alistair and Sevrin. Together they journeyed through the ruins and hunted down every Darkspawn they could find that remained there. Recovering the royal arms and armor, they laid to rest all of those that had fought and died there for the hope that they could stop the Blight. Though they couldn’t find Duncan’s body, they managed to miraculously find his weapons within the corpse of an undead Ogre. Weapons that Alistair still uses to this day.

From here, they travelled north to the Brecilian Forest. Though they would need to be quick, they believed that they could acquire the Dalish’s aid before then beginning their search for the Urn of Sacred Ash’s.

Little did they realize that the Dalish were dealing with troubles of their own. From the moment they greeted Sevrin’s party with bows drawn, Sevrin knew that his troubles would never end. After he and his party were brought before the Keeper of the clan, Zathrian, they told the problem. Werewolves had attacked the clan and wouldn’t allow them to leave the Forest. Worse still, the curse they were inflicted with was incurable and had spread to many members of the clan.

Agreeing to help cure his clan in return for their aid, Sevrin and his people set out into the Forest to hunt down Witherfang. They were beset upon Werewolves - as intelligent as any Human - and warned to flee lest they share the same fate as the Elves. Despite every fiber of his being telling him to agree and seek out a different clan instead, his morals finally managed to win out and he defiantly stood against the Werewolves.

For the next few weeks, Sevrin and his companions would aid the clan in whatever way they could. They would find stray Hunters who had been lost and injured in the Forest, help widow and widowers grieve, and boast the morale of the clan with tales whenever possible. Sevrin and a certain First would even grow rather close during this time. Throughout it all, though, the Forest seemed to be weaving and protecting the Werewolves from Sevrin.

Finally after striking a deal with and retrieving the acorn of a ryhming tree, they managed to trick their way into the heart of the Forest and wade in to the ruins. Cutting through patrols of Werewolves and yet more undead horrors, they eventually made it to the heart of the ruins and confronted Witherfang... or as she was known to the Werewolves, the Lady of the Forest. It was here that the truth of the curse was revealed, and Zathrian’s part in it.

knowing that Zathrian was not only the cause of the curse that inflicted his people and so many others, but chose not to cure it simply because of revenge that should have been sated years ago was shocking to him. While he wanted revenge against Howe himself, he would only take it so far as any who were involved in the betrayal. Not the whole family.

Then came the proposal of Swift Runner: join the Werewolves in a final attack on the Dalish to force Zathrian to lift the curse, or they would all perish. Despite the protests of some - and his moral compass practically begging him to reject the offer - the pragmatist in him won once again. Despite the Dalish’s vaunted skills with the bow, from what he’d seen they were... lacking in many other departments. The Werewolves though... they were strong - stronger than nearly anything else he’d come across thus far - and could swell their numbers exponentially while the Dalish might not have even been able to call forth other clans.

It was with a heavy heart that Sevrin sided with the Werewolves, but he demanded one thing: he be the one to reveal what Zathrian had done to the clan and how he could fix it all. They agreed and they set off to end the conflict once and for all.

The arrival of Sevrin alongside the Werewolves was a shock to many in the clan - a betrayal that had many sling Elvish curses intermingled with Shemlen in between. Before any fighting could begin, though, Sevrin stepped forward and beseeched the clan. He told them of how Zathrian was the cause of the curse and how he allowed it to torment their people out of nothing more than a misguided sense of revenge. He presented Zathrian with a choice: end the curse for the betterment of his people if nothing else, or he and all those who stood beside him would die.

The answer was what Sevrin had expected, but not what he had hoped for. Zathrian would not break the curse and would tear the heart from Witherfang - after killing Sevrin and his companions for standing with the Werewolves. And to his horror, despite everything they had heard, the clan stood with Zathrian.

It was a slaughter. While the Dalish may have been renowned hunters and experts with a bow, they couldn’t match the natural abilities of the Werewolves to sneak around the edges of the camp and ambush them from all sides. While Zathrian and his First May have been able to turn the tide with their magical power had Sevrin and his companions not been there, they simply couldn’t handle those experienced in fighting against and rendering their magic useless.

After the slaughter of the clan and many of its members had been bitten, the Werewolves pledged themselves to follow Sevrin until death - Against the Darkspawn and any other enemies from then on.

From here they travelled to the city of Denerim to truly begin the search for the Urn of Sacred Ashes. Denerim would be the place of many adventures for Sevrin and his companionship, but those would come after they searched Brother Genetivi’s home. Here they found the imposter trying to lead them astray. After a short interrogation, they set out for the hidden village of Haven in southern Fereldan.

Akong the way to Haven, they would be ambushed by a band of assassins sent to kill Leliana. They agreed to go to Denerim to confront Leliana’s old mentor after they acquired the Urn of Sacred Ashes.

Haven was a strange place that set him and all of his companions on edge. Children with strange, horrifying trinkets parading around town; secretive villagers that all alluded to previously outsiders disappearing; shrines to Andraste herself instead of the Maker... it was off-putting and nearly enough to make Sevrin drag one of the villagers aside to demand answers.

The choice was taken out of his hands when he discovered the bodies of the previous knights and adventurers that had sought out the Urn for one reason of another. After they were attacked by the villagers for discovering their secret, they would discover more and more horrifying aspects of the cult that would later come to be known as the Cult of Andraste.

After rescuing Brother Genetivi from the Chantry in the center of the village, they set out for the hidden ruins in the mountains. Not long after they arrived, they were met with the forces of the cult in full force. While not the most noteworthy of battles, it should be noted that the cultists vastly outnumbered them and used the high ground to their advantage. It was only through superior tactics and skill that Sevrin’s group was able to take victory from the cult.

As they fought deeper in to the ruins, they would encounter things that were even today only spoken of in rumors and treated like legends made flesh. Dragons. Living, breathing dragons of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Not only that, they were fighting alongside the cultists as if they were trained pets.

When faced with a massive Drake that stood nearly as tall as the infamous giants of the Storm Cost, it I saw said that this is when Sevrin first realized than in order for there to be a Drake of this size, there must have been a High Dragon to match it. Yet he had to time to ponder this, as its deafening screeches shook the very walls themselves and its stomps sent tremors through the earth. It’s said that its fire was even capable of melting through metal.

After a hard fought battle, Sevrin and his companions managed to bring it down. Though only through great difficulty and the kind of coordination one could only achieve when you trusted others with your life completely.

After the difficult battle, they come upon the leader of the cultists - Father Kolgrim - in all his glory surrounded by the most powerful Mages and skilled warriors of the cult. Despite their xhaustion after the trying battle against the Drake, Sevrin knew that they would be able to come out on top of the battle against the cultists.

When Kolgrim asked to parsley instead of simply attacking outright, he knew that Kolgrim realized that as well. Feeling generous, Sevrin allowed Kolgrim to offer whatever deal he had in mind. Whatever it was wouldn’t be compelling enough to sway him into sparing their lives.

It was then that Kolgrim proposed a dark deal that any Andrastian would have rejected. If Sevrin would poison the Urn of Sacred Ashes and all their god - the ‘true’ Andraste - to regain her full power, they would offer him not only their support against the Blight but the power that their Dragon god offered every member of the cult.

A large part of Sevrin told him to reject this offer and kill the cultists. Many of his companions - Cullen and Leliana in particular - demanded that he reject it. Yet the inner pragmatist within him told him to think on it. Throughout their battle against this cult, they had seen the cultists exhibit physical abilities on par with the Darkspawn and healing from injuries that should have been fatal. Not only that, but if there truly was a High Dragon at the cults disposal and they could control it?

That might be just enough to give them the edge over the Archdemon

He agreed to their terms for the moment. He could always renege later and wipe the cult out if it turned out they were lying. After seeing Andraste the dragon for himself though, he was beginning to think that he might have to follow through on his end of the bargain.

After entering the Temple of Andraste, they greeted by the Guardian and questioned on their past and reasons for seeking out the Urn. Many things that they all desired to keep to themselves were revealed by the Guardian, but they all decided to venture through to endure the trials of the temple.

The first trial was not only of their wits, but their knowledge of Andraste’s life as well. While the riddles were particularly hard, each seemed to be trying to pass on some knowledge about life. Some kind of message embedded within them - as if trying to tell them not to follow in Andraste’s footsteps.

Then came the ghost of a past failure. Sevrin’s companions - and even Sevrin himself - would have expected him to see his family. None expected the ghosts of Connor and Lanaya to appear before him. To this day none of his companions - not even Leliana - will speak of what was said there. However, the truth is that it wasn’t them blaming him for their deaths or condemning him as a monster as he had done every night since he made his fateful decisions.

Instead, they forgave him and told him to try and forgive himself - lest his guilt consume him.

Before he could ask any questions, the ghosts disappeared and they were greeted by the next trial. Dark reflections of themselves intent on killing them. Battling an enemy that not only knew you, but WAS you was an experience that neither Sevrin nor his group were prepared for. However, they managed to pull through not because of superior skill, but by team work. Something the mirror images of themselves were sorely lacking in.

Then came the next test. This was a test not of skill, self-reflection, or wit. It was a test of trust in those you travelled and fought with. Despite only being together less a year at this point, Sevrin and his companions had complete trust one another. The test was passed with such ease that it might as well have not been there.

Finally came the test of self-sacrifice. It was simple: give up all they owned for others and trust that the Maker would take care of them. Most people - even the most devout of Grand Clerics and righteous of Templars - would have hesitated at giving up all they owned.

Sevrin didn’t - and following his lead - his companions all did the same. They had passed the final test and proven themselves worthy of the Urn of Sacred Ashes. Such a feat was something that was deserving of a tale all its own and one that many would have killed to have the honor of.

Standing before the Urn was a moment that Sevrin would remember for the rest of his life. While his companions all had varying opinions and reactions to the Urn, Sevrin couldn’t feel anything but... Calm. The Urn exuded an air of acceptance and care - as if it was wiping away all the misdeeds Sevrin had done and filling him with the knowledge that everything would be alright.

Which is why when he poisoned the Urn with dragons blood after taking a small pouch of them, it shocked not only his companions... but himself. Once more, he thought and acted with his head instead of his heart. He knew that only bad things would come from defiling the Ashes, but that would be in the future. In the present, the needed the power the cult offered. The Archdemon not only led a horde of millions that grew by the day, but was among the most powerful of all creatures in the world.

Having a High Dragon and its brood on their side would be too valuable to pass up.

Like with so many of his choices, someone refused to stand by and allow it to go unpunished. Unlike other times when it was someone that he could either talk down, or that he hadn’t know them for very long, this time he had to fight one of his closest friends.

Leliana. As the most devout member of their group, she would not stand for desecration of the Ashes. While Alistair was a devout Andrastian’s as well, he saw the same thing Sevrin did, as he would learn later.

While bards and minstrels across Thedas would embellish the fight to make it seem like a battle of light against darkness - the devout versus the sinners - in reality it was a slaughter. For all the power the Guardian Of the Temple had at his disposal, he was nothing special when compared to the threats they had faced in the past. Even Leliana - for all her skill - couldn’t handle all of them on her own.

After leaving the temple, Sevrin was offered the gift of Dragons blood: it would allow him to gain not only strength beyond his wildest dreams, but truly make him one of the Cult first Andraste. With it, he would be recognized as an ally of the Dragons and would lead them into battle against the forces of the Blight, as promised.

He drank the blood - and eerily similar to his drinking of Darkspawn blood - awoke some time later feeling more powerful than ever. Though he wouldn’t learn until later as he continued his journey, the dragons blood he drank would allow him abilities that many would foolishly call magic.

From there, he left the mountain to allow the cult to prepare for the final battle against the Blight.

They raced towards Redcliffe as fast as their legs could carry them. The Arl might not have much longer, and they had no idea how much longer the Ashes would still be good. However, the journey was far from peaceful. Alistair raised issues many times with poisoning the Urn. Even though he knew that it was necessary to gain the cults aid, he had just watched the most sacred relic in Andrastianism destroyed before his eyes.

After arrived at Redcliffe, they were deemed champions for healing the Arl. Eamon would call a Landsmeet to face Loghain and reveal his betrayal at Ostogar. But it would take time - time they could use to summon their allies to Redcliffe. While Sevrin would call them forth, he would also take the time to help his companions with their personal issues.

He helped Oghren rekindle an old flame from his time in Orzammar - a dwarf named Felsi. He aided Sten in finding his lost sword, Asaala. He stood by Alistair as he faced down his greedy sister. He helped Zevran find a pair of gloves like his mother’s. The most difficult though would be killing Flemeth for Morrigan and taking her grimiore.

Though None would see it, the battle between Flemeth and Sevrin was one for the ages. Her status as the legendary Witch of the Wilds - and as would later be known, the vessel of Mythal - was well deserved. She was the mightiest of all the enemies they had faced up until that point - a position that would only be challenged by the Archdemon itself.

Without the magic of Morrigan on their side, Sevrin and the group needed to fight tactically. They could use their numbers to fight her... or at least that’s what they thought before she became a High Dragon and nearly burned them all alive. From there it was a battle of cat and mouse. Fighting her in front of her but was a suicide run, so instead they ran into the swamp. A large portion of the Kocari Wilds burned that day in a fire large enough to be seen hundreds of miles away.

Without magic on their side, they had to get creative. Bombs, poisons, and bolts of all different kinds were used to make up for the lack of magic. Even then, the sheer durability and damage output of the Flemeth was too much for them to truly contend with. It took everything they had - every once of skill, power, and ability they had at their disposal. Eventually through a cunning trap, they managed to ground her within the swamps waters and prevent her from taking off into the air again. From there it was a simple but still very dangerous thing to whittle down her defenses before she was slain from all the injuries she had endured.

After resting for a short while from the exhausting battle, Sevrin and his companions found the grimiore they had been sent for. Despite a small part of him telling him to just burn the book so none could use the ancient knowledge within, there was the possibility that it could be used to help end the Blight.

After a round of passionate thank you sex, the group headed to Denerim to meet Arl Eamon. Along the way, they ran into a merchant by the name of Levi Dryden. He told them of an ancient Warden Fortress called Soldiers Peak that Duncan had promised to help reclaim. With a little bit of time left and it being on the way back to Denerim, Sevrin agreed to reclaim the keep for the Wardens.

When they finally arrived at the old, forgotten fort they were greeted by a place of horrors. The Veil was thin - even worse than it had been at the Circle. Memories of the past would flash through their minds, ancient corpses would rise from the dead to fight them, Demons that had gone undisturbed for centuries, a rift in the fade that had been open all this time, and specters of the past that would bleed through the cracks in the Veil.

As they advanced through the keep, they would learnof what had truly caused the near-destruction of the Veil there. When Soldiers Peak had been under siege by an ancient Fereldan king, the Wardens inside had slowly been whittled down: starved and bleed until they died. As their plight grew more desperate, they resorted to Blood Magic and the summoning Of Demons to fend off the onslaught of soldiers. Yet even that wasn’t enough to save them.

Then they met Sophia Dryden... or to be more specific, the horrific possessed corpse of her. Unlike all the others, Sophia Dryden was willing to speak. Or so she tried to. Sevrin had learned to never trust a demon or let them speak, lest they lead you to your demise. After slaying the false Dryden, they continued through the ancient keep,

After crossing a small bridge and reaching a tower, they came upon a room filled with horrific experiments. The notes Sevrin could find lying around pointed to the experiments being done to unlock the hidden powers of the Taint and remove the effects of the Calling. All of it pointed to a strange vial that supposedly unlocked some of the abilities of the Taint within.

Despite Alistair calling it too risky, Sevrin drank the concoction to add to his strength.

After a small bout of unconsciousness, Sevrin and his people walked into the towers main room and met the Mage Avernus. It was here that they learned of the true extent of Avernus’ experiments, the sins he committed, and what the real Sophia Dryden was like. Whatever judgement Sevrin may have desired to give, they all agreed that the tear in the Veil needed to be fixed and Avernus was the best man for the job.

After a tricky battle against all sorts of Demons that used every trick and tactic they could, the Veil was sealed once more. And Sevrin was presented with the choice of what to do with Avernus’ life. Alistair demanded that he be killed, while others believed that he should be banished from the keep. Sevrin asked how close Avernus was to discovering the secrets of the Taint.

When it was revealed that he was close, Sevrin allowed him to continue his experiments. Without restrictions, as was the Grey Warden way. From then on, Soldiers Peak was restored to Grey Warden hands and Levi Dryden was placed in charge of overseeing its repairs. They would stay for a short while to help with that before they had to depart for Denerim.

After the rest of the Dryden family arrived, Sevrin and his companions took that as the sign they should leave. Not before he had a sword made of star metal forged by a master Smith that he dubbed Starfang.

When they finally arrived in the capital of Fereldan, they were greeted by the sights and sounds of a city just as bustling with life as Val Royeux In Orlais. Then in Arl Eamons Estate... Sevrin and Arl Howe met for the first time since the night of his betrayal.

What had started off as simple greetings between Loghain and Eamon quickly devolved into a standoff when Sevrin leapt across the room and nearly strangled the man to death then and there. It was only the drawing of swords and Eamon’s desperate pleas for him to calm down that stopped him. However, what truly got him to stop was Loghain himself.

While he didn’t come right out and say it, his disapproval of what Howe did to the Couslands was evident to everyone. As was his acceptance of his anger. Instead of mocking him as a Warden or trying to tell him he would be arrested, he simply told him ‘not here’. That more than anything resonated with him. With no small amount of frustration, he got off of Howe and rejoined his companions quietly behind Eamon.

After Loghain left, the verbal thrashing he received was enough to strip paint. He simply quietly endured it and waited for Eamon to finish. He had been in the wrong, after all. He had just given Loghain all the evidence he’d need to paint the Wardens as blood thirsty criminals who betrayed the crown.

After the verbal dressing down he received, Eamon called in an Elf servant of the queen. Queen Anora was being held hostage within Howe’s estate for ‘suspected treason against Fereldan’. In other words, she had finally begun to suspect her father and question him about his actions. She needed rescuing and wanted the Grey Wardens to do it. In return, she would pledge her full support behind them. An offer no sane person could truly refuse.

One that Sevrin initially did. After all, chances were more than high that it was a trap. If not set by Anora or Loghain, then by Howe so he could finally finish off the Couslands. Eamon was even willing to point out that it would be the perfect way to discredit everything they were trying to prove about the Wardens - even more than his assault on Howe already was. All this talk of it being a trick was enough to make Anora’s Elven servant hysterical and practically beg them to help her mistress.

Sevrin agreed in the condition that he was allowed to go alone. After hearing the outcry from literally everyone telling him that was a horrible idea and promptly ignoring them all, he left. If it did turn out to be a trap or something similar, then only he would be blamed. A bitter Wrden striking out against a man who killed his family. No one would suspect Alistair or Eamon had anything to do with it, especially after they tried to stop him from strangling Howe earlier.

When he and the Elven servant arrived at Howe’s estate, it wasn’t a stealth operation that he had agreed to do. Instead, he stormed his way through the would-be fortress cutting through everyone in his way. Much to the horror of Anora when he eventually found her locked behind a magically sealed door. The only way to unseal the door was by killing the Mage who had done it, always at Howe’s side.

It was as if fate had finally decided to throw Sevrin a bone. And he took the opportunity. As he continued to massacre his way through the guards Howe’s had posted within his estate, he found a fellow Warden within the dungeons named Riordan. He had been captured after he came back to Fereldan to see what had gone wrong. After being set free, Riordan agreed to go to Eamon’s estate and rest.

After sending the senior Warden on his way, Sevrin continued to storm through the dungeons and search out Howe. Along the way, he found many tortured nobles within the dungeon - all who had experienced the courtesy of Howe’s ‘hospitality’. He put those too injured or broken out of their misery, and set those he could free. Finally he found Howe secure in the back room and surrounded by his most skilled guards.

After a difficult battle against the hardened old Arl and his warriors, Sevrin managed to win through superior skill and ability. Howe was left alive - injured... but still breathing. While a better man would have made their revenge quick and painless - or not gone after revenge in the first place - Sevrin had long since come to terms with the fact that he was not a good man. And he had an entire torture chamber that he could use.

After more than an hour spent in the dungeon, Sevrin finally emerged... albeit covered in copious amounts of blood and leaving behind the disfigured corpse that had once been Arl Howe. Anora didn’t comment on what had taken so long; she had taken that time to disguise herself as one of his guards. As they were making their escape, they were ambushed by Ser Cauthrien and iver two dozen archers on their way out.

Before Sevrin could even groan at fate laughing over his misfortune again, he was offered a choice: he could either surrender and come with them willingly, or he would be taken by force. Sevrin chose the easy way. After all, Anora could still get out in her disguise like the original plan had been. Him in some dungeon wouldn’t harm the efforts to clear the Grey Warden name.

After willingly subjecting himself to her authority, Sevrin was marched out in chains. All while Anora slipped away and unseen into the city to alert Eamon and his companions about what he had done.

It was not long after he was thrown in Fort Drakon that he found a way out. While a part of him felt for the poor soldiers forced to guard him, he wouldn’t feel guilty about those who got in his way when he escaped? His plan of escape? Simple.

Lure a guard into his cell by playing dead, bash their head in against the wall, and escape his cell. From there he freed the other prisoners locked in with him and they stormed out of the jails - picking up more as they go. By the time they reached the armory and had fought their way through the kennels, Sevrin had a small army at his back. After hastily equipping them and finding his own equipment within a chest in the armory, they came upon the truly difficult part of the day.

Actually escaping Fort Drakon. Their escape hadn’t gone unnoticed. Soldiers - veterans and recruits alike - all rushed towards them before they could escape. In the main hall, the guards outnumbered them 3 to 1 and had the advantage of ballistae’s on their side. The only things keeping them in the battle instead of it being a slaughter was the sheer animalistic frenzy the prisoners were worked up into and Sevrin’s own skills.

Sevrin’s temporary allies were whittled down by the superior skill and numbers of the guards until it was only him left. Slowly but surely though, he fought his way through the guards. The corpses of the guards were used to block the bolts of the ballistae long enough for him to fight his way up the ramps. When all was said and done, he was drenched in gallons of blood in a see of corpses. No one was there and able to stop him though. He was walking out of the Fort when he saw all of his companions outside dressed as a circus troupe.

After a very long and strange conversation, Sevrin and his companions made it back to Eamon’s estate through the back alleys. Once he made it back, he slept for what must have been days. When he awoke, it was to yet another problem in Denerim... and potential evidence against Loghain. There were reports of not only a strange illness in the Alienage, but Tevinters there as well. Sevrin needed to investigate and find out what was going on.

Before he and his companions left, though, Sevrin and Anora talked. While they hadn’t gotten off on the best foot and neither completely trusted the other, both knew that they had to negotiate what to do. Loghain was a dangerous man, after all. In the end, they came to a deal: in return for Sevrin’s support, Anora would marry Alistair and unite the country. For all that Alistair protested, Sevrin was able to convince him.

Before they journeyed to the Alienage, Sevrin made a quick stop in the Marketplace first. Leliana’s former mentor was alive and in Denerim. He owed her revenge, even if she was dead. After she was killed alongside her guards, Sevrin and the rest journeyed into the Alienage.

It was here that he learned of the true unrest in the Alienage. Tevinter slavers had been preying upon the Elves and their fears to enslave them. And worst of all, Loghain was endorsing it. From here, Sevrin and his companions did the only right thing and stormed the supposed Clinic. After freeing the slaves insides, they fought their way through the back alleys.

Every slaver that stood in their way was cut down until they found the Magister in charge of the operation. He tried to open negotiations... and failed. Sevrin had no intention of making any deal with slavers, least of all a Blood Mage. After, the documents to implicate Loghain was found on the Mages body and the elves all freed.

With evidence against Loghain and the Landsmeet nigh, Sevrin and the group journeyed to the Royal Palace to confront Loghain once and for all. Before they could enter the palace, however, Sevrin and his companions were ambushed by Ser Cauthrien and a retinue of guards. She would not let them pass without a fight. After a brutally long duel... Ser Cauthrien fell - killed by own own sword in an expert use of martial arts kills on Sevrin’s part. After letting her corpse slump to the ground, they entered the Landsmeet.

It was a confrontation that any who played the Great Game would watch with fascination. Evidence was revealed, accusations were thrown on all sides, and support was thrown behind both sides. It was a deadlock and neither side could truly win the political battle. What ultimately decided the Landsmeet though was when Anora announced her support of Sevrin and revealed the true extent of Loghain’s betrayal.

Almost immediately, the rest of the court all threw their support behind Sevrin and Alistair. Yet Loghain was not content with this result. Instead, he challenged Sevrin to a duel. Whoever won would win the support of the rest of the Landsmeet and decide the fate of Fereldan.

The duel was one of legend. Two great heroes clashing - steel against steel, every blow was matched with equal ferocity and intensity. The power, strength, and skill of each one was pitted against one another. They’d seemed to be an equal match for one another... but in the end Sevrin managed to win.

After his victory, Riordan revealed that Loghain would be able to become a Warden. And despite Alistair’s protests, Sevrin agreed. Every Warden would be needed to destroy the Archdemon. They couldn’t afford to hold grudges or seek revenge when it conflicted with their only goal.

It was then Alistair left the Grey Wardens and ascended to the throne with Anora as his queen. The nation would be stronger than ever and there would be one more warden around to help slay the Archdemon. All it had cost was a close friends respect and support.

When Loghain survived the joining, Sevrin and his companions began the journey to Redcliffe to ready for the final battle against the Archdemon. When they arrived at Redcliffe though... it was to a small contingent of Darkspawn slaughtered by the forces that he had gathered. When they found out that the Darkspawn horde was truly heading to Denerim instead of Redcliffe, everyone unanimously agreed to race after the horde as quickly as possible.

When the combined army of Fereldans, Templar’s, Werewolves, Dwarves, Golems, and Dragons river at the burning city of Denerim the battle was begun. It was one that legend would only ever be able to describe as the defining moment of the Dragon Age that fortold of all the tragedy that Thedas would be forced to endure in the future.

Human willpower was met by Darkspawn corruption at every turn; Templar faith was tested against the Darkspawns horrific magic; the ferocity of the Werewolves was met by the equal ferocity of the Darkspawn; Golem might was me too with Darkspawn strength; Dwarven craftsmanship was tested against the barbaric weapons of the Darkspawn; and the legend of Dragkns was tested against the myths of the Archdemons.

Inch by bloody inch, Sevrin and his companions fought through the Darkspawn horde with the allies they had gained throughout their journey at their back. Every Darkspawn they encountered was cut down in their path and every innocent in danger saved from their grisly fate. All while the Archdemon Urthemial and the High Dragon Of the cult of Andraste battled in the skies above and reigned terror upon the city below in the wake of their clash.

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