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'My roof, my rules."

-Semik Adaar

Semik Adaar is the Tal-Vashoth Inquisitor of the modern Inquisition and former mage of the Valo-Kas mercenary company.


Physical Appearance[]

At roughly 7 feet tall, Semik Adaar has quite an average build for a Qunari of her age. Semik-as with most every Qunari-possesses naturally white hair, though she chooses to dye it a deep, earthy red so as to better assimilate with the other races of Thedas that she was raised alongside.


Semik exhibits a reluctance to take charge, even though she harbors strong opinions on just about anything, before her time in the Inquisition, you would be hard pressed to pry them from her. Over the course of her tenure as Inquisitor, her headstrong nature has begun to manifest as she becomes more confident in her leadership abilities.

Despite spending most of her teenage and young adult years around a band of Qunari mercenaries Semik has a tendency towards trying to find a peaceful resolution to conflict, though it would be dishonest to say she doesn't love an opportunity to brandish her staff.

Talents and Skills[]

From a young age, Semik shown a proclivity for singing. This has never proven a particularly useful skill in her line of work but she retains a private love of the musical arts nonetheless.



Born in 9:15 Dragon somewhere in the Free Marches, Semik Adaar was the middle child born to Burad and Oranem Adaar. From an early age Semik demonstrated a propensity for magic, knocking down a tree in an attempt to retreive a ball stuck in its branches. This talent caused a great deal of trouble for the young Adaar, as Tal-Vashoth are not particularly fond of mages despite their divorce from the Qun. Nevertheless, Burad and Oranem treated their daughter no different than their other children.

Semik lived quite a typical life up until the age of 16, when the Fifth Blight nearly ravaged all of Fereldan. It was the heroism by the hero-or heroes-of Fereldan that inspired Semik to do something beyond living as a woodcutter as her father had chosen to do. Just what that something was eluded her for a few years more.

That was until the Valo-Kas passed through her city on their way to carry out a contract. The companies leader: Shokrakar, was impressed by the young mage and offered her a position. After hours of heated debate with her mother and father, Semik left her childhood home and traveled with the Valo-Kas as a somewhat above average mage for a few years.

That was until everything changed when her company was hired as a security force for The Divine Conclave in 9:41 Dragon in order to help broker peace between the warring Templar and Mage factions.


Reformation of the Inquisition[]

Following the destruction of the Temple of Sacred Ashes in 9:41 Dragon, Semik was reluctant to believe herself to be a Herald of Andraste, having no definitive religion of her own. Her rise to Inquisitor was a hesitant one, not trusting in her own ability to be a particularly competent leader.

Alongside her in their meteoric rise to power was her newfound friend: a half elf, who-like her-bore a mysterious glowing mark on his hand, simply by the name of Theris. The two would venture to Val Royeaux in an attempt convince the Chantry that the new Inquisition was legitimate, to no avail. During their time in Val Royeaux, Semik recruited Sera, one of the friends of Red Jenny.

Following the rejection of the Templar order and on the invitation of Grand Enchanter Fiona, the party sought the help of the rebel Circle Mages in a desperate bid to close The Breach. It was after the betrayal of Magister Gereon Alexius where the Circle Mages were offered a place of equality within the Inquisition. Semik and her fellow Herald recruited the Tevinter mage: Dorian Pavus into the Inquisition's ranks.

Rising From the Ashes[]

Semik Adaar was named one of the two Inquisitors after surviving the destruction of Haven, the attack of Corypheus, and the arrival at Skyhold. Semik made the choice to directly assault the fortress of Adamant when the Grey Wardens were revealed to be under the influence of Corypheus' false calling. With the aid of Hawke, the champion of Kirkwall, and the sacrifice of their Warden ally: Stroud, the Inquisitors were able to survive entering the Fade for the second time and offered to allow the repentant Wardens a place in the Inquisition.

Unable to warn Empress Celene of the assassination plot against her, Semik Adaar attended the peace talks at The Winter Palace at the invitation of Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons. With the aid of her Inner Circle, Hero of Fereldan's mysterious lover: Morrigan, and some carefully acquired blackmail. The Inquisition prevented the downfall of Orlais to Corypheus and gained powerful allies in the Empress, her ex-lover, and her treacherous cousin.

The Doom of Corypheus[]

With the revelation that Corypheus seeks an elven artifact within the Arbor Wilds, Semik and the Inquisition forces prepared for one final push against the corrupted Magister. With the help of Morrigan and the elven mage Solas, Semik and the rest of the Inquisition were able to defeat Samson with the help of a rune crafted by the Arcanist Dagna and prevent Corypheus from obtaining the wisdom of the Well of Sorrows. Morrigan instead was given the honor of becoming the vessel for the Wells ancient knowledge.

Having discovered a way to finally kill the Red Lyrium dragon that enables Corypheus' blighted immortality, Morrigan and the Inquisitors traveled to an ancient alter to the goddess Mythal. Upon the revelation that Morrigan's mother: Flemeth is the vessel for Mythal's spirit, the trio returned to Skyhold only to find that Corypheus was not content to wait for the Inquisition to foil him again.

As Corypheus' blighted dragon fell, the Inquisitors prepared to face against the Elder One together. Ultimately, the Inquisition prevailed as the elven Inquisitor sent Corypheus into The Fade and Semik sealed the second Breach.

With Solas having mysteriously disappeared after the battle, leaving his own lover alone, the Inquisition returned to Skyhold to celebrate their ultimate victory. Their initial purpose having been fulfilled, a tired and bloody Semik gazed out upon the Frostback Mountains. Her small, impish Sera offering that they should push the bed off of the balcony.


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To the surprise of many, Semik Adaar has proved to be quite friendly for a member of a race that most of Thedas believes to be savages.

  • Commander Cullen Rutherford.

Semik has nothing but respect and admiration for the ex-Templar who reminds her quite a bit of a lion. Although he once intimidated her, a strong friendship has formed between the two. On particularly dull nights around Skyhold the two have been known to play games together that last into the morning hours.

  • Leliana

During their time at Haven, Semik's initial opinion of the Spymaster was that she was particularity cold and gave off a general air of uncaring. This opinion has changed as she has gotten to know the former bard, as she began to learn of her past with Divine Justina and a particular Grey Warden, she ha learned that the secretive spymaster had much more humanity than she let on.

Once Semik cracked her hard exterior, the two formed a bond over how their lives had not turned out at all how they expected, sometimes for the worse. It is this fact that Leliana seems to trust her that Semik is particularly proud of, as she believes that no one person should have to carry so many secrets alone.

  • Josephine Montilyet

Where would the Inquisition be without its ambassador? This is a question Semik often asks herself. She owes Josephine a great debt, as without her it's very likely that all of Thedas would view her as nothing more than a savage Qunari invader, trying to force conversion to a religion she doesn't know anything about. It's a debt that she tries every day to repay her.

  • Cassandra Pentaghast

Semik often wonders how Cassandra went from being her jailer to one of her closest friends. Initially, she only respected her skill on the battlefield but in the time since Haven she has realized that Cassandra has a deeply romantic side. Though she would never admit it, Semik was very much a fan of the Sword and Sandels series long before she learned that Cassandra was an avid reader.

  • Varric Tethras

Semik wouldn't have pegged Varric-she believed that would be Hawke's job-for a writer, but-her opinion-his creativity is one of his greatest qualities. The dwarf rouge reminds her of her old company, but only in the good respects. Whether she's beating him in Wicked Grace or destroying pillars of Red Lyrium by his side, she'll always have a place for his next volume on her shelf. Above all, she will always respect the bond that a man can have with his crossbow.

  • Solas

To Semik, Solas is very much a surprise wrapped in an enigma. The elven dreamer was among the first faces she saw when she first awoke from her Fade-induced coma. As the Inquisition grew, Solas surprised Semik even more by offering his friendship. Not that she didn't want it, but she had always assumed Solas to be the type to keep others at a distance.

He understood her in a way that few others seemed to, and it seemed to be as much a surprise to him as her. Over time their once purely academic relationship bloomed into an unlikely friendship. Which is why given his disappearance, Semik refuses to give up on finding him and saving him from whatever danger he's put himself into.

  • Vivienne

Semik and Vivienne have never seen eye to eye, literally or ideologically. Being a mage, Semik doesn't grasp how Vivienne is can be so against mage freedom. Though if there's anything the Inquisition has taught her, it's that you don't need to understand someone to respect or value them. Vivienne herself has proven to be nothing but supportive of Semik's efforts to restore peace which is good enough for her.

  • The Iron Bull

The Iron Bull just so happens to be the first non-Tal Vashoth Qunari that Semik has ever met. Well, formerly non-Tal Vashoth. As a result of their shared heritage, Semik finds it easier to get a bit rough-and-tumble with Bull. Coming from a household with two other Qunari boys, Semik finds it refreshing that there's someone she doesn't have to worry about breaking when learning how to bash someone with end of her staff.

  • Blackwall

Warden Blackwall-or Thom Rainer-acted as a steady rock for Semik to rely on. No matter what happened, Blackwall would always know the right thing to do. Which is why it nearly broke her heart when Blackwall's true identity came to light. Despite his deception, she refuses to give up on the man whom she could rely for his fatherly wisdom. Which is why-be he Blackwall or Rainer-he will always be a valued part of her life.

  • Dorian Pavus

The mustachioed mage from Tevinter holds a special place in Semik's heart. From the first second they met she instantly knew that he would be a perfect fit with the Inquisition. Little did she know that the-allegedly-cunning Tevinter would charm his way into friendship. This friendship was further strengthened when she learned of his complicated history with his family and his people. She hopes that one day he'll be able to return to his homeland and bring about the change he so desperately wants to see but for the time being, the family he's found with the Inquisition will have to do.

  • Cole

Cole is a strange case. On the one hand, Semik believes that spirits have just as much a right to exist as anyone else. Though on the other hand, she can't deny that when spirits are involved, the world seems the worse for it. Whatever the case may be, she knows that Cole is something in between spirit and person. She'd never see him corrupted the way demons or people are so easily corrupted.

She greatly admires Cole's fierce desire to help where he can and comfort where he can't, it's something that she wishes she knew how to do. She thinks that if she ever had a son, she'd like him to be like Cole.

  • Sera

If Semik were asked to describe Sera she could fill a collection of volumes to rival Varric. It's true that some may find Sera crude, annoying, childish, and sometimes a bit slow. Though from Semik's point of view, none of this is true. In her eyes, Sera possesses an insight that far too few have, an ability to look past all the needless pomp and silly heraldry that comes with having a title.

While Semik would be the first to admit that Sera is far from perfect, no one is. She sees her more self-critical viewpoints as reflections of her own insecurity and fear of inadequacy, just as Semik herself struggles with. She's forever grateful that Sera would never address her as "your worship" or tell her how it's hard to see her as a person. Coupled with the fact that Semik herself wishes everyone just take her a bit less seriously, she couldn't be more pleased with the little elf who'd thunderously ride into battle atop her back.

Semik and Sera may not agree on everything, but as she learned from Vivienne: you don't have to entirely understand someone to love them. In many ways it could be argued that Sera keeps Semik reminded of the fact that it's not all about killing archdemons and evil gods from the dawn of time, it's about making the world just a bit better than how you found it. In Sera, Semik's sure she's got someone who she wants nothing more than to make the world better for.


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