Sasha Trevelyan is the youngest child of Bann Derrick Trevelyan and his wife, Katya. A dancer and actor, Sasha's promising career in performance was cut short following the events of the Conclave and his reluctant appointment as Inquisitor.

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Overview Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Standing at 5'11, Sasha possesses a tautly muscled, elegant frame. One of Sasha's most easily recognizable traits is his poise and the ease with which he moves. His eyes are grey and hooded, and his long, light brown hair is typically worn in a ponytail or braid. Sasha has fine features and a slightly hooked nose.

Personality Edit

Sasha is a study in dichotomies. On one hand, he has the ability to be very cunning. Sasha is a fantastic liar, a result of his acting experience, and quite charismatic. If it will help him get what he wants, he'll tell somebody whatever they want to hear, and can be very flirtatious. On the other hand, Sasha is very vulnerable. He has trust issues, but a deep yearning to be loved. He loves romance and has a flair for the theatrical. Sasha was very shy and awkward a a child, and though he's charming as an adult, he's still an introvert at heart. He highly values freedom.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Having joined a travelling troupe of entertainers, Sasha is skilled in the performing arts. In addition to dance, he can sing, act, and play the lute. His fighting style is based upon dancing, notable for it's speed and acrobatic style. Sasha is very flexible.

Court intrigue has always been a point of fascination for Sasha. Although painfully shy as a child, he would lurk around the edges of his family's social gatherings, watching and listening. Upon moving to Orlais, Sasha became intrigued with The Game and proved to be a rather adept player. In addition to the common tongue, Sasha received a formal education in Orlesian and learned Nevarran from his mother.

It should be noted that Sasha was not acquainted with the most upstanding citizens and is quite the skilled lockpick and thief.


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