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Physical Appearance

Ru is a very tall woman, often described as statuesque because of her sheer size. Her build is athletic, strong, and solid but not bulky. Since fleeing her home, and starting her life anew in Kirkwall, Ruby hasn't much bothered with the upkeep on her formerly much shorter locks and has let her hair grow a little longer. Thanks to the Amell side of her family, Ru is a fair-faced girl with obvious freckles and is always the first to burn if forced to spend a significant amount of time under the sun.


Sweet almost to a fault, Ruby has her mother's grace and a knack for social niceties but underneath the sugar is plenty of spice. Her kindness does not make her an easy target and Ru will certainly bite back if provoked. Ruby has a strong maternal instinct and frequently doted on her much younger siblings after her father passed suddenly, and still continued even as they grew up. It is something she carries over to her companions even, who mostly tolerate it to some degree though it does greatly annoy Isabela.

Talents and Skills




((yes, she is older than canon Hawke is supposed to be. Don't care. Deal with it.))






Carver: As two warriors, it was natural for them to spent a lot of time training together and even joining King Cailan's army together, against her mother's wishes of course. However, it also fostered a lot of resentment as Carver found himself often in direct competition with his older sister, despite how much he loved her. She admired and encouraged his tenacity, however, and never wanted him to feel inferior or compare himself to her. Still, she adored her baby brother and perhaps if he had survived the journey to Kirkwall, she would have been able to help him find his place in this world and grow into a man she knows everyone would be proud of.

Bethany: They have a modest relationship, not the closest, but not antagonistic, but only perhaps because of Ruby's habit of babying her and being so overly protective. She loves her little sister something fierce and had been protective of the twins since their birth, but once Bethany developed magic and later after their father (her only teacher) died, there was an even greater need to look after her. So, as a show of good faith that she could put her trust in Bethany to make good, safe choices for herself as a young woman - she agreed to let her join the expedition. This is something Ru kicks herself for every time she thinks about watching her baby sister limp away with the Grey Wardens unsure if she will ever see Bethany again.



Anders: Out of all her companions, if there is anyone that Ruby fiercely mothers, it's Anders. She immediately took to him like a mother hen after seeing his working (and living) conditions and despite her limited coin in the beginning of her time in Kirkwall, she sees to it that he eats well and has extra hands around the clinic. She and Bethany frequently stopped in (before the expedition) to lend a hand. Later, when she reclaims the Amell estate, she gives him a key to the manor's cellar door just outside his clinic should he need a place to stay or hide from the Templars.

Fenris: Ruby highly respects Fenris for his skill, intelligence, and admires his strength to fight against his captors and stand against slavery. However, because of how she protects the mages of the party and sort of motherly nature, the two often come into conflict. She empathizes with his past as a slave to a power-hungry magister and whatever abuses he surely faced but Ru is not so quick to condemn all like her sister, or Anders or Merrill, and would rather judge each mage as their own person rather than on a whole wide scale.

Isabela: The former pirate captain makes for delightfully pleasant company but they could not be more opposite of one another. While Isabela is wild and rambunctious, always on the wrong side of the law and nary with care in the world it seemed, Ru envied Isabela. She felt like Bela was everything she wished she could be if she didn't have so much responsibility - to Kirkwall, her family, herself. They maintained a healthy rivalry of sorts but would consider themselves friends, just with a different dynamic.

Merrill: To be quite honest, there wasn't much about the petite elf that Ruby didn't like from the moment they met. She and Merrill became fast friends and bonded early on with Ru's fascination in Dalish culture and fondness for Merrill's sweet and bubbly disposition. She could see the sharp mind underneath the big mossy green eyes and nervous rambling and fell head over heels before she knew what hit her. Ruby trusts that Merrill knows what she is doing with regard to blood magic and the Eluvian, but can't help herself when it comes to worrying and looking after her loved ones, something that does cause some friction between the two from time to time.



Anzo Cadash is the Inquisitor in her Worldstate.


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