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Blah blah here's a brief summary about Your NPOC.


Physical Appearance

Here's what Your NPOC looks like.


Here's how Your NPOC acts

Talents and Skills

Here's what Your NPOC is good at. Doesn't have to just include killing things.


Describe the events of their life. Include their role in the universe here and explain the part they play in your headcanon. Use sub-heading 3 to break up their history if necessary. For example, if your OC was an Antivan Crow who later joined the Inquisition, you would include two sub-headings.

Antivan Crows

Describe their time with the Crows here.


Describe their time with the Inquisition here.


Describe their relationships with established protagonists/characters in the universe. Who are they known to? Who are they loyal to?


What else happened, or what else can you tell us about Your OC, bruh? Think of things like likes, dislikes, fears, strengths and weaknesses, etc. This is as close as you'll get to being able to word-vomit about your OC while keeping the article organized and will probably be the longest section. Feel free to add sub-headings as necessary with sub-heading 2:

Like So


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