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  • First to Clan Lavellan (Rift Mage)
  • Denies being the Herald of Andraste
  • Mages conscripted at Redcliffe
  • Celene rules, reconciled with Briala
  • Grey Wardens exiled from Orlais, Loghain sacrificed himself
  • Drank from the Well of Sorrows
  • Vivienne elected Divine
  • Titled “Comtesse of Sundermount” by Viscount Varric
  • Iron Bull betrayed the Inquisitor
  • Inquisition reformed into the Divine’s Personal Guard
  • Rivka appointed as Paladin-Commander


Physical Appearance[]

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Talents and Skills[]

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An Inquisitor’s work is never done.

Be it by random chance or divine favour, Rivka Lavellan found herself at the heart of world-shaking events when she took a wrong turn at the Conclave and found the ancient Tevinter magister Corypheus about to sacrifice the Divine Justinia, gaining the Anchor between this world and the Fade in the ensuing explosion which killed everyone else present, opening the Breach.

Initially viewed with suspicion and marked for execution, she proved her valour by first arresting the growth of the Breach, then sealing it with the aid of the renegade mages, freed from servitude to Corypheus’ lackey Alexius at Redcliffe. However, celebrations were brief, as Corypheus struck at the newborn Inquisition at Haven and driving it to the ancient fortress of Skyhold, where Rivka was unanimously acclaimed as Inquisitor.

There, she found herself commanding the Inquisition’s forces across Thedas, gaining allies from all over Orlais and Ferelden. In the former case, she became kingmaker when agents of Corypheus struck at the peace talks in the Winter Palace, and Rivka ensured the rights of her elven kin by reconciling Briala, Celene’s erstwhile lover and companion, with the Empress.

Corypheus’ corruption extended even into the Grey Wardens, heroes of the Blights, and it fell upon Rivka and Hawke to liberate them from the clutches of his Venatori, with the disgraced general Loghain Mac Tir gaining his redemption by taking on insurmountable odds in the Fade to ensure that they escaped to continue the fight against Corypheus. Following the Wardens’ expulsion, it came to light that her companion Blackwall was no true member of their order, which hurt the Lady Seeker Cassandra even more deeply than it did her her.

Their next steps against the ancient magister shook Rivka’s beliefs to their very core, as Morrigan, so-called Witch of the Wilds and advisor to the Imperial Court in Orlais brought them through the Temple of Mythal, deep in the Arbor Wilds, where numerous truths concerning the gods which Rivka worshipped came to light, culminating in the rediscovery of the Well of Sorrows, a medium for the ancient power and knowledge of ancient Arlathan.

Drinking from the Well despite her lover Solas’ objections, Rivka became bound to Mythal’s will, and furiously ended her dalliances with the elven apostate when he further challenged her on her Dalish beliefs, eventually finding solace with her advisor Josephine, who comforted her in those trying times with the impending final clash with Corypheus soon at hand.

Ending Corypheus’ threat to the world proved to be only the beginning of her troubles. With no major menace left, soon the relevance of the Inquisition’s continued existence was challenged by the leadership of Orlais and Ferelden alike, and the disruption of a qunari plot, in which Rivka was forced to slay the Iron Bull, only revealed an even more portentous fate for this world.

Reorganised into the Divine Victoria’s honour guard, the remnants of the Inquisition led by Rivka as Paladin-Commander must vie against the machinations of the Dread Wolf and step up to save Thedas once again…


Family and Relations[]

Clan Lavellan

Minha and Narcissus








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