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Regan Abigail Hawke (born 9:05), a native of Ferelden, Lothering, ex-mercenary of the Red Iron company is an apostate mage formerly known as Champion of Kirkwall, and a staunch supporter of mage rebellion.


Physical Appearance[]

5'7, tomboyish build. Has a long scar, from navel to true ribs, mirrored on her back — a gift from Arishok. Pale skin, black wavy hair. Long turned-up nose. Narrow face with sharp features. Cobalt-blue eyes, big limbal rings. Thick eyebrows. Low-set ears. Has a mole on her right cheek.


Extroverted. Observant. A slow learner. Has a quick temper. Tempestuous, headstrong. Sharp witty tongue. Easily irritable. Likes meeting new people. A protector by nature. Vindictive. Anti-authoritarian. A generous and down-to-earth woman with a good sense of humor.

Talents and Skills[]

Though born with magical talent, refuses to use it or be defined by it. Fights with short blades instead, relies on quickness and finesse. Persuasive, a good liar, employs it well.



Used to be a locksmith's apprentice in Lothering. Hated it.


Ran with Red Iron, let the Wardens take her brother Carver to save his life, dueled Arishok, sided with the mages.

Used the Hightown mansion as a safehouse for apostates who ran from the Gallows. Worked for the mage underground without ever being introduced to it or being affiliated with it and its members, except for Anders. Before the rebellion was a candidate for the Viscount's throne; was never inclined to accept.


After Knight-Commander's death Regan fled the city to protect its citizens from a possible Exalted March, joining mages who wanted to leave. Tensions brewed, a temporary isolated colony was established, and after ensuring their safety Regan and Anders split from the group, eventually disappearing in Ferelden.

After Divine's death at the Conclave Regan returned to Kirkwall to take care of some business, then went to the Frostback Mountains to offer her help to the Inquisition. Her duties took her to Weisshaupt in Anderfels, and after it was concluded, she returned home to help the new Viscount of Kirkwall.


Was very fond of her father Malcolm. Enjoys being around people and socializing with them. Had a huge falling out with Aveline after Hawke's mother's death, a fight that was brewing for several years. Tried her best to help Anders and support him.


  • All food she makes looks incredibly ugly, and she's a bad cook, too
  • The injury she survived being impaled by Arishok left her unable to bear children
  • Owns a small collection of smoking pipes
  • Coincidentally, Regan smokes
  • Regan's handwriting is atrocious
  • Allergic to honey
  • Loves wine and beer equally


https://archiveofourown.org/works/13692129/chapters/31448697 (Fanfiction series in progress involving Regan)[]