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Raphael Cousland (born 9:07 Dragon) is a noble warrior that hails from Highever, Ferelden and is the second and youngest son of Bryce and Eleanor Cousland, the Teyrn and Teyrna of Highever. Being born into nobility, Raphael received a great education, training in swordsmanship, and became beloved by Castle Cousland’s staff. As the younger son, Raphael lived a very frivolous life and one without any major responsibilities but after the Cousland family was murdered by Arl Howe’s forces and he was saved by the Grey Warden Duncan to join the Grey Wardens, Raphael understood that he had a responsibility to the world outside of his own home. With this revelation in mind, he would rise to become one of the greatest Grey Wardens all of Thedas has ever seen, the Hero of Ferelden.


Physical Appearance

As a warrior, Raphael isn’t as bulky as the strongest of warriors are. Instead, he maintains a lean muscle build through his sword and shield training which allows him to be more dexterous than most warriors. Standing at 6’2”, the tallest in the family, he has chestnut brown skin, a skin tone similar to Duncan and wears a dreaded ponytail that reaches down to his upper back, though during his younger years he would don short kinky 4B hair. He initially starts off with dark brown eyes that then start gaining hints of grey within the inner iris after his Calling starts. Raphael also has a nice full beard and a healthy mustache over his upper lip. He has a few small scars across his arms and legs that he gained through years of being a Grey Warden and looks slightly older than his age due to the immense amount of stress placed on his body during his Calling.


  • Right Pectoral Arrow Scar: Received by a darkspawn archer at the Tower of Ishal
  • Left Pectoral Claw Scar: Received by the Archdemon Urthemiel
  • Right Thigh Sword Scar: Received by a Hurlock Alpha
  • Left Upper Arm Blade Scar: Accidental Sparring Injury
  • Right Hip Projectile Scar: Received by a blood mage using an ice shard spell


Raphael considers himself to be quietly confident. He is incredibly self-assured in both his skills and knowledge and knows that he doesn’t have to be the loudest person in the room to show just how competent and impressive he is. Being an introvert, he tends to be very direct in order to get his point across in as few words as possible, though he could unintentionally come off as blunt. To match his confidence, Raphael is also a very determined (though some would say stubborn) individual who will always set out to complete tasks he sets for himself, especially when lives are at stake.

Many would assume that Raphael is a very logical and calculated warrior who doesn’t express his emotions very often, but they would be wrong to an extent. Although Raphael isn’t always comfortable expressing his feelings, he is a very attentive listener and allows others to express their own, especially his loved ones and the less fortunate. He, in turn, finds it easier to express his own feelings to people he relates to, in terms of experiences and/or interests.

Overall, these are some of the traits that make Raphael a respected leader who deep down cares for all those in Thedas and will stop at nothing to use his honed abilities to protect the world he swore to serve.

Talents and Skills

  • Swordsmanship: trained by one of Ferelden’s best swordsman, Master Syrus, Raphael is a master at swordsmanship. Although he was trained to use both a sword and shield, Raphael prefers to only use the longsword, sacrificing defense for speed and agility, though his Grey Warden abilities make up a little for the lack of defense.
  • Archery: Outside of his sword and shield training, Raphael’s mother taught him the basics of archery. Although he is able to fire arrows with decent accuracy, he prefers to use a trusty longsword. Leliana also taught him some more intermediate techniques with the bow while they traveled together after the Blight, enough for him to be able to train his apprentice Sienna to protect herself on their journey to find a cure for the Calling.
  • Silver Tongue: Due to his confidence and experience, Raphael is able to command an authority over others through trust or intimidation. When talking to non-hostile individuals, he usually takes the calm and persuasive route, especially when trying to get information from them or gain their trust. When he’s dealing with thugs or enemies however, intimidation becomes the forefront approach.
  • Strength, Stamina, Speed, Durability, and Endurance: As a Grey Warden, Raphael is granted enhanced strength, stamina, speed, durability, and endurance by drawing upon the Taint within his body.
  • Leadership: Although he never had true leadership experiences prior to becoming a Grey Warden, due to his confidence Raphael is able to inspire others to trust and follow him even when the odds seem to be stacked against them. Once he eventually became Warden Commander of Ferelden and Arl of Amaranthine and was responsible for rebuilding the Ferelden Order and taking care of the people of the Arling, he was able to solidify his leadership experiences and skills by gaining the trust of his new allies.



Raphael was born in 9:07 Dragon into the noble Ferelden family, the Couslands. As a child, Raphael would follow his father and older brother, Fergus, into meetings discussing the politics of Ferelden and because he was so well-behaved and quiet during the meetings, Bryce would allow him to keep attending them. Bryce ultimately gave him the nickname “Pup” because of his son’s tendencies to follow him around like a young mabari. Most of his young life was spent learning about his family history, the history of Ferelden, and other topics pertaining to the world of Thedas. Although many of the other nobles’ children would visit the Castle while he was younger, Raphael preferred to go into his grandfather’s library and read the tales of dragons, griffons and other great creatures of legend. However, once Raphael approached his adolescent years, he would be drawn into a different direction.

Bryce enrolled his second son into swordsmanship training to teach him how to protect himself and to also occupy him while he and Fergus focused more on noble delegations. To many people’s surprise, Raphael was a true protege at the sword and as the years went by, Raphael was placed into plenty of tournaments where he managed to win most of them. Due to these tourneys and the admiration given to him by other warriors, Raphael’s confidence, directness, and stubbornness would bloom.

On his eighteen birthday in 9:25 Dragon, Bryce surprised his youngest son with his very own mabari hound in an effort to teach him more responsibility and discipline, since as the youngest he didn’t have duties beyond his education and sword training. With Haku the mabari as his partner in crime, the two became the best of friends. As Raphael approached his young adult years, Fergus would spend more time with his brother going for drinks in town and sword training even though the brothers already had a good relationship prior. Eleanor would also bring her second son along with her to her friends’ salons where he learned more about courtly manners and also started his development of frivolous activities.

Over the next few years, he would continue his swordsmanship training, education and meeting people he could call friends. Life was good for the young Cousland and it seemed his life of minimal responsibilities would continue for a long time, that was until the year 9:30 Dragon.


Quest Choices Made
Origin and Prologue Slept with Iona. Conscripted into the Grey Wardens by Duncan. Brought food to the Ostagar Prisoner. Cured Mabari Hound.
The Arl of Redcliffe Helped Redcliffe prepare and fight. Connor alive, not possessed; Circle’s aid. Isodle alive. Bella left to start a brewery. Freed Bevin and returned sword. Helped Valena escape the Castle.
Broken Circle Did not agree to Cullen’s request. First Enchanter Irving survived the battle. Mages supported.
The Urn of Sacred Ashes Urn not poisoned. Defeated the High Dragon. Allowed Genitivi to spread news of the Urn.
Nature of the Beast Brokered peace between Dalish and werewolves. Spared the hermit; Grand Oak survived. Saved Elora's halla. Told Athras about Danyla's fate. Brought Cammen and Gheyna together by convincing Gheyna.. Brought Varathorn ironbark. Returned Deygan to the Dalish camp.
Paragon of Her Kind Helped Burkel create Chantry. Helped Zerlinda reconcile with her family. Did not complete Rogek's lyrium deal. Told truth about Ruck. Helped Orta join the Assembly. Proved Legion of the Dead's connection to noble house. Returned the tome to Shaperate. Dagna left to study at the Circle. Sided with Caridin against Branka and destroyed the Anvil. Crowned Bhelen as King of Orzammar.
Denerim Ser Laundry alive. Told Bann Sighard about Oswyn.
The Landsmeet Won the Landsmeet. Alistair and Anora rule jointly. Loghain executed. Gave Alfstanna Irminric’s ring. Returned amulet to beggar. Brought scroll to Sister Justine. Helped clear customers out of Pearl. Handled the Crimson Oars. Completed Master Ignacio’s assassinations.
The Battle of Denerim Raphael performed the Dark Ritual with Morrigan. Killed Archdemon; survived the battle. Raphael, Leliana, and Zevran traveled together following the battle.
Companions All possible companions recruited (except Secret Companion).
  • Alistair met Goldanna and wasn’t hardened.
  • Morrigan recruited and acquired Flemeth’s grimoire peacefully
  • Romanced Leliana and Marjoline spared (Unhardened).
  • Haku the Mabari recruited.
  • Persuaded Revered Mother to free Sten and returned Asala to him.
  • Wynne “alive” and well and helped her reconcile with Aneirin.
  • Zevran recruited and remained loyal
  • Oghren recruited and reunited with Felsi
Stone Prisoner Shale recruited and is alive and well. Matthias and Amalia both alive, neither possessed.
Warden’s Keep Gained Power of Blood. Slayed Sophia and allowed Avernus ethical research. Obtained Starfang longsword.
Return to Ostagar Funeral Pyre for Cailan

Post-game: Origins

After surviving the Blight and the Archdemon due to Morrigan’s Dark Ritual, Raphael lived on to see his and his allies' efforts be rewarded. For six months, Raphael and Leliana traveled across Ferelden including a trip to his family home in Highever and her family home in eastern Ferelden, with Zevran traveling with them for a few months before ultimately Raphael was called back to his duties as a Warden. Being given the position of Warden Commander of Ferelden by the First Warden in Weisshaupt, Raphael travels to the Arling of Amarantine to take up his new position and help rebuild the Ferelden chapter.

Awakening, Witch Hunt, Golems

Quest Choices Made
Awakening Upgraded Keep fully. Keep and Amaranthine both protected. Allowed the Architect to live.
Companions All potential Warden recruits recruited and befriended:
  • Nathaniel joined willingly and reunited with Delilah Howe (alive and well).
  • Oghren reconciled with Felsi
Golems of Amgarrak Investigated Amgarrak thaig with Dace brothers.
Witch Hunt Found Morrigan, but didn’t go through the eluvian with her.

Post-game: Awakening

Returning from the Dragonbone Wastes aware of Morrigan’s fate and with important knowledge about the darkspawn taint, Raphael stayed at Vigil’s Keep for a few more weeks before deciding to take an extended “break” from his Warden Commander duties to travel with Leliana. For nearly a year, the pair traveled around Ferelden together until eventually their duties called them back to their respective responsibilities, with Raphael returning back to his duties as Warden Commander and Leliana dedicating her services to the then Revered Mother Dorethea.

Raphael returns journeys to Soldier’s Peak to greet an excited Avernus who managed to decipher a good chunk of information regarding the Taint left behind by Morrigan. With an extended list of ingredients for a possible cure to the Calling, Raphael would dedicate nearly a decade to finding it, where he would have to work with old enemies and new allies to ensure his own survival and the survival of hundreds of other Wardens.


Familial Relationships

  • Bryce and Eleanor Cousland: the father and mother of Raphael, respectively, he always held deep admiration and respect for his parents. Being the rulers of Highever and being only second in power to the Ferelden monarchy, his parents were always busy tending to the needs of their Teynir which didn’t leave much time for them to constantly spend time with their youngest son. However, Raphael always appreciated and admired how humble and kind his parents were to the people they ruled over. He also deeply appreciated how they would always make time for him and take interest in his interests, despite how busy they were. Overall, his parents were a huge influence on how he approaches his leadership role as Warden Commander of Ferelden.
  • Fergus Cousland: Being 7 years older than Raphael, Fergus didn’t spend too much time with his brother when they were young. However, once Raphael started approaching his post toddler years, the two would form an unbreakable bond. Like his parents, Raphael respected his brother immensely and aspired to be as lighthearted and outgoing as him, while Fergus admired his younger brother’s discipline and confidence. During their young adult years, the two brothers would find themselves journeying to best tavern in Highever to drink and talk about their lives, a tradition they practice to this day.
  • Haku: Since 9:25 Dragon, Haku and Raphael have been the best of friends. From the days spent at Castle Cousland all the way to Raphael’s search for a cure to the Calling, the mabari hound has shown an amount of loyalty and unconditional love that surpasses even the most devout person.

Childhood Friends

  • Delilah Howe: Delilah Howe is the middle child of Arl Rendon Howe. The earliest of friends, Raphael and Delilah were inseparable as children. The two would see each other whenever both their families would meet during noble gatherings. Despite their opposite personalities, with Delilah being more humble and Raphael being more prideful and stubborn, the two of them being introverted allowed them to get along and they shared many hobbies including reading and stories. Once the two of them started approaching their young adult years, they had a falling out due to Raphael becoming very stuck up and arrogant from the salons and tourneys he attended. Eventually, the two stopped seeing each other and it wasn’t until after the Darkspawn Civil War that Raphael was able to sit down with Delilah and apologize for his actions. To this day, the two remain the best of friends and Raphael takes the title of ‘godfather’ to her child.
  • Roderick Gilmore: Raphael and Ser Gilmore first met each other during a sword tournament held in Denerim in 9:23 Dragon where Raphael managed to win the junior division against Gilmore. Since then, the two have remained great friends with competitive tendencies. When Bryce Cousland officially brought Roderick to Highever to join the Teyrn’s guard ranks, the two friends were able to foster their friendship and train regularly. Despite working under the Teyrn and therefore Raphael, the young Cousland never imposed any verbal restrictions on Gilmore, effectively allowing the young knight to speak his mind whenever he felt it necessary. Up until the fretful night that was the attack on Castle Cousland, Raphael and Ser Gilmore had held at 49/49 sparring record to which the tie breaker would unfortunately never be broken. To honor his greatest friend and rival, Raphael named one of his favorite non-Warden swords, Gilmore.

Romantic Partner

  • Leliana: Raphael admitted to himself that he was instantly attracted to Leliana when he first met her in the Lothering tavern. A singing bard who knew how to defend herself, yet also didn't resort to violence unless necessary was all he needed to see in order to have her on board. Although in the past, Raphael found himself not staying in committed relationships, he found the slow build-up to a romanctic relationship with Leliana as...perfect. He found it very easy to express his feelings of fear and doubt to her despite appearing mostly confident at all times and he appreciated how she didn't look at him differently because of it. The two became very dedicated to each other with Raphael being very supportive of her belief that the Maker sent her to help him, despite having different beliefs on the subject of the Maker, and Leliana allowing him to space to vent whenever he needed to. Following the Blight, the two traveled together across Ferelden and Orlais before both were called back to their duties. Despite how busy the two were with the respective occupations, they would always find time to see each other and spend whatever time they did have as their last. Throughout his journey to find a cure to the Calling, Raphael would always think of Leliana in order to stay motivated and dedicated to the decade long mission. In current times, Raphael serves as Leliana's Right Hand as she leads the Chantry as its new Divine.

Origins Companions

  • Alistair Theirin: Upon meeting Alistair, Raphael was instantly reminded of his older brother, from the comical remarks to his eagerness to battle. As they traveled Ferelden together trying to stop the Blight, the two saw just how similar they were to each other, such as their stubbornness to want to battle, their shared experiences of loss and their predispositions to take on huge responsibilities and these similarities allowed them to develop a close bond. Despite being the senior Warden, Alistair always looked to Raphael for guidance and leadership whether it was for strategy to take on enemies or advice on what he should do regarding his heritage. The Blight had taken many things from the two Wardens but in the process, the two gained each other as brothers who remained loyal to each other.
  • Morrigan: Tales of the Witches of the Wild would often permeate Raphael's young mind as he read supposed true stories about them at a very young age. Yet, as he grew older and more confident, he came to believe he would never meet one and evenutally doubted if they truly existed. The evidence of their existence was confirmed to Raphael when he journeyed with Alistair and the other Warden Recruits into the Korcari Wilds. Despite everything he had read about the Witches, Raphael initially saw that Morrigan had some sort of heart behind her cold exterior, even when she did say hurtful things to him and Alistair. As they traveled together to face the Blight, Raphael was able to break through her cold exterior through gifts, kindness and understanding and open her up to being more caring individual. Raphael notes that Morrigan has saved his life a multitude of times from the Dark Ritual to her aid in finding a cure to the Calling, yet he realized that she never asked for too much in return. Many would say that they would make a fine couple...in another lifetime, but in this lifetime they remain great and loyal friends.
  • Sten: The Warden had never seen a Qunari before, let alone a hornless one. His grandfather's library didn't contain many text on the northern people but from what little he was able to read, most of it was...concerning. His concerns weren't even a little alleviated after meeting Sten, who readily admitted to killing a family seemingly without remorse. Despite this, Raphael found himself in a desperate situation of having little to no allies to combat the Blight, so he enlisted the Qunari's help. Throughout their journey together, Raphael was able to learn more about Sten and his culture and vice versa and although the two would argue about philosophies and people's stations in life, the two grew to have an immense respect for each other as warriors and intellects. This respect however didn't automatically lead to trust on Raphael's side who saw Sten's attempt to take leadership in combat as insulting. Although the Warden was able to help Sten find Asala and Sten was able to help end the Blight, Raphael knew Sten's loyalty to the Qun came first and front and both would hate to see the day the Qunari inevitably invade the South.
  • Zevran: Raphael knew he would be taking a huge risk by sparing the life of the Antivan Crow, yet he goes on record saying that it was one of the best decisions he had ever made. Although the two were decent companions during the Blight, most of the highlights of their friendship occurred after the darkspawn invasion. For three months after the Blight, Zevran traveled with both Raphael and Leliana and was able to aid in keeping them alive from secret conspiriors that wanted the Warden dead due to decisions he made during the Blight. As the years went by, their loyalty for each other grew and they were always willing to perform favors for each other, whether that was Raphael asking for Zevran's aid to teach a Warden recruit new skills or Raphael temporarily joining Zevran's side to take down some Antivan Crows.
  • Wynne: Wynne reminded Raphael of his old nanny that would take care of him growing up in Highever. Much like his nanny, the woman would always have time to share a interesting tale about the world that included an important lesson. Raphael cared a lot for Wynne as a friend, ally, and teacher, though the two would often butt heads on the topic of his responsibilities to the world as a Grey Warden and his close relationship with Leliana. Ultimately, Raphael respected Wynne and even took a quick detour from his mission to find a cure to the Calling to attend her funeral.
  • Oghren: Initially bringing the dwarf along with his companions in order to find Paragon Branka, Oghren soon found himself being an essential member of Raphael and Alistair's team of warriors, rogues, and mages to end the Blight. Although Raphael respected Oghren as a dwarven warrior, he found himself having very little patience for the dwarf's digusting antics towards his other companions and his constant drunkeness. Despite this, Raphael was able to help Oghren get his life back on track by reuniting him with Felsi and helping him through his alchololism (mostly). Oghren returned the favor to Raphael by teaching him the ways of a Berserker in order to harness his anger towards Rendon Howe and eventually joining the Ferelden Order of Grey Wardens, eventually becoming an important mentor to the future warriors in the chapter.
  • Shale: Raphael never imagined he would become friends with what he initially believed to be an emotionless battering ram and Shale never imagined that it would come to respect something so “squishy”. Upon finding out that Shale did indeed have its own consciousness and emotions, Raphael came to treat it as a fellow companion and warrior and not simply a useful tool. Although the two wouldn't see much of each other following the Fifth Blight, whenever they did meet each other the two would catch up and share each others' experiences.

Awakening Companions

  • Nathaniel Howe: Raphael and Nathaniel knew each other prior to facing each other at Vigil’s Keep. Both Fergus and Nathaniel were decent friends before the latter moved to the Free Marches, but despite this Raphael still remembered the Howe. Despite releasing him for the Vigil’s Keep cells and eventually allowing him to join the Wardens, the two would argue a lot, especially on the topic of Nathaniel’s father, Rendon Howe. Fortunately, a mutual loved one of theirs in the form of Raphael’s old friend and Nathaniel’s little sister, Delilah, was able to reveal the truth about their father. Humbling himself, Nathaniel was able to apologize for his own misconceptions about his father and his horrible deeds and since then, the two’s relationship has flourished. To this day, Raphael and Nathaniel remain close friends and Nathaniel himself holds the title of Warden-Constable of Ferelden, second only to the Warden Commander.
  • Anders: Anders reminded the newly titled Warden Commander of Alistair and his older brother Fergus. He appreciated the mage’s help during the initial darkspawn attack on Vigil’s Keep and would immediately conscript him into the Warden ranks in order to keep the Chantry’s hands off him. Throughout the short time the two spent with each other, Raphael was very overprotective of Anders and wouldn’t tolerate the Chantry’s attempts to harass and re-capture him. Anders in return saw a true friend in the Warden Commander and respected his command and decisions. The two would never see each other again after Anders’ ‘death’ at Vigil’s Keep, but Raphael would always appreciate the mage’s aid in stopping the darkspawn Civil War and teaching him about the true injustices of the Circle.
  • Velanna: Raphael couldn’t have imagined that he would ever get along with Velanna and admittedly she was the most difficult Warden recruit to crack, but despite their vast differences he saw a little bit of himself in her. One of the main reasons for the both of them joining the Order was to find their sibling and Raphael finds it admirable how much Velanna cares about her sister. Velanna herself often finds herself questioning Raphael’s orders and priorities of the Ferelden Wardens, she finds Raphael to be the only other human besides Nathaniel respectable and trustworthy. Unbeknownst to most of the Wardens at Vigil’s Keep, Raphael and Velanna would occasionally meet with each other to share both human and elven tales with each other, since they both have a passion for stories.
  • Justice: fascinated by the flesh-bound spirit and eager to gain more allies against the darkspawn, Raphael allowed Justice to join the Warden ranks. Raphael eagerly asked the spirit many questions about his worldview and experiences whenever they were stationed at Vigil’s Keep and Justice was equally eager to answer them. Although the two shared a deep mutual respect for each other, Raphael was a little put off by Justice’s black and white view on morality. Knowing that the Warden lifestyle was full of grey decisions, Raphael simply hoped that the decisions made by him wouldn’t cause the spirit to antagonize him. Despite this, Raphael aided Justice in his quest to find Kristoff’s wife and taught him about the world as best as he could. Raphael was saddened by Justice’s “death” at Vigil’s Keep, but from what he knew about spirits, he believed that the essence of Justice lived on, one way or another.
  • Sigrun: Raphael had met members of the Legion of the Dead before during the Fifth Blight, but never had he met one so…charming. Sigrun, like Anders, was very prone to humor albeit mostly dark humor which would occasionally catch Raphael off guard. Although the two were comrades-in-arms during the Darkspawn Civil War, they wouldn’t see much of each other, since Raphael would spend plenty of time away from Vigil’s Keep to be with Leliana and Sigrun spending time away on multiple Deep Roads scouting missions. Despite this, the two had a mutual respect for each other and appreciated each other’s dedication to the Warden cause.


  • Reading: as part of his education, Raphael spent a lot of time being taught history by the Castle’s librarian. Outside of his studies however, he enjoyed spending time in his grandfather’s library reading about the tales of dragons, griffons and other legendary beasts. Reading was the only way for him to really learn about the world outside of Highever and Ferelden pre-Blight.
  • Writing: writing has become more of a recent hobby of Raphael, starting it when he first became a Warden when he picked up a journal after passing through Lothering. Since his duty as a Warden required him to travel all across Ferelden, he decided to write down his experiences dealing with monsters, people and new environments. It also allows him to create his own “story” similar to the stories he read himself when he was younger.
  • Weapon Collection: Raphael has a keen eye for weapon builds and loves to collect different swords and bows. Throughout his journey as a Warden, he came upon swords and bows made of different materials such as Veridium, Silverite, Dragonbone and even Volcanic made. He keeps his collection stored in a secret vault within Vigil’s Keep, only accessible through his room there.
  • Traveling: As a youth, Raphael was always stuck in the Castle and as he grew older and started attending tourneys and parties, he realized his love for traveling. Once he became a Warden, he was able to see parts of Ferelden and the rest of Thedas he had never seen before and loves traveling even more when he is with someone he cares about, such as Leliana.
  • Missing Out: Because he spent most of his childhood stuck at the Castle, when he got older he didn’t like missing out on events such as gatherings, tourneys, or just general outings, especially when he wasn’t invited. When it comes to missing out on battle or tourneys, he especially hates it because he believes that others don’t see him as capable.
  • Being proved wrong: because he grew up with one of the best education a noble could get and because he is extremely proficient at fighting, Raphael isn’t the most humble person. Because of this, he hates when someone proves to him that their way or their knowledge is better than his because in his mind, he knows more. Over the years however, he has become more humble and less reactive to people who prove him wrong, especially Sienna and the Architect because they do present novel ideas that end up being very helpful.
  • Confidence: Raphael’s confidence is one of his trademark strengths that many of his close friends and enemies know him for. A confidence born from his skills as a powerful and intelligent swordsman, Raphael is able to command and inspire his allies and himself with incredible efficiency. His confidence is so great that others that fight alongside him feel that they could win even the most difficult of battles.
  • Persistent: Along with his confidence, Raphael is a very persistent fighter. He rarely gives up a fight unless his body can no longer continue or until he dies. Whenever Raphael puts his mind towards something, he never stops until the mission he has set for himself is complete. Sometimes his persistence however admirable it is can lead to its negative counterpart of stubbornness.
  • Discipline: Despite not having big responsibilities prior to becoming a Grey Warden, Raphael was always a disciplined warrior and student, though as he got older his confidence kinda got in the way of his discipline. As a Warden, Raphael was required to go back to his disciplined roots in order to make sure he and his allies stayed strong enough to defeat the darkspawn and any other threats to not only Ferelden, but Thedas as a whole. His true test of discipline started when he became Warden-Commander of Ferelden and he had to become very disciplined to be seen as a capable leader in the eyes of those he would lead.
  • Stubbornness: As mentioned before, Raphael believes himself to have gotten the best physical and mental training, so he believes with his knowledge and power that he is in the right most of the time. When it comes to fights, Raphael never gives up which is admirable to some but this stubbornness could lead to the injury of others and he detests the concept of “live to fight another day”. His position as Warden Commander has allowed him to become more tactical and understand that some losses aren’t worth his pride.
  • Bluntness: At first glance, Raphael can come off a bit insensitive which comes from his exterior bluntness but in truth, to the people he gets really close with such as his inner circle of friends and family, he cares deeply and wants the best for everyone.
  • Failure: there are two reasons why Raphael is afraid of failure: his wounded pride and the stakes that come with failure. When he was younger fighting in tournaments, he would hate losing because deep down he knew the person who won against him knew that they were better than him, which wounded his pride. As a Warden however, he knows that his failure could lead to many casualties because of his mistakes which were really highlighted during the Blight and Darkspawn Civil War.


  • Despite his hard exterior, Raphael is a big fan of romance and secretly read the romance novels in his grandfather’s library when he was younger.
  • Each time Raphael visits Alistair at the palace, he brings his friend’s favorite wheel of cheese.
  • Whenever he visits Fergus back at Castle Cousland, the two of them go to their favorite tavern in Highever and reminisce on their younger days and the future that awaits them.
  • Raphael also “checks out” a couple of books from his grandfather’s library and sets a goal for himself to finish them all before he returns back to the Castle to check them back in.
  • Although he doesn’t like to mention it, Raphael loves being a mentor and father figure to the younger Warden recruits. He only hopes that the younger Wardens look up to him like how he looked up to his own father and brother.
  • Raphael specializes in the Berserker and Champion specializations, but the Berserker rage was only really effective during the Blight when he had deep hatred and resentment for Rendon Howe.


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