"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."

Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance: [edit | edit source]

Short to average build, with light green eyes and long ashen-blonde hair that falls well below the waist on the rare occasion she wears it loose. She's the woman you wouldn't pick out of a crowd, which is entirely the point. Everything about her is just average across the board. She has a scar behind her right ear that is only visible when her hair is not blocking it.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She has taken on so many roles that she has lost track of who she is underneath it all. Portraying the person she's expected to be has become second nature. Under different circumstances, she might have grown into a quiet and somewhat shy woman, but those were not her circumstances. She has learned to ignore her emotions and focus on the task at hand.

Talents and Skills[edit | edit source]

Class: Mage

Major affinity: Shadow Magic

Secondary Affinity: Fade Magic - Fade Step - Fade Cloak

Non-Combat/Lifeskills:[edit | edit source]

Acting: she has a good ear for languages and accents, able to mimic many of them. With the aid of magic, she is able to subtly change her appearance; eye, hair and skin-colour.

Weaknesses:[edit | edit source]

Trust issues. She's incredibly prone to jealousy and extremely suspicious of anyone she doesn't know.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Originally born in Starkhaven as Raeva Darrow to Tom and Elsie Darrow, Raeva was found to have magical abilities at the age of six, after which she was brought to the Starkhaven Circle. Unter the tutelage of her mentor, Edan Shaw, she showed remarkable talent for shadow magic, alteration and obfuscation. Recognising her potential, Edan started grooming her for recruitment into the Resolutionist Fraternity. Edan, himself a key figure in the Mage underground and covert blood-mage, used his influence over the young and impressionable Raeva to convert her to his political views. Completely taken in by his charismatic personality, she fell hopelessly in love and soon worshipped the ground he walked on. When rumours around his use of blood magic started surfacing at the Circle, Edan fled, taking a freshly harrowed Raeva with him. They eluded capture for many months, but as they had been unable to destroy their phylacteries before fleeing, they were inevitably hunted down by templars. Resisting capture, Edan was killed and Raeva seriously injured and left for dead.

Found by a travelling group of performers, she is taken in by them and slowly nursed back to health. To repay them, she travels with them, doing whatever needs doing and picking up the tricks of the trade as far as acting and disguises go. How to do accents, how to study mannerisms and basically everything that comes with being a believable actor. Life on the road is tough and the group is barely scraping by, so they could be forgiven for supplementing their income with some purse cutting and petty theft, something Raeva's shadow magic is particularly well suited for. There is always the burning desire to finish what Edan started, the memory of his death and their love that was ended so abruptly fuelling a hatred against anyone who would treat mages as prisoners.

Once the mage rebellion starts and the Circles are disbanded, she sets out to join Fiona and the rebels. This is where a plan is hatched to cripple the templar order and strike while chaos made them vulnerable.

Infiltrating the ranks of the mage delegation, Raeva killed the Trevelyan delegate and took her place. Her mission: to kill and disable the Templar leadership or die trying. She was chosen for her appearance as it most closely matched the real Trevelyan, but few knew just how personal this mission was to her. Watching her lover get brutally slaughtered by templars, Raeva was particularly motivated to bring the whole institution down. After the explosion at the Conclave, she undergoes somewhat of a spiritual awakening, also believing that the woman who helped her escape was Andraste. Believing Andraste has given her a second chance at life and atonement, the Inquisition becomes her chance of redeeming herself or giving her life as punishment in doing so.

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The Descent

Jaws of Hakkon


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