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Raelynn isn't a slight woman, standing at a proud 5'8" or so, just a hair taller than many of her female peers and matching up to her siblings. What she boasts in height, however, she lacks in bountiful feminine curves, unlike her late cousin Bethany and her oldest sister, Marianne. Surprisingly, Rae is quite content with her figure, as it makes combat and traveling less of a hassle. While not quite as dark as her Hawke cousins, Raelyn and her siblings have a slight olive-tint to their complexion, a trait specifically passed down from the Amell line.

Taking after her mother in appearance more than many of her other siblings, Raelyn has the same soulful brown eyes, long nose, and heart-shaped face.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Raelynn is a level-headed woman with sharp wits and a subtle cleverness she developed during her time in the Circle. She seems hard-nosed and bookish on the outside but it was a defense-mechanism whilst in the tower in order to avoid trouble. Quite well-read, having consumed much of the Circle literature, Rae can sometimes come off as obnoxious and high-brow, though well-meaning. She very much took on a motherly or older sibling role amongst her peers in the Circle, even with Anders who was a few years older than her.

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Circle of Magi[edit | edit source]

When Raelynn turned 8 years old, she discovered she had magic. It was nothing more than little sparks or a tiny flame here and there. She chased her siblings around the house, teasing them with icy hands or harmless shocks until the Templars came knocking one day after her older brother had been turned in by the neighbors. Tiny Raelynn tried to defend her big brother, but her magic was so underdeveloped it only meant that they were taken in at the same time. While her brother Jonas was taken to Kirkwall's Gallows, she was shuffled off to Kinloch Hold of Ferelden. Despite being homesick, Rae tried to make the best of her life in the Circle and defiantly set out to make as many friends as possible. This lead to her developing a bond with fellow mages, Nell Surana, Alim, Jowan, and of course, Anders. She kept her wits about her and stayed out of trouble as much as possible. Rae passed her harrowing with flying colors and did her best to prepare her friends, Jowan especially, against her better judgment. It was only well after Anders escaped and during Uldred's uprising that she managed to slip out of the tower unnoticed.

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