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Warning: Canon-divergence to be found within. Raelynn's story relies on heavy headcanon use. If this is not something you abide by, please see yourself out.

Raelynn is a level-headed woman with sharp wits and subtle cleverness she developed during her time in the Circle. It was these traits that aided her greatly over the course of her journey to stop the Blight, leading her to becoming the famed "Hero of Ferelden".

Alternatively, in her companion verse she found herself joining Nell (see: Nell Surana) and her group of companions after the events of Broken Circle, more than content to work together in order to stop the Blight from consuming Ferelden and potentially Thedas. It wasn't until after the Blight that she chose to undergo the Joining as a way to remain free from the shackles of the Circle and stay close to her dearest friends, Anders and Nell.

In either verse, Rae who took it upon herself, along with Zevran to go searching for the cure for the taint and to stop the Calling. Whether or not she was successful is uncertain as no one has heard from her since. Or if they have, no one has spoken a word.


Physical Appearance[]

Hardly a slight woman, Rae stands at a proud 5'8" or so, just a hair taller than many of her female peers and matching up to her siblings. What she boasts in height, however, she lacks in bountiful feminine curves, unlike her late cousin Bethany and her oldest sister. Surprisingly, Rae is quite content with her figure, as it makes combat and traveling less of a hassle. While not quite as dark as her Hawke cousins, Raelynn and her siblings have a slight olive-tint to their complexion, a trait specifically passed down from the Amell line.

Taking after her mother in appearance more than many of her other siblings, Raelyn has the same soulful brown eyes, long nose, and heart-shaped face.


Raelynn seems hard-nosed and bookish on the outside but it was a defense-mechanism whilst in the tower in order to avoid trouble. Along with noble lineage, being quite well-read after having consumed much of the Circle literature, Rae can often come off as stuck-up, awkwardly blunt, reserved and prickly to those outside of her closest circle. In truth, she desires strong bonds and regards her fellow mages/apprentices as like family. After what happened with her actual biological family, she chose to dedicate herself to looking after those with no one else and taking them under her wing, leading her to becoming something like the "mom-friend" and the responsible one among her peers.

All-too-often, Raelynn puts responsibility and duty above personal enjoyment and it's difficult for her to truly focus on herself. It takes someone close to remind her, firmly but gently, that it's perfectly acceptable to partake in frivolity and time for herself every so often.

Talents and Skills[]




Raelynn was the youngest child of Revka Amell and her husband, Martin, a young mage from Starkhaven who was smuggled out of the city by his mother and into Kirkwall where she left him with some distant relatives - a prominent noble family - to be raised by them and free of the Circle. Fortunately, Martin wasn't much of a mage, his gifts being so minor were easy to conceal and allowed them to go unnoticed by everyone.

Martin and Revka met at a social affair and became fond of each other quite quickly, eventually leading to their engagement and inevitable marriage. Initially, their lives were comfortable and happy and Revka delivered six healthy children, among them two boys and four girls (one set of male and female twins).

Eventually, Martin met a man by the name of Gascard DuPuis, an Orlesian nobleman who recently came to Kirkwall for a change of scenery. The two became fast friends through attendance of many social gatherings. What they truly bonded over was a shared secret - magic. It was harmless at first as they spent their time just lost in conversation most days. At least until the conversations led to research and light dabbling of blood magic - something Martin that made Martin finally feel capable, like a proper mage as his other talents were so lacking. Light dabbling became more commonplace and finally regular practice performed in the cellars of his family’s home. Martin became obsessed and almost laser-focused on nurturing these new gifts that he became reclusive, only barely spending any time with his wife and children. It was only when Martin started including his children in his work and his experiments that Revka became suspicious that something was seriously wrong. The children were too young to know any better and had only known it to be their father’s “games” and his way of “playing” with them.

Revka was horrified when she finally found out what was happening and tried to discreetly alert the Templars so as not to raise any concern. It was when the Templars showed up in order to investigate and ultimately detain Martin that the oldest boy, Jonas, accidentally revealed his own magical gifts while trying to protect his father - utterly convinced he had done nothing wrong. By now, Martin had become enraged and attempted to fend off the Templars in his panic, causing more of a commotion.

Raelynn, disturbed by the disruption, entered the scene just as her father had slain one of the Templars, using her brother to do so by way of blood magic. Scared but determined to protect her brother even at such a young age she rushed to his defense, revealing that she too had budding magical talent.

In the chaos, Martin managed to escape and fled the home with the other children in tow, leaving Jonas and Raelynn with the remaining Templars who had no choice but to take the two siblings away, leaving Revka a broken woman...

As it was not deemed appropriate for siblings to be brought to the same circle, her brother Jonas was delivered to Kirkwall's Gallows, while Raelynn found herself brought to Kinloch Hold of Ferelden. Despite being homesick, Rae tried to make the best of her life in the Circle and defiantly set out to make as many friends as possible. This lead to her developing a bond with fellow mages, Nell Surana, Alim, Jowan, and of course, Anders. She kept her wits about her and wound up taking on a motherly or older sister type of role to her fellow apprentices and even some of the older mages. She felt quite protective of them after what happened within the walls of her childhood home and they effectively became like family to her. Raelynn passed her harrowing with flying colors and did her best to prepare her friends however she could.

The strong bonds and desire to protect her Kinloch family was eventually going to land her in hot water one day and this almost became reality when she agreed to help Jowan and Lily even against her better judgment. Though she had tried to dissuade him initially from his plans, she realized quickly that he was going to do it with or without her help and that by actively getting involved, the chances of him getting hurt or doing something foolish would hopefully be lessened.

Boy was she ever wrong.

When Jowan revealed himself as a blood mage in front of Irving, Greagoir and everyone else in order to avoid being apprehended, Raelynn felt sick. After what happened with her father and her siblings, how could she possibly forgive one of her dearest friends for lying to her face and endangering not only himself, but Lily and her. Duncan, moved by her show of loyalty to help a friend even despite the outcome, chose to save Raelynn from whatever fate awaited her from aiding Jowan and revealed that he had been intending to recruit her into the Order all along. Not knowing what else to do and feeling a little bit lost, Raelynn accepted and left the tower with Duncan, expecting to never return...



  • Drove away the overcharging merchant
  • Calmed the the doomsayer
  • Recruited Leliana
  • Recruited Sten - Alistair broke the lock on the cage


  • Promised Owen she would rescue his daughter - convinced him to work
  • Aided Redcliffe in the battle against the undead
  • Found and rescued Bevin - he handed over the sword but Rae gave it back afterward.
  • Sprung Jowan from the dungeon, did his ritual and then "conscripted" him to save him from Eamon.
  • Mages were recruited to save Connor.
  • Found Alistair's mother's amulet
  • Freed Owen's daughter and sent her home

Broken Circle[]

  • Refused to annul the circle.
  • Recruited Wynne
  • Found black grimoire (gave it to Morrigan)
  • Braved the fade - got the Litany of Adralla from Niall - saved First Enchanter Irving
  • Refused Cullen's request to kill everyone
  • Mages saved Connor / allied for the Blight

Nature of the Beast[]

  • Helped Cammen & Ghenya come together
  • Brought the injured hunter Deygan back to camp.
  • Returned wife's things to Arthas, told him the truth
  • Successfully bartered with a crazy old hermit for the Great Oak's acorn
  • Convinced Zathrian to lift the curse - established peace between the Elves and Werewolves.
  • Elves recruited for the Blight

Haven & Urn of Sacred Ashes[]

  • Confronted Weylon in Denerim - killed the imposter
  • Found Genitivi's notes
  • Discovered Haven
  • Confronted Father Eirik in the Chantry - killed him in defense
  • Saved Genitivi and traveled with him to the Ruined Temple
  • Scared off Kolgrim
  • Did not disturb the High Dragon
  • Considered defiling the Sacred Ashes out of spite but ultimately didn't

Paragon of Her Kind[]

The last of the treaties happened to be for the Dwarves and so the party ventured to Orzammar where they found yet more unrest and in the midst of their own succession crisis.

  • Met and recruited Oghren
  • Convinced Zerlinda to raise her son on the surface
  • Found the stolen tome for the Shaperate
  • Found evidence linking Orta to a noble house - got her into the assembly
  • Infiltrated the Carta's base - killed Jarvia
  • Mercy killed Ruck in the Deep Roads
  • Fought against Branka - sided with Caridin and destroyed the Anvil of the Void
  • Bhelen was crowned King in Orzammar

Denerim > Landsmeet[]

  • Ignored Ser Landry
  • Handled the Crimson Oars and rowdy customers in the Pearl
  • Visited Goldanna - did NOT harden Alistair
  • Encountered Taliesin with Zevran and he remained at Raelynn's side after the battle.
  • Assisted the Alienage and befriended the other city elves
  • Zevran rescued Raelynn and Alistair from Fort Drakon
  • Freed Bann Sighard's son Oswyn
  • Took Irminric's ring back to Alfstanna
  • Killed Rendon Howe
  • Killed Vaughn Kendalls. She has no desire to let men like him live.
  • Supported Anora as Queen. Alistair remains a Warden.

The Stone Prisoner[]

  • Shale was awoken and recruited
  • Saved Amalia from Kitty, neither she nor Matthias were possessed.

Warden's Keep[]

  • Killed the shade of Sophia Dryden
  • Spared Avernus - urged him to experiment ethically.





Jonas Amell - Her oldest brother and her oldest, closest friend besides Nell, of course. When she was young, before either of them went to the Circle, she followed him around everywhere. She was his "little shadow" and they played together frequently. He did his best to look after her and encourage her and she brought him no small amount of joy. After not seeing one another for several years, it happened that she set foot in Kirkwall during the Qunari uprising (apart from Stroud and his Warden troupe) and wound up reuniting with her brother by pure chance. They fled the city together just as things got heated in an attempt to find the rest of their siblings.

Wyatt Hawke - Her cousin on her mother's side and Champion of Kirkwall. The two never even knew of each other's existence until meeting in Kirkwall during the Qunari uprising when she reunited with her brother Jonas. While they don't exactly have a close relationship, it was nice to know she has more family out there and they do keep in touch via letters.

Jowan - Though she was furious with him at first and even felt horrified and betrayed, she eventually overcame these feelings and arrived at the realization that he wasn't remotely similar to her father. He had been scared and desperate and simply looking for a way to escape the terrible fate (Tranquility) that inevitably awaited him. Jowan was her friend, her family - the only family she had left almost assuredly - so she couldn't stay angry. After a difficult conversation when unexpectedly reuniting in Redcliffe, she was able to forgive him and once again pledged to help him. She encouraged him to aid in the ritual to help release young Connor of his demon and was able to convince Arl Eamon to let her take responsibility for Jowan. Eventually, once they left Redcliffe, she gave Jowan the choice to either stay with her and her companions, or go his own way.

Anders - More of her Kinloch "family". He was a few years older than her and always getting into trouble until he settled in with Karl, but Rae regarded him as a brother figure and did what she could to look out for him just as she did with her fellow apprentices leading up to her harrowing. When Anders was thrown into solitary after an escape attempt following Karl's transfer, she was furious and tried to petition the First Enchanter on his behalf, insisting that they show leniency. Later, when he escaped "for good" she was sad to see him leave but hopeful that he might have made it to Kirkwall to find Karl. When she met up with him again in Amaranthine, during the invasion upon Vigil's Keep, she had been surprised but relieved to know he was okay. Raelynn did not hesitate to lay claim to him on behalf of the Order in order to protect him from the Templars and the Circle. Having him with her in the Wardens was, at times, a handful but at least with the Wardens she could properly look out for him even if she recognized that he was still unhappy.

Karl Thekla - Like Anders, Karl was always a few years older than she was - on his way to Junior Enchanter by the time she started nearing the age when most apprentices were harrowed. He was always so kind and warm and an excellent tutor when she needed a little help with her studies. Karl often reminded her of her brother Jonas - someone she had always been close to - and it broke her heart when he was transferred to Kirkwall.

Nell Surana - The little sister she never got to have, Nell was one of the other apprentices that Raelynn took under her wing and carefully looked after. Nell was often one to follow trouble and troublemakers (like Anders) but Rae often went out of her way to keep the young elf from getting into hot water and messes that would result in harsh punishments. Raelynn recruits Nell into her group during Broken Circle but does not induct her into the Wardens until after the Blight. Likewise, in the verse where Nell is the HoF, Raelynn joins her party during Broken Circle.


Zevran - These two could not be more different and yet somehow they just work. Sure, Zevran is handsome and charming and knows how to woo just about anyone but he met his match with Raelynn. Being something of a no-nonsense person, she wasn't so quick to bend to his whimsy and fall all over him. However, she did appreciate his presence, his commitment to her chosen duty (stopping the Blight) and respected his skills. Even if she had to scold him from time to time for being too reckless. At first, she tried to discourage his flirtations and he persisted despite himself, but eventually she came to care for him beyond just an ally against the Blight. While she knew what she wanted, it was a little tricky to navigate considering their circumstances and respective baggage. They compliment each other well, where Zevran is passionate and unpredictable, Raelynn is practical and grounding and of course there is no shortage of romance in their relationship. Rae is confident of Zevran's feelings even when he has business elsewhere and she is deep in Warden duties.



Alistair - One of her very best friends still to this day. She tried not to "mother" him too much as Wynne was already well on top of that, so she did her best to be more like family, a sister - a real sister. They got along wonderfully, even after her promotion to Warden-Commander.

Morrigan - Beautiful, fascinating, like-minded and a skilled witch - was she not supposed to admire Morrigan? Raelynn never pursued anything romantically with her, but there were some moments she wondered if they might ever become something more. In the end, Rae found a friend - a kindred spirit even - in Morrigan. It was easy to understand the woman's prickly, guarded nature considering her isolated upbringing and it was something they bonded over though living in the Wilds was certainly nothing like living in the Circle. Still, they were able to meet in the middle and find common ground.

Leliana - The former lay sister was beautiful, if a little odd at times and a wonderful friend. Her kindness was unparalleled, as was her beautiful devotion to her own faith. Despite once being associated with the Chantry, the bard's personal views on the Andrastian faith was comforting and heartwarming, not at all like what she had been raised to know and different yet to Wynne, even. Leliana helped open her eyes to the idea that faith can be good and shaped by one's own beliefs, that she didn't have to tie herself to what everyone else preached at her. The woman's company was good, her demeanor pleasant and her companionship rewarding. It was hard to say goodbye in the end.

Wynne - Raelynn already knew the Senior Enchanter from her time in Kinloch Hold, so they had a pre-established relationship. It wasn't that she did not get along with Wynne, on the contrary she had something of a motherly/daughter relationship that wasn't always entirely harmonious (WIP)

Oghren - TBD

Sten - TBD

Shale - TBD


Velanna - TBD

Nathaniel - TBD

Justice - TBD

Sigrun - TBD



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