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"Forget the mark, forget the figure standing over you as you fell from the Fade.  The people needed a sign that in this harsh and unforgiving world there existed some reason to hope.  And they found that in you."

Herald of Andraste. Pariah of House Trevelyan. As the youngest child of Bann Trevelyan, Quinn was never destined for greatness. Fate, however, had other plans for him... for better or for worse.


Physical Appearance[]

Quinn is tall, blond, handsome, and knows it. He is deceptively strong, having developed a strong back, shoulders, and arms over a lifetime of dedication to the art of archery. He is quick and light on his feet, and deadly accurate with a bow.

He is meticulous about his appearance, keeping a carefully cultivated close-cropped beard and cavalier moustache to balance out the strong jaw and sharp nose he inherited from his father. Born with bright blue eyes, the Anchor causes them to slowly shift towards green as it grows in strength. While its removal causes his eyes to gradually return back to their natural pigmentation, the damage caused by the spreading mark leaves him partly blind in one eye and impacting his depth perception.


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Talents and Skills[]

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Childhood and Upbringing[]

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The Inquisition[]

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The Exalted Council of 9:44 Dragon[]

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Qunari Invasion of Southern Thedas[]

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