Philippa "Phil" Theirin (née Cousland), also known as The Hero of Ferelden, was the second child of Bryce Cousland, Teryn of Highever and his wife, Lady Eleanor Cousland. A passionate and idealistic young woman, her life was forever changed when Arl Rendon Howe betrayed and murdered her family. At the urging of her father, she willingly joined the Grey Wardens, and later went on to become the Queen of Ferelden alongside her fellow Warden, King Alistair Theirin.

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Philippa has dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Much to her eternal annoyance, she takes after her father more in looks. Her short brown hair is neatly tied back, and despite a lifelong desire to actually grow it out, she's never quite succeeded.

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Headstrong and stubborn, never let it be said that Phil isn’t persistent in her goals. If she is given a task, she will see it through to the end, and to the best of her abilities. She is also very personable and friendly. Her easy charm serves her well when she takes the time to actually think her decisions through.

However, she lets her emotions rule over her, even when cold hard facts might tell a different tale. This is particularly obvious during the lead-up to the Landsmeet, where politically she knows that Alistair and Anora should marry, but she can’t bring herself to follow through with the arrangement. At the actual Landsmeet, this also comes into play where she initially has every intention of having Alistair rule by himself, she decides she can’t let the man she loves face the burden alone, and convinces the nobles to allow her to rule by his side as queen.

In addition, she often dwells on the past, holding every “mistake” particularly close to her heart. She constantly second-guesses herself about Orzammar and her actions during the Landsmeet (to say nothing Morrigan’s ritual and… everything that she does in Awakening pretty much).

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She's good at making bad decisions.


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Her life was awesome until Howe ruined everything.

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It went really well, and then there were some REALLY BAD DECISIONS MADE.

Probably Philippa’s biggest turning point was the succession crisis in Orzammar. Perhaps rather naively (given what happened to her family, perhaps she should have been more careful to begin with), she played right into Bhelen’s hand. It was only after he was crowned did she realize that Harrowmont was (in her eyes) the better man and the “better” contender for the throne. This, combined with Howe’s betrayal, definitely makes her less trusting, and really comes into play with the Landsmeet and Anora.

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The worst decisions were made in Awakening. Mistakes were made. She also had some rough times with Alistair.

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The Bae.

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The "Gal Pal".

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The Elphaba to her Glinda.

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The substitute mom.

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The bff.

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The serious uncle.

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The drunk uncle.

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The weird giant statue.

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The regret.

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The Lancelot to her Guinevere.

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The one nice dwarf.

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The angry elf who gets with Nathaniel.

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The other regret and Knight in Shining Corpse Armor.

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