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"Sera, I swear to Andraste, if you rhyme my full name with Antelope one more time, you're going to regret you were ever born."

--The Inquisitor


Physical Appearance

Pen might have been called "statuesque" if she'd been a proper Trevelyan girl with a dowry instead of a mage, but mostly she gets called "lanky." She has a few more scars these days than when she first fell out of the Fade, and her nose will never be quite straight again after her first dragon broke it with one whip of its tail. (Dorian healed it, kind of, but she wasn't willing to have it re-broken when they got back to Skyhold so it could be done properly.)


Stubborn, humorous, curious, practical. Tries to be a little too much of a people-pleaser; this skill stood her in good stead dancing with Florianne at Halamshiral, though, so she's stopped beating herself up for it.

Talents and Skills

Whacking stuff to kingdom come with her spirit blade; keeping houseplants alive; horseback riding; getting distracted by shiny things.



Pen's magic manifested when she was seven and she fell out of a tree; for an impromptu barrier, it really wasn't that bad. Her parents were less than impressed; they'd been hoping for a daughter who could make a splash in the Chantry or an advantageous political marriage. But off to the Circle she duly went, and she duly wrote letters home on a regular basis, and time marched on.

There were worse places to grow up than the Ostwick Circle, particularly with a name like Trevelyan to shield her from unpleasantness. There was plenty to keep her busy, both physically and mentally; she threw herself into the chore rotations with gusto, trying to tire her body out with mopping and dishes and weeding the garden since her long rambles and rides in the country were denied her. She did well enough in her studies, never first in the class but never in danger of failure.

Ultimately, it was safer not to be noticed, for good or ill. She'd seen what could happen. Ostwick's Templars were models of good behavior compared to those at Kirkwall or Starkhaven, she heard, but still...Her dear friend Maia, an elf who'd come to the Circle a little later than she had, was beautiful and talented and brilliant. Maia became pregnant at sixteen by a Templar, the kind of person the girls whispered about--"don't be alone with him..." Beautiful, talented, brilliant Maia changed after she had that baby and they took him away to be raised in a Chantry orphanage. She eventually transferred to another Circle because the sight of the familiar walls and the familiar smirking face of that one Templar was so unbearable. Pen never heard from her again until they met at Redcliffe, eleven years later.

Pen wanted to believe Templars are good people just trying to do their job, because her favorite big brother is a Templar, but damn, they are making it hard.


  • She's at least culturally Andrastian, but steadfastly resisted the Herald title; it felt like squick to claim it.
  • Pen recruited the mages as allies at Redcliffe. She'd wanted to anyway, and then she caught a glimpse of Maia at the Gull & Lantern, and knew she had to.
  • When Hawke and the remnants of his merry band of misfits showed up at Skyhold, Pen was shocked to find Sebastian Vael with them. The Prince of Starkhaven--since he'd apparently made up his mind at last--had heard of her and decided that there could be no better bride for an ex-Chantry brother than the Herald of Andraste herself, particularly since the Herald was from such an unexceptionable Marcher noble family. Pen actually thought about going for it at some point (you could do worse than a real actual prince with a set of piercing blue eyes and a sexy accent) but that was what made her realize she'd come to see Cullen as far more than just an advisor.
  • Stroud stayed in the Fade. Pen was counting on Blackwall (oops) to rebuild the Wardens. That factored into her decision to make him a Warden for real.
  • She liked the idea of making Gaspard Emperor under Briala's thumb, but wasn't willing to have Celene assassinated for that to happen, so she reconciled Celene and Briala, letting Gaspard live.
  • Morrigan drank from the Well of Sorrows. Cole (more spirit than human at this point) warned Pen off of it, and she appreciated his perspective.
  • Pen disbanded the Inquisition at the Exalted Council.


Okay I know Solas is out there, but I kind of want Penly and Cully just to have a bunch of dogs and live happily ever after.








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