Paida Lavellan. Dalish Hunter. Inquisition. Certainly not the Herald of Andraste.

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Physical Appearance Edit

She’s a Dalish elf with a glowing hand, what more do you need for a description?

Very well. She’s the shorter end of average for a female elf, but not as weedy as the urban stock at home. Athletic, probably from climbing all over the damned mountains here in the south. She has very pale blonde curls she’s recently cropped to just her jaw length – the sort Anna Dio would shave from her slaves’ heads for a wig. Her face is square and covered in freckles, though you’d be damned to notice on a full half her face, given she’s inked it in with those tattoos of theirs. Her eyes are pale green – if you’re inclined to poetry you can take your pick of sage or olives or Maker damned pistachios maybe.

She favours her people’s leathers, green tinted and, admittedly, well formed. She uses daggers but usually has a quiver and a bow with her. If all else fails, look to her left hand. If it’s glowing, there’s your elf. If it’s covered and the other is not – also a good indication.

-- a note sent by Anicet de Montrigaud, Venetori spy, to his employers in Redcliffe.

Personality Edit

Steady. Thoughtful. Calm. Private. Those are how those who view her more charitably would say.

Secretive. Navel gazing. Boring. Is how people who view her in a less favourable light might chose to describe her.

Either way, some things anyone can agree on. Paida Lavellan is not a rash person, nor is she someone you would consider loose lipped. Curious, but respectful, Paida’s open minded approach to life has long been a defining facet of her. It makes her relatively easy to get along with, as does her very stoic temperament. It’s the rare person who has ever seen Paida angry, and rarer still the person who has seen her yell at someone.

Less rare, are her displays of seeming thoughtfulness – though she would argue that point. It’s not that she did the stupid and or dangerous thing because she wasn't thinking, but because actually she did and completely failed to think of a better option. Likewise, Paida’s not one to share without prompting, and this can quickly turn into seeming withdrawn and secretive.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Paida is first and foremost a Dalish Hunter – which means she’s an excellent woodsman. Scavenging, tracking and moving among the forest feel less like skills and more like breathing to her. She’s a fairly good shot with a bow – it helps with the hunting, but she shines with her daggers.

Outside the physical, she’s a surprisingly capable intellectual. She’ll happily let people discuss magical theory with her despite not being a mage, and despite her quiet nature, she has a charisma that make people want to talk to her. When all else fails, she’s an incredibly good mimic, which allows her to borrow accents, reducing the otherness inherent with being a Dalish out in the world.


History Edit

Baby in the woods cliche but now with 100% more Templars.

Got married, had some babies, lost a husband to influenza.

Saved some slaves, had another baby, marriage-blocked by The Cause.

In-game Edit

Cleared out the remnants of mages and the templars; allied with the mages; killed bullied the Orlesians into a three-way alliance; took all three Keeps and did not side with Imshael (demons agreements: not even once she says); did not exile the Wardens; allied with the Sentinals at the Temple of Mythal and drank from the Well of Sorrows.

Post-game Edit

Spent two years closing rifts and being with her sons until Solas, world’s most inconvenient ex, popped back up. Did not take the swearing option even tho her player really wanted to; ferreted out Solas secret; resolved to try and save Solas; disbanded the Inquisition.

Relationships Edit

some Key OCs You Don't Know

Revas - best friend, escaped Tevinter slave, Keeper, abolitionist

Annan - fridged husband

Lucaean - escaped Tevinter slave, abolitionist, accidental Solas-parallel

Friends with everyone but Sera, because she figured Sera wasn’t comfortable with her and let her be.

Romanced Solas, got dumped for The Cause.

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