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Olivia Trevelyan is the youngest of four children of Bann Alfred and Lady Odiane Trevelyan of Ostwick and the only mage in three generations of the family. In 9:41 Dragon she accompanied the First Enchanter of the Ostwick Circle to the Divine Conclave, where after interrupting a plot to kill the Divine she was named the Herald of Andraste and later became the leader of Inquisition.


Physical Appearance

Olivia was aptly named for her olive skin, so rare among the Trevelyans, yet present in their bloodline thanks to a Rivaini great grandmother.


Her family made sure that Olivia has been taught that personal wants and needs must come second to the advancement of the Trevelyan clan. As a kind and gentle spirit, her timid attempts at rebellion were immediately squashed. Throughout most of her life others have made choices for her with some grand plan in mind. Olivia's time as the Inquisitor helped her find her own voice and empowered her to stand on her own and make her own choices. She is therefore intensely sympathetic to anyone who is forcefully bent to someone else's will.

Talents and Skills

While she is certainly adept at killing things when pressed, Olivia prefers to resolve conflicts peacefully often winning people's hearts with her sincerity.

Olivia's greatest passion always lay in Herbalism and Potions. As an enchanter she was assigned to the Circle's herb garden and she made sure that the garden in Skyhold was unrivaled in it's collection of plants and herbs.

Olivia is very well versed in Theodosian and Chantry history and can recite many verses of The Chant of Light at a moment's notice.



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