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Here's what Your OC looks like, pal.

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Here's what Your OC is like, dude.

Talents and SkillsEdit

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History Edit

Olenka was the middle child of King Endrin Aeducan.

In-game Edit

-Olenka's younger brother Bhelen murdered their elder brother Trian, framing her for the murder. She was saved in the Deep Roads by Duncan and became a Grey Warden.

-Olenka killed Connor Guerrin.

-Olenka vowed her revenge on Bhelen and upon her return to Orzammar, pretended to be on his side until she got the crown forged by Caridin. She named Harrowmont as the successor to Endrin's crown and then killed Bhelen.

-Olenka died at the Battle of Denerim when she killed the archdemon.

Post-game Edit

Olenka's record was added again to the Shaperate, she was named a Paragon and returned to the Stone alongside her father King Endrin Aeducan.

Relationships Edit

Olenka and Leliana fell in love.

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What else happened, or what else can you tell us about Your OC, bruh? Think of things like likes, dislikes, fears, strengths and weaknesses, etc. This is as close as you'll get to being able to word-vomit about your OC while keeping the article organized and will probably be the longest section. Feel free to add sub-headings as necessary with sub-heading 2:

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