Okanaas Adaar is an Inquisitor of sorts...but would prefer you just call him Oki. Honestly, I've only just gotten out of the prologue for him, but I love him very much and want people to see his face.

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Physical Appearance Edit

Although Oki is large compared to humans, he's considered something of a runt among Qunari. His horns usually make up the difference in height.

His skin is pinkish-gray, and he's almost always freckled. Oki keeps his hair in a mohawk and ties it back in a ponytail, because he can. A scar cuts his chin in two, and another runs from ear to lip along his jaw; this is from several archery incidents gone wrong.

Personality Edit

Oki is just confused most of the time. He is sweet, kind, and worried almost constantly, but has a tendency to be horribly oblivious. Entendres go right over his head.

But Oki is a good sport. He laughs even if he doesn't fully understand jokes, and he is loyal to a fault; there is nothing he won't do for his friends. He's a genuine joy to be around, and is often compared to a puppy.

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