"And do you often enjoy the company of other women?"

-Ohlena, on the subject of Leliana.

Ohlena Amell is one of the legendary Heroes of Ferelden, veteran of the Fifth Blight, Warden Commander of the Grey Wardens and-if you were to ask her-one of the most skilled mages the Wardens have to offer.

She also occupies the unique place as the wife of Divine Victoria.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ohlena stands at 5'3, making her slightly shorter than the average woman of her age. Her dark brown hair compliments her olive toned skin. The right side of her face is marked by scars from a previous misadventure.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Something lives within Ohlena that will not allow her to sit still. Whether it be an over egarness with dangerous magic, a drive to rid the world of Darkspawn, or her love for a certain Chantry sister, it's almost impossible for her to let go once she's sunk her teeth into something.

She is never afraid to speak her mind, preferring to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. This is even more exacerbated when in the company those she considers friends. In her mind, if they already like her, why should she be worried about what they think?

Talents and Skills[edit | edit source]

Ohlena has a great interest in the study of medicine. Her extensive study of the physical forms of the various races of Thedas have given her quite a deft hand at sewing, stitching, and sealing most any wound.

Biography[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Ohlena was born in 9:09 Dragon to Revka Amell and an unnamed husband. Following the disappearance of her mother, her father attempted to escape the Templars with her and her three siblings. She does not recall much of this period of her life, as she was apprehended and taken to the Fereldan Circle at the age of 6.

Her time at the Circle was mostly uneventful. She preformed as most other young mages did, though she was far more inclined to attempt more advanced magic than her peers. At the age of 16, Ohlena elected to preform a much more potent chain lightning spell than she was instructed to. The spell succeeded, though the effect was far more than she bargained for. This resulted in the distinctive scaring along the right side of her face, giving her a permanent reminder of the dangers of extending yourself beyond your abilities.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

It was decided that Ohlena was ready to undertake the Harrowing. This would decide whether she would complete her apprenticeship or become an abomination.

To complete this task, Ohlena entered the Fade with the assistance of lyrium. Whilst within the Fade, she encountered many spirits. Including those of Valor, Sloth, and Rage. Her final test was to defeat a Pride demon who had disguised itself as a helpful mouse.

Once her Harrowing had been completed, Ohlena was informed that First Enchanter Irving desired to speak with her. While on this journey, she encountered a young Templar-who was clearly infatuated by the young mage-by the name of Cullen.

Once she had been formally inducted to The Circle by First Enchanter Irving, she was introduced to a Grey Warden by the name of Duncan. This marked her first introduction to the order. Duncan informed her of the orders need of mages to aid in the battle against the impending Darkspawn threat. It was here that Ohlena knew what her path in life was to be.

The Grey Wardens [edit | edit source]

Under the supervision of Alistar, Ohlena and a group of new recruits ventured into the Korcari WIlds to gather vials of Darkspawn blood in order to complete her Joining. Upon the completion of the joining, Ohlena joined the forces of King Cailan and Loghain Mac Tir to battle the Darkspawn in the valley of Ostagar whilst Alistair and another young Warden lit the beacon atop the he Tower of Ishal.

However, upon seeing the signal Loghain quit the field with his army and left Cailan, Duncan, and the rest of the Wardens to die on the battlefield. Ohlena and her companions were overrun by Darkspawn, were it not for a crafty barrier spell she and a handful of other Wardens would be dead.

Meeting Morrigan [edit | edit source]

Ohlena awoke within the hut of a Witch who identified herself simply as Flemeth. It was here he learned that her, Alistar Theirin, Nadjia Dechant, Leon Cousland, and Varian Mahariel were the only Wardens to survive the battle. Better yet, Loghain had betrayed them and made the case to Ferelden's nobility that the Wardens were to blame for the loss of the battle, outlawing the Order and placing a bounty on the survivors' heads.

The Witch of The Wilds: Flemeth, urged the Wardens to continue their battle to prevent the Blight. Offering up her daughter: Morrigan to join them on their quest.

The Arl of Redcliffe [edit | edit source]

En route to obtain the aid of Arl Eamon Guerrin, the party was urged by Bann Teagan to defend the village from the nightly attacks by the undead. The Wardens defeated the undead and reached Redcliffe Castle through an underground passage shown to them by Teagan. A prisoner within the castle dungeons: Jowan entreated the Wardens to save his pupil, the dying Arl's son: Connor. It was Connor's attempts to save his father that brought the undead and resulted in his possession.

Once the Wardens had defeated legions of the undead and the possessed Connor it was elected that Ohlena would travel to the Circle of Magi to seek their aid in performing a spell that would allow a mage to travel into the Fade and rid the boy of his demon.

Haven [edit | edit source]

Seeking to cure the dying Arl, Ohlena and the Wardens sought out the Urn of Andraste which was rumoured to hold powerful healing properties. Their quest brought them to the remote village of Haven. After defeating the crazed Revered Father Erik, the Wardens were pointed in the direction of a ruined temple situated within the Frostbacks.

While making the trek through the Frostbacks, the party encountered an exiled Avvar woman named Sigrid whom Varian persuaded to reluctantly guide them through the frigid mountain range.

After many challenges and trials, the Wardens acquired the ashes of Andraste and returned them to Arl Eamon. To thank Ohlena and the Wardens for their assistance, Eamon proposed a Landsmeet with the intention of placing Alistar-the bastard son of the King of Ferelden-upon the throne.

The Circle Edit[edit | edit source]

Next, the party traveled to Kinloch Hold. wherein they discovered the hold to be besieged by a group of abominations and Templars. Having offered to end the demon threat, the Wardens entered the Circle Tower with the intent to procure the Circle's help in their quest to stop the Blight. After protecting a group of mages who had survived assault of both demons and abominations, a mage: Wynne, elected to join the party.

During his time at the Circle, Ohlena and her friends entered the Fade itself, battled the corrupt Senior Enchanter Uldred, and recruited a group of mages to join their battle against the Darkspawn horde.

Brecelian Forest [edit | edit source]

While venturing into the Brecilian Forest, the party found a Dalish clan who had been plagued by constant attacks by prowling werewolves. In an effort to aid his fellow Dalish, The party leader: Varian elected to put an end to the werewolf threat by venturing into the forest and slaying the wolf spirit within.

However, having followed a group of retreating werewolves to their leader: The Lady of The Forest, the party discovered the werewolves were the victims of a curse cast by the Keeper of the Dalish camp they sought to attack. It was decided that the depute must be mediated, and Keeper Zathrian was convinced to break his curse and allowing the werewolves to depart.

Orzammar [edit | edit source]

After an unsuccessful attempt to recruit the Dwarven armies of Orzammar to their battle against the Blight, Ohlena and the Wardens were informed they must help choose a new king. Having made the choice to support Lord Pyral Harrowmont, the party was sent to put an end to a criminal Carta in Dust Town before venturing into the Deep Roads to rescue Paragon Branka and her Anvil of The Void.

With the help of Branka's estranged husband and fellow Paragon: Oghren, the Wardens rescued Branka and her Anvil within the Dead Trenches. However, upon discovering the disturbing truth of exactly how the Anvil created its Golems, Ohlena and company decided that the cost was too high and destroyed the weapon.

The Landsmeet [edit | edit source]

The party arrived at the Capital City of Denerim to answer the Landsmeet which will decide the future of Ferelden. Once Nadjia and Alistar had rescued Loghain's daughter: the Queen of Fereldan from her imprisonment, the Wardens arrived at Arl Eamon's estate to begin the Landsmeet.

Here, the Wardens and Loghain's argued to the Fereldan nobility why each of their causes was just. Loghain attempted to convince the court that the Wardens were to blame for the loss against the Darkspawn and the death of King Cailan.

However, with the court unable to reach a decision, it was that the result must be resolved through a trial by combat. Alistair offered himself to fight against the man who murdered his half-brother. Ultimately, the matter was resolved through Loghain's death. With Alistair having become King of Ferelden, another surviving Grey Warden from Orlais: Riordan, revealed to the new Wardens exactly why it must be a Grey Warden to slay the Archdemon which commands the Darkspawn hordes.

In the First Blight, it was learned that a Warden-as they are touched by the Darkspawn Taint-is the only creature which can kill an Archdemon. The soul of the Old God which the Taint had corrupted would travel into the body of the nearest tainted creature. It was then that Ohlena and her fellow Wardens learned that in order to stop the Fifth Blight, one of them must die.

The Battle of Denerim [edit | edit source]

Having learned that the Archdemon's hordes were sacking the city of Denerim, the Warden's armies made an about face and marched back to the city they had just left unprotected. To prepare for the battle against the Darkspawn, the travelling army made camp at Redcliffe.

After battling through a city filled with Darkspawn, the Wardens and their companions were able to summon the Archdemon to the tower of Fort Drakon. Ultimately it was Varian who struck the final blow against the corrupted Old God in a desperate attempt to save his friends. Much to Ohlena's surprise the Archdemon fell as she-and her fellow Wardens-stood triumphant and alive.

Post-game[edit | edit source]

Awakening[edit | edit source]

Following the end of the Fifth Blight, the Wardens were in dire need of a new Commander. Much to her surprise, none of her fellow Warden companions wanted the role, electing instead that she was more suited to the position of leader.

So began the long and arduous task of rebuilding the Grey Wardens, now operating out of Vigil's Keep. It was less than six months into Warden-Commander Amell's tenure that she became aware of a sobering fact: the Blight may have ended, but the Darkspawn had not returned to their homes within the Deep Roads. To compound the issue, there were now two factions of Darkspawn embroiled in a civil war between the monstrous Mother and the mysterious Architect.

At the conclusion of the conflict, Ohlena chose to spare the Architect. However vain the hope may be, she held the same ridiculous notion the Architect presented. Perhaps there may be a way to prevent a future Blight without senseless loss of life: peace.

A Cure for the Calling.[edit | edit source]

Many years after the Blight that had made her famous, Ohlena was forced to confront a reality that had lingered in the back of her mind ever since her Joining. She knew, one day, she would hear the Calling: the song of impending death for a Grey Warden. After much debate with her beloved Leliana, the pair decided it was best that she attempt to discover a cure for the Calling so that they might live a long and happy life together upon her return.

Together, Warden-Commander Ohlena Amell, Queen of Ferelden: Nadjia Dechant, Leon Cousland, and Varian Mahariel traveled to the West, to lands that had never known a Blight. It is unclear if they succeeded in their goal, but it is known that they returned to Ferelden some time after the rise of the Inquisition and the defeat of Corypheus.

What is known, however, is that upon her return, she learned the most shocking information of all. Leliana-the same woman with whom she was so shamelessly and publicly infatuated and in love with-had been named the next Divine.

The Warden-Commander and Divine Victoria would share many public outings upon her return. With the brazen Warden even publicly proposing many suggestive and flattering alterations to the traditional Chantry garments. The two would eventually publicly confirm the relationship after Divine Victoria declared that romantic relationships were to be encouraged among the clergy.

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