"Have you seen the Inquisition? [...] We're all fools here."
Nollaig Arasulahn Lavellan is a Dalish elf, the First of Clan Lavellan, the Herald of Andraste, and the Second Inquisition's Inquisitor.

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History Edit

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In-game Edit

In order:

  • Did not believe she was chosen by Andraste
  • Helped the refugees in the Hintherlands
  • Recruited Sera and Vivienne after Val Royeaux visit
  • Recruited Blackwall and Iron Bull before visiting Redcliffe
  • Visited Redcliffe before In Hushed Whispers/Champions of the Just
  • Sided with mages; bought Cassandra and Varric to Redcliffe Castle
  • Conscripted the mages instead of allying with them
  • Saved all of Haven's townspeople in In Your Heart Shall Burn
  • Changed perception of Andraste after In Your Heart Shall Burn
  • Declared to stop Corypheus
  • Alistair was Grey Warden contact
  • Left Alistair in the Fade in Here Lies the Abyss
  • Rebuilt Grey Wardens after Here Lies the Abyss

Post-game Edit

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