Nesta Isibéal Mairead Caitriona Rowan "Ness" Cousland (born 9:15 Dragon) is a Fereldan noblewoman and Grey Warden, the youngest daughter of Bryce Cousland, Teyrn of Highever, and his wife, Teyrna Eleanor Cousland (nee Mac Eanraig). Nesta's older brothers were Jaime Cousland and Fergus Cousland. As willful as she was beautiful, Nesta was briefly betrothed to King Alistair Theirin, but plans fell through when Nesta ran away to the Wardens and demanded she be conscripted.

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Nesta, unlike her brothers, favours their mother more in appearance, though she is obviously still Bryce Cousland's daughter, having inherited his dark hair (before it went grey, of course.) Nesta stands at about average height for a human woman at 5 feet 5 inches. Like her brothers, she shares their mother's Mac Eanraig sea-coloured eyes.

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Oren and Oriana
Cousland Family Tree (Muffins)

Josephine (and the Cousland-Montilyets)

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Nathaniel Howe

Aliena Surana

The Ferelden Wardens

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