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Nell (or Nelly as she sometimes is referred to) is a petite elven woman of around 5 foot in height and slight weight. At the time of the 5th Blight, she wore her soil-brown hair cut short in a choppy bob just below her chin with an uneven fringe across her forehead. Her ears, long and tapered, would stick out on either side making it very clear what she was. Her complexion is moderately fair with a subtle olive tint and marked by a healthy smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Nell's eyes are a very dark brown that can easily appear to be black in poor or dim lighting, giving her a rather haunting appearance. She later grows her hair out and experiments with different styles, while trying to keep it from becoming a nuisance while traveling.

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Despite her appearance and the rumors surrounding her, Nell is rather lively. She is spritely, outspoken, obstinate and has been likened to "whiskey in a teacup". Nell is very headstrong and set in her ways, thinking rather highly of herself and her views but she is not necessarily arrogant. She simply has a lot of youthful bravado that peters out as she matures and grows as a person.

She was something of both a prankster and Irving's prized pupil while residing in the Circle at Kinloch Hold, getting along with the likes of both a young Anders and Jowan. When she wasn't causing trouble, she was nose deep in the many books found in Kinloch's libraries and begging the senior enchanters to teach her more advanced spells.

Despite her sass, Nell enjoys meeting new people and making friends. She has a profound thirst for knowledge and excitement and becoming a Grey Warden has revealed that she has an unexpected knack for leadership. It needs work, but the basis is there.

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Nell was born in the Denerim Alienage, like many of her people who were not already living among the Dalish, to an impoverished elven woman who neither wanted children nor could she support any. Not only was Nell born two weeks early but her arrival was followed by a terrible plague and string of other tragedies that swept through the Alienage. Her mother, upon seeing this child with eyes black as night born on the eve of so much darkness, named the child a "death knell" and omen of terrible things to come. She was rehomed and her mother fled the Alienage. It is rumored she went to the Dalish, but those rumors are unconfirmed. Renamed Nell, the child grew up with the other city elves until she turned 7 years old.

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