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Physical Appearance Edit

  • Hair = Auburn, curly
  • Height = 5'7
  • Body Build = Athletic
  • Eye Color = Brown
  • Distinguishing Features = Dirthamen's vallaslin (reddish); burn marks along her back

Personality Edit

Nehna is a very compassionate and empathetic person. She enjoys the finer things, like wine and partying, and in her free time, she tends to the gardens. She is quick to anger and becomes frustrated easily, though she has developed a mask to hide most of those emotions.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Gardening; hand to hand combat; fighting; drinking.


History Edit

Nehna, born during the time of the Elvhenan, grew up enslaved to Dirthamen. As a result of the favor her mother had garnered before she died, Nehna inherited the task of both the groundskeeper and Dirthamen's Champion, in which she would go out and fight other enslaved elves for the entertainment of the Elvhenan. She begins a slave resistance group and eventually recruits Solas to the cause as she opens his eyes to the horrors of what the Evanuris do.

As their movement grows, so does the danger, which comes to a head when she is summoned to a meeting of the Evanuris and ordered by Dirthamen to kill Mythal. When she refuses and is subsequently outed as a traitor, Dirthamen kills Mythal to hide his own involvement in the resistance. Nehna stabs Dirthamen in the back, severely wounding him, before Solas gets her out of harm's way and to the refuge they've established in the mountains.

Solas tells her to lay low for the time being and tells her of his plan to trick the Evanuris and free the rest of the enslaved elves. She agrees to lay low, but doubt comes in as more time passes, and she decides to take matters into her own hands. Turning to Anaris, she makes a deal with the Forgotten Ones: she'll get them entry into Elvhenan if they promise to free the elves and kill the Evanuris. He agrees, but later forces her into uthenera in retaliation for Solas's trickery, believing her to have set him up.

In-game Edit

Nehna awakes from uthenera, unaware of who and where she is and finds herself locked up in a cage surrounded by Tevinter slavers. Before she has a chance to fully grasp her surroundings, Fenris attacks and kills the slavers, freeing her from her unfortunate fate. Upon learning she has no memory of who she is or where she was going, Fenris takes her under his wing and helps her navigate this new world, teaching her of the history and the plights of the people that live there. She fights alongside him against magisters and slavers, happy with the life she's building in Thedas.

She hears of the Conclave and decides it is important to witness the events unfolding, particularly as it relates to the fate of the mages. It is here that she unwittingly interrupts Corypheus's plans and seals her fate as becoming the so-called "Herald of Andraste".

When she encounters Solas and he embraces her, she is taken aback by the apparent stranger's affection. He quickly picks up on her confusion and covers his misstep as being glad to see she is still alive.

She willingly works alongside the Inquisition, quickly learning the delicate powers at play with the help of her Inner Circle and Solas, who helps her navigate the apparent hatred of the people around as a result of her being a "knife-ear".

Her cohort quickly grows as news of the Inquisition's work has spread, and she recruits the Iron Bull, Sera, Vivienne, and Blackwall, most of whom she welcomes with open arms.

When it comes time to choose between allying with the mages or Templars, she struggles to face her own internal biases that she had developed working alongside Fenris. Solas tries to convince her to ally with the mages, heavily emphasizing that while he recognizes her distrust of mages, they have been signed over to servitude. Nehna struggles with that reality and seeks out Varric, whom she has grown close to as a result of their common friend, Fenris. Over drinks, he tells her to go with her gut: who would have her back and who could she trust. She had encountered Fiona and Ser Barris- which one of them could she rely on?

In the end, she chooses to side with the Templars, during which she recovers her memories as a result of Envy trying to tempt her into a deal.

Following these events, she struggles to grasp what is real and what was just a lie, all while coping with the new title of Inquisitor and the looming task of stopping Corypheus.

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