Natia Brosca, born on 9:10 Dragon, was a castless dwarf and one of the wardens who helped defeat the Archdemon Urthemiel and end the Fifth Bligth in one of Raffzz15 world states.

Counterpart: Faren Brosca & Alina Brosca.

Known titles[edit | edit source]

Grey Warden (Origins)

Warden-Commander of Ferelden (Awakening)

Arlessa of Amaranthine (ex-officio)

Champion of Redcliffe

Hero of Ferelden

Paragon Brosca

Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Natia stands at 4'11 or 1,50 m with somewhat long read hair which she ties in a short ponytail. She has amber eyes. On her face she has the castless mark and a tattoo above her right eye that resembles the top of a tower, both the mark and the tattoo are black. She also uses black lipstick on her lips.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Because she grew up in Dust Trown she has an aggressive and dominant personality and she is more prompt to violence and threats than diplomacy. Thought her relationship with Leliana has softened her a little.

Talents and Skill[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Dual Wielding: When she was force to join the Carta they trained her in the art of dual wielding. She can use all combinations of weapons, but she prefers using an axe in one hand and a short sword in the other.

Berserker Training: Natia acquire a book from Gorim Saelac, a fellow dwarf who also left Orzammar. This book was a manual that analyzed the combat style of the berserkers, thanks to this book she was able to teach herself how to be a berserker which she thinks pleased her ancestors.

Reaver Training: On her visit to the ruins where the supposed ashes of Andraste were located Natia and her party met a cult that worshipped a dragon which they claimed was Andraste herself. Their leader, Kolgrim, offered her a deal: if she spilled the blood of this dragon into the Urn of Andraste he would give her a reward, but he wouldn't say anything about this reward. In the end she didn't defile the ashes because of Leliana and with her help they convinced Kolgrim that they had done as he requested so he gave Natia her reward, a chalice with the blood of the dragon which she had to drink. When she did she learned the secrets on how to be a reaver. Immediately after that the cult realized that Natia didn’t keep her promised so she and her party killed the cult members.

Power of Blood: On their visit to Soldier's Peak Natia and her party found themselves inside of Avernus’s tower. There they found four bodies of Grey Wardens and a table with three things: a book detailing what have been done to them, a second book with more notes on the experiment and finally a vial with blood. The notes she read before said that if she drank from the vual she could obtain a new power, so she did obtaining the so called “Power of Blood."

Guardian Training: When she was named Warden-Commander of Ferelden she got transferred to Vigil's Keep, there a man named Herren was sellimg a manual detailing the techniques of the guardians. She bought it and read it to learn how to use the guardian’s abilities which she used to protect her companions in her time in Amaranthine.

Non-Combat[edit | edit source]

Pickpocketing: This is an ability she picked up growing up in Dust Town, thought she was never good at it and once she left Orzammar she never bother to pick any pockets again.

Persuasion and Intimidation[edit | edit source]

Known Family[edit | edit source]

Unnamed father.

Kalah Brosca (Mother)

Rica Brosca (Older half-sister)

King Bhelen Aeducan (Brother-in-law)

Endrin Aeducan (Nephew)

Biography[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Natia wa born in Dust Town in Orzammar in 9:10 Dragon. Both of her parents were castles dwarfs who live in Dust Town. When she was very young her father tried to convinced Kalah, her mother, to go with him to the surface looking for a better life, but she refused and her father left alone to the surface. After this break up Kalah started to drown her sorrows on Ale so Natia was practically raised by her half-sister Rica.

At the age of six she met Leske in Dust Town and they became good friends and over time he developed an attraction to Rica. During their childhood they were known for being together all the time. They would play around Natia´s house, their games consisted of tag, racing, friendly fighting and Leske pranking resident of Dest Town and stealing something with Natia´s help. During this time of Natia´s life her sister, Rica, started to work as a street sweepers at the age of twelve while her mother would beg to stranger for coins if she wasn´t drinking.

At the age of ten Natia and her sister met Berath who was taken aback by Rica´s beauty and convinced her to work for him. With that Rica started to study all the necessary things to become a desirable suitor for a noble man in the future at the age of fifteen. Because of this Berath started to take care of the Brosca family, thought he did it by only giving them the minimum to survive, thanks to this Kalah managed to get herself more booze.

At the age of fifteen Berath made Natia and her friend Leske join the Carta, the dwarwen criminal organization. Once in their ranks they were trained in the use of dual weapons, thanks to this training Natia discovered her love for fighting and dueling and started to dream about proving herself in the Provings. At the age of sixteen both Natia and Leske became a fully-fledged member of the Carta working directly under Berath and by association Jarvia, it was also at this age that Natia decided to add the tower like tattoo to her face. Their jobs consisted on collecting money, killing and stealing for Berath.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Her Journey as a Warden started one day in her home in Dust Town. Berath had stopped by and started to scold Rica for nor being pregnant yet. After a quick argument with the Brosca sisters Berath gave Natia her assignment of the day: she and Leske had to track Oskias, one of Berath’s business partner who he suspects has been cheating him.

After doing some digging they found the guy inside Tapster's Tavern drinking and after a quick search of his bag Oskias admitted to have been doing business with Lyrium without Berath’s permission but in an attempt to save his life he tried to bribe Natia and Leske. He offered to give them one of the two Lyrium nuggets he had in exchange for not been killed, after some “persuasion” Natia managed to obtain both nuggets and Oskias went back to the surface. After that they sold the lyrium nuggets, splitting the profits 50/50 and went to report to Berath.

Once inside his shop he asked for a report Natia and Leske lie saying that they have killed Oskias but he didn’t have any Lyrium with him. Berath realize that they were lying and and had his second in command, Jarvia, search their pockets, resulting in them losing half of the money they had.

After that Berath gave the pair another chance and told them that he had betted a lot of money in a warrior called Everd who was fighting in the provings and that to assure his victory against Mainar, a betteran warrior, they have to go to the Proving Grounds and slip a drug on Mainar´s water. They managed to enter the Proving Grounds under the disguise of janitors, inside there Natia and Leske saw Duncan, a Gray Warden. Leske dared his friend to talk to him so Natia approached him and they had a conversation, after that they continued with their task.

They entered Everd’s room to search for the paper that was given to him telling him who he will be fighting there and they found the warrior passed out form alcohol. The pair panicked. If they didn’t completed this job successfully their boss would have their heads, in that moment she had an idea: she would wear Everd’s armor and compete in the Provings as him. Leske agreed and offered to slip the drug on Mainar’s water but Natia declined, she wanted to defeat the warrior at his best.

Once in the Arena Naria defeated the three opponents before Everd showed up much to Natia’s and everybody watching surprise. Because of that Natia was confronted and unmasked by the guards and proceeded to knock her unconscious. She woke up in a cell with Leske in another one next to her. He explained what happened after the guards seized her and that she will most likely be sentenced to death, then Jarvia enters the room explaining that Berath just lost 100 gold because the figths were declared invalid and that she plans to killed them for failing, but she leaves to take care of something else and leaves a guard to keep an eye on the pair of friends.

The two dwarfs managed to escape from their cell quickly by Leske killing the guard with some splinters and stealing the cell’s keys. After leaving their cells they recovered their equipment form a chest nearby and made their way through the Carta members that were guarding the building. On the last room they found Berath who was talking with some of his men about what they would like to do to Rica after Natia is dead, they spotted the pair and a fight started which finished with the friends as victorious.

After leaving the building they discovered that they were in a secret area of Berath’s shop. Once outside they were meet by the Proving Master who attempts to arrest Natia but Duncan intervined and conscripted the dwarf to his ranks. Natia accepted his offer of joining the Wardens to avoid being executed, she said goodbye to Rica and Leske and she left Orzammar with Duncan.

Ostagar[edit | edit source]

Natia and Duncan arrived to Ostagar after travelling for a couple of days. They were received by King Cailan Theirin who greeted them. After the King said his goodbyes and went to discuss the strategy for the upcoming fight Duncan told Natia to look for another warden called Alistair and two other recruits like herself. She walked through the camp talking to different people, helping a prisoner get some food, meeting Loghain Mac Tir the King´s general and promising a fog warrior to look for a plant to help a mabari survive the taint.

After finding the two other recruits, Daveth and Jory, they went to Duncan who told them that they needed to go to the Korkari Wilds to fill some vials with darkspawn blood, in order to do the joining and find the grey warden treaties that were left there a long time ago.

Korcari Wilds[edit | edit source]

The group of Natia, Alistair, Daveth and Jory managed to fill the vials, found the plant Natia needed as well as some loot. They finally arrived to the tower where the treaties were, but they found nothing. As they were thinking what to do a woman appeared surprising everyone, she introduced herself as Morrigan and told the group that the treaties weren’t there. After some questioning form Natia she told them that her mother had the treaties and she led them to her house. Once there Morrigan´s mother, Flemeth, gave them the treaties and the group went back to the camp in Ostagar.

Back at Ostagar[edit | edit source]

Once they were back at Ostagar Natia gave the kennel master the flower to help the dog and she went to Duncan to start her joining. When they arrived to him with the vials and the treaties Duncan started to prepare the joining, he explained that they needed to drink darkspawn blood mixed with Archdemon blood and lyrium and that they might not survived. Daveth went first but he didn’t survived and Jory panicked at draw his sword which made Duncan killed him. Natia, in the other hand, managed to pass the joining and she accompany Duncan to a meeting with the King.

Cailan told hem of the plan for the battle and after the meeting Alistair was briefed at Duncan´s tent and the two wardens went to the Tower of Ishal to light up a beacon on top of the tower to signal Loghain when he has to lead the army to battle. Once they arrived to the tower they found it full of darkspawns. Natia and Alistair joined forces with a soldier and a mage and the four of them made their way through the darkspawns. Once they reached the top they had to fight an ogre, once it was defeated the lighten up the beacon but Loghain didn´t deployed the troops leaving Duncan, Cailan and the rest of the soldiers to die. After realizing that the room got overflowed by darkspawn which resulted in the dead of the soldier and the mage and in Natia and Alistair losing consciousness.

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