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Yes. She was named for the Rebel Queen. She hates it. Especially now that she's, uh, the Warden Queen.


Physical Appearance[]

Someone said she looked like a horse. A particularly well-bred horse, they clarified. They're very fond of horses. (h/t Georgette Heyer for the backhanded compliment...)


Discreet, diplomatic, a little cold at first--until she lets you in.

Talents and Skills[]

I mean, she's good at killing things with knives, but she would much rather talk them into seeing things her way.



An unusual background for a hero: uneventful happy childhood with a reasonably functional family.


The usual stuff.


Became Queen of Ferelden, with a little side gig as Warden-Commander of Amaranthine until they got themselves figured out. I haven't decided yet whether she and Alistair succeeded in generating a little heir to the throne, but they sure had a good time trying. (It became a running joke between them. "Darling"--with a seductive look--"I believe we have...the royal succession to consider this evening.") Disappears to look for a cure to the Calling, but comes back after Divine Victoria (her old buddy Leliana) hunts her down and makes it pointedly clear that there are other people who can do that, and nobody else who could do her job back home.


Alistair: Moira wasn't going to fall for that giant goofball, and then she did. He was so genuine, so open where she was so reserved, so damn brave about taking a job he was never raised to have, let alone want. He learned enough cynicism from her to be a little better armored for life, and she learned enough about trust and safety from him to open up to the world a little more. They're better people for loving each other.

Morrigan: It ticked the witch off to no end when Cousland referred to them as Team MoMo, but she secretly appreciated the thought. Honestly, if Morrigan had been raised in luxury by loving parents and Moira had been raised by the Witch of the Wilds, they could have been each other, and on some level, they each knew that. When Morrigan suggested her ritual, Moira knew that, inexplicably, Other Mo was to be trusted.

Leliana: Moira was enthralled by Lel's bardic tales of intrigue and glamour, and unexpectedly envied her continued faith in the face of her trials. She totally had a crush on her, but didn't follow up on it. Perhaps in another lifetime...

Zevran: Moira enjoyed his company immensely, even though she started out not trusting him an inch. They became friends--Moira suspected that the experience of having a friend he wasn't sleeping with was good for him.

Wynne: Moira wasn't looking for a mother figure. Her bereavement was still too raw. Wynne, however, was able to mentor her through the rough transition to life outside Highever. Wynne was probably the person she trusted most in the group, aside from Alistair.

Sten: An odd friendship; they didn't know what to make of each other. Once Moira figured out Sten liked it when she pushed back on the things he said, though, they were able to roll with it. She became a kadan to him.

Oghren: Moira kind of saw Oghren as a project. He needed to sober up and learn to be more respectful toward women, and dammit, she was going to coach him whether he liked it or not. Oghren snorted a little, poured another drink, and told Alistair he was a lucky guy, Mo's tits were probably even better out of the armor.

Shale: Moira and Shale were buds.



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