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Miranda Hawke, better known as The Champion of Kirkwall, is a Warrior who came to Kirkwall in 9:31 Dragon as one of the many refugees fleeing the Blight. She would eventually reclaim her family's noble estate and become directly involved in many of the events that would shake the foundation of Kirkwall and all of Thedas.



Physical Appearance[]

Underneath all that armor, Miranda is a very muscular woman, having earned her body through years of battle and physical labor. As the years passed in Kirkwall, she added many more scars to her collection, including a rather enormous one on her torso courtesy of being impaled on the Arishok's blade.

Marian styles her jet black hair very short in a messy bob. Her mother always wanted her to have long hair, but she continued to cut it and intentionally leave it messy out of spite. When Leandra Hawke died, Miranda finally decided to grow her hair out to a shoulder length, as a sort of compromise to her late mother's wishes.


In her younger years, Miranda was a much gentler soul, which tempered her lust for combat. But underneath her kindness lay a growing resentment and a feeling of being imprisoned by her sense of responsibility as the Head of her Family, which her mother enforced by guilt tripping her.

After drinking dragon's blood and becoming a Reaver, her personality began to change, and the anger she had been repressing for so long came to the surface. She became much more aggressive and bad tempered as the years went by. Those who knew her often described her as an angry dragon in human skin to the point of even giving a nickname to the Hawke Estate, "The Dragon's Lair"

Talents and Skills[]

Miranda's skill as a warrior are unmatched by any in Kirkwall, which is only further reinforced by her specialization as a Reaver. She has a shocking level of pain tolerance, often to the point of enjoying it.




Act 1:[]

Act 2:[]

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  • Fenris
  • Isabela -
  • Aveline - "What? You think just because I don't like to play by the rules that doesn't mean I can't be friends with the Captain of the Guard? I have been the big sister looking after my little family for years, but as I got to know Aveline, I finally understood what it was like to HAVE a big sister. We have our disagreements, particularly in how the job should get done and how I think doing the right thing and following the rules can be two different things most of the time, but at the end of the day, we both love making Kirkwall a better place, and creating a giant pile of corpses in the process. Although, to be honest, she's not THAT good at her job. To this day, I'm still shocked that one of her guards committed rape in the alienage, and she basically ignored it."
  • Merrill - "Oh I can never stay mad at Merrill, no matter how many times she made me angry with her bad decisions involving her blood magic and that maker cursed Mirror. She is just too adorable. I still have no idea how we managed to get out of that Dalish Camp alive, but we did. Some people still think I should hate her because she's a blood mage, but Merrill went seven whole years without causing any harm to Kirkwall with her blood magic. If that's not a sign she knows what she's doing, I don't know what is."
  • Anders - "Maker's Breath! Don't get me started about Anders. At this point, It's not even worth the effort to hate him, although I still do. I could make the claim that my greatest regret was deciding not to cut him down when I discovered he was an abomination, but had I done that, then I would have been dead when the Arishok ran me through during our duel. I owed him my life several times, and I always pay my my debts. That was basically our relationship. One of fairness, a favor for a favor, just like he said all those years ago. So when he destroyed the Chantry, I did the both of us a favor and put him out of his misery."
  • Sebastian - "I'm glad he finally took responsibility for his kingdom and took his throne back. I really am, and Kirkwall would have been in a much darker place if it weren't for him sending relief workers to aid in the city's reconstruction. I will always be grateful to him for that. It's a good thing Anders didn't try to escape and simply allowed me to cut him down. I shudder to think what Sebastian might have done had Anders escaped."
  • Varric - "The best friend I ever had. That dwarf is a blessing from the Maker himself. I don't know what I would do without him.

Family Members:[]

  • Bethany Hawke:
  • Carver Hawke:
  • Malcolm Hawke:
  • Leandra Hawke:
  • Gamlen Amell:
  • Charade Amell:
  • Oscar:


  • Cassandra - "Nobody attacks my best friend and gets away with it. She tries to assault Varric for keeping me hidden from her, and then the next time we see each other, she has the nerve to ask me for an autograph like a fan-girl? Yeah, I gave her something alright, and it was a black eye. Oh, I still gave her an autograph, but not before making it clear that I would do worse to her if she messed with Varric ever again. By now we have forgiven each other and I guess we can call each other friends now. She reminds me of Aveline, and that's good I suppose."
  • Cullen - "I will always have Cullen's trust. He took care of Bethany and made sure none of the other Templars laid a finger on her, which is a miracle considering how many other mages in the Circle weren't so lucky. I like to believe if he was in charge, and not Meredith, then things at the Kirkwall Circle may not have been so bad. He's a good man, whether he believes it or not."
  • The Arishok - "I'll never understand the Qun, but I think I understand him. His situation is kind of like what happened to me. He was forced to come to Kirkwall, forced to stay in Kirkwall. He missed his home so much, but duty forced him to stay even though he hated Kirkwall so much. I may not follow the Qun, but I can relate to that."
  • Knight Commander Meredith - "Sometimes I wonder how much of Meredith's tyrannical regime was brought on by herself, and how much of it was that damn idol doing the talking. I know Bethany keeps telling me, Miranda you shouldn't blame yourself, and for the most part I don't. We had no way of knowing the idol was bad news, but sometimes I wonder. If we hadn't found the idol, would Meredith have behaved more rationally after Anders destroyed the Chantry? Would she have been satisfied with my execution of Anders instead of declaring the Rite of Annulment? I don't know. We will never know."
  • First Enchanter Orsino - "Orsino! There is nobody I despise more than him. Just saying his name makes my blood boil. Kirkwall's Mage Situation made no sense to me. How could there be so many blood mages running amok in a city which has the strongest level of Templar control in all of Thedas? Then I got my answer. It was him all along. He was helping them hide from the Templars, including that monster, Quentin. I don't care about his excuse that Meredith's control over the innocent mages would have been stricter if she had found those blood mages. Orsino is equally responsible for every single victim Quentin killed, including my mother."


  • Miranda became a Reaver by drinking the blood of the dragon she killed during her first visit to the Bone Pit.
  • Varric went behind Hawke's back and sold all of the Dragon's Blood she hoarded in her estate after realizing she was continuing to drink more of it on a regular basis like a drug addict.
  • Miranda wanted to stay and kill Corypheus herself, but Varric wouldn't allow it. She only went to Weisshaupt after a long argument with Varric finally talked her into it. She was hoping to make it back in time for the final battle, but by the time she returned to Skyhold, Corypheus had already been defeated.