"So, are we gonna kiss or try to kill each other? We can do both if you like, I'm not picky."

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Physical Appearance Edit

Tawny skin, auburn hair, icy blue eyes, and as big around as he is tall, which happens to be slightly over four and a half feet. Most misjudge this walking pile of muscle's speed to their detriment. He has a vast array of tattoos on his face and body, most of them in a deep blue ink, along with many scars.

Personality Edit

Miko would prefer to spend his time in conversation over ales and exchanging jokes and flirts. That said, he knows all too well that business has to come before pleasure. He'd rather make friends if given the choice... unless those would-be friends are harassing his baby sister, then they get treated to how quickly his friendly facade is replaced by a cold fury.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Miko is a smooth talker and is frequently sent out by his superiors to negotiate deals regarding the Carta's lyruim trade. Many times, his charm wins him favorable contracts and interesting bed partners. He can also more than hold his own in a fight, as his daggers are not for show. Sometimes, he's been called upon to "eliminate" the leadership of rival gangs.


History Edit

Miko is the elder brother of Maia Cadash. The siblings went into the Carta together as teens to keep themselves from starving after the deaths of their parents, who'd been semi-legitimate merchants. Miko had always been the more outgoing sibling of the pair and developed his charms. That said, he is no slouch with his daggers, striking with chilling precision when the need presents itself. More than one letch has found himself stabbed for not taking Maia's "no" as a final answer.

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