"I've missed the stars. I didn't realise how much I've lost until now. I didn't even know how quiet and lonely the years had been for me. It's depressing, really. But at least I know now."

Meloriel Surana is an elven mage in the Fereldan Circle of Magi. They were recruited by Duncan after they helped their friend escape and later on becomes the Hero of Ferelden.

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Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Meloriel is an elf at around five foot six with white hair and golden eyes. Their skin is a brown shade with a hint of a blush and they tend to put some red colouring on their eyelids as a sort of indicator for their family should they see one another again. They have a slight frame that later on has a fair amount of scars due to the injuries they accumulated in Ostagar.

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Meloriel comes from a family of mages with magic being a very dominant trait that almost all of their family has it. Their family had always been on the run due to their status as apostates and oftentimes, they would take refuge in forests to escape from templars and the like. Meloriel had grown up being among the protectors of their family and due to that, they began tutoring their younger siblings on how to better control their magic. It was during such a lesson that their youngest sibling, Valoriel, had accidentally set fire to a tree in the forest, alerting some townsfolk. Fearing for their siblings' safety, Meloriel urged their younger brother, Felrahel, to take Valoriel and to run back to the caravan where their father was at so they may escape.

Meloriel was caught by the templars sent to the forest to investigate the abrupt fire and when asked on who was responsible, Meloriel took the blame and agreed to come with them to the Circle Tower. There, they met Irving and though they were wary of the First Enchanter, they were willing enough to listen to the lessons he taught them. Though Irving saw potential in Meloriel, Meloriel never made much effort to reach out to other apprentices due to their wariness of anyone beyond their family. Because of this, Irving gave them a journal, urging them to write whatever it was that their heart desired in it. Though they saw no point in it, Meloriel did as Irving had suggested and began the documentation of their thoughts and memories. On occasion, they would try to sketch something though it would not always turn out as well as they hoped. Two years passed for Meloriel and eventually, someone did approach them. After a lesson with Irving, Meloriel had deigned to hole themself up in the library to practice some healing spells to see the difference between what they were taught by their father and what the Circle had taught them when Jowan had approached them after seeing them taking down notes on a piece of parchment. After having a conversation on what it was Meloriel was attempting to do, Jowan asked if Meloriel would be willing to teach him what magic it was that they knew prior to joining the Circle. Meloriel agreed.

Aside from the friendship they formed with Jowan, Meloriel eventually found themself being sent to offer some healing to templars by Irving whenever anyone got hurt or injured. Though they still held some resentment towards the templars, Meloriel had decided to try and understand that they were simply doing their duties and did as Irving had told them. It was during such a moment while they healed some templars that were harmed by escaping apostates that Meloriel met Cullen who they healed without further thought. After this moment, Meloriel noticed how Cullen would stutter out a greeting that was for more polite than other templars' whenever they bumped into one another in the hallways. For some time, they didn't realise what was wrong with him and just assumed that he was among the people that despised every form of magic. Due to that, Meloriel managed to find a way to be allowed into the kitchens to help with the cooking in an attempt to gain favour with the young templar who they assumed was terrified of them.

Though not much can be said about their years in the Circle as time became blurred for Meloriel ever since they became part of it, it can be said that Meloriel had found some company, albeit imperfect and sporadic, among the Circle. Though they tend not to seek these people out all the time due to wanting to avoid disturbing the others. Meloriel grew into a promising apprentic that had a quick grasp on magic though they clearly had little interest in rising through the ranks of the Circle and only did the Harrowing as it was required of them to.

Origins[edit | edit source]

After passing their Harrowing, Meloriel was brought back to the apprentice quarters by Cullen and was woken by Jowan. After refusing to tell Jowan about the Harrowing, Meloriel then went to speak with Irving. Along the way, they discovered that a Grey Warden had come to the Circle after stumbling into the wrong room which was the guest room said Grey Warden shall be staying in.

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Pre-Game[edit | edit source]

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Valoriel Surana[edit | edit source]

They were always looking out for Valoriel, attempting to keep her safe and hidden from any civilian and templar should she have her magic act out. While Felrahel had a firm grasp on magic like they did, Valoriel was still learning the finer points of it and would sometimes set off spells without meaning to.

Dragon Age: Origins[edit | edit source]

First Enchanter Irving[edit | edit source]

Meloriel's relationship with the First Enchanter started off as cold and almost hostile due to Meloriel finding themself in a Circle that they had no desire to be part of. Despire their coldness to the First Enchanter, Irving kept trying to get through to them and would do what he could to teach them magic he thinks would help them even though Meloriel would explain to him that the magic they were taught was really just the magic that was meant to be useful for their survival/ After noticing how Meloriel seemed to get lost in their own thoughts a lot of the time, Irving procured a journal for them which he later gifted to Meloriel as a way for them to have "someone" to talk to. After this moment, Irving took to giving Meloriel half an hour in between their lessons to meditate and write whatever they wished in the journal they were given. Though he would never be a parent to Meloriel, Meloriel found a patient ally in him who never wavered in his belief of their abilities.

Jowan[edit | edit source]

Jowan is the first friend Meloriel had made in the Circle. He approached Meloriel while they were attempting to do some personal research and after he asked them to tutor him in the hopes of bettering his magic, the two formed a friendship. Though they were not as close as other friends would be, Meloriel took comfort in the fact that they now have someone to go to should they need comfort or anyone to speak with in times where they were severely lonely. Jowan and Meloriel would often find time to have sessions with one another where they try to perfect some spells though this was often done in secret so as to avoid the attention of the templars. Meloriel willingly helped Jowan escape and though they had a feeling that their friend was not telling them something, they continued with the task Jowan had given him until it was revealed to them that Jowan had dabbled in Blood Magic which led to Jowan running away.

When they found one another in the dungeons of Redcliffe Castle, Meloriel was overtaken with feelings of betrayal, anger and relief that led to them angrily scolding Jowan for the reckless use of Blood Magic and reminding him of how mages were looked at with enough suspicion and that he did not need to turn to illegal magic to prove his abilities as a mage. Despite that anger, Meloriel still ended up freeing Jowan and advised him to run and never come back. This was said in the hopes that he would stay away from familiar places where people may be searching for him. They later had several arguments with Alistair on the matter of freeing a Blood Mage but in all those arguments, Meloriel defended Jowan and reassured Alistair that their friend was no malevolent force of evil. Just a well-meaning fool. Though they would never tell this to Jowan as they preferred it if he thought them angry with him still.

It took a fair while before they encountered Jowan again. This time, he had changed his name and was doing all he could to start a new life. The time that had passed was enough for Meloriel to calm down from their anger at his use of Blood Magic and they merely responded by embracing their old friend before telling them to run once more in order for him to avoid the templars and for him to start over in a different place where no one would know his name. After this parting, Meloriel refused to speak of Jowan and what he had done with anyone. Especially mages of the Circle.

Lily[edit | edit source]

Though they had only met Lily recently, Meloriel had formed a friendship with the Chantry initiate due to the sole fact that she was a warm and open-minded person who did not seem to mind that they were an elf who also happened to be a former apostate. The two would often spend some mornings together in the Chantry, one praying, the other observing. Though they were undevout and leaning more towards atheism than being a believer of the Maker, the two still maintained their friendship with one another and more often than not, would strike lively debates with one another on the subject of the Maker and all things they could think of. When Jowan was revealed to be a blood mage, Meloriel tried to clear both Jowan and Lily's names but Lily only thanked them for their friendship and assured them that she was alright with the fate she would be facing. Lily's fate is something that still haunts Meloriel to this day.

Cullen Rutherford[edit | edit source]

The two met when Cullen was injured and was sent to the infirmary. Meloriel was there as per Irving's instructions and was healing everyone there with the other mages and had healed Cullen without a further thought. This led to the development of a bit of a crush on Meloriel who did not really understand what was going through Cullen's mind and just assumed that he was terrified of their magic. This led to them trying to offer overtures of friendship to the young man along with helping in the kitchens so they could offer him some sweets whenever they do miss. This did not help his infatuation with them and only led to his fondness for Meloriel growing though the apprentice never noticed that and only kept on as usual. When he was assigned the task of killing her if them if they failed the Harrowing, he wanted to protest but instead, he held his tongue and did as Gregoir commanded. After Meloriel had succeeded in their Harrowing, Meloriel spoke with him and he tried to tell them that it was nothing personal in regards to his assignment to them. Meloriel merely reassured him and apologised for distracting him, leading him to try and reach out to them and tell them that he did not mind.

Knight-Commander Greagoir[edit | edit source]

While he was not the one to catch Meloriel, he immediately regarded them with suspicion upon their first meeting due to the fact that they were a sixteen-year-old apostate who clearly seemed to have a good grasp of their magic which led to the Knight-Commander assuming that the fire started in the forest was done on purpose. Meloriel knew the power the templars wielded and took to avoiding Greagoir as much as possible in the hopes of escaping any questions he might have on where their family is and what their name was. The two never warmed up to one another through the years Meloriel spent in the Circle Tower and when Meloriel returned to the Tower during Uldred's attempted coup, the young mage immediately shot down the plan of invoking the Right of Annulment and volunteered to save the remaining mages of the Circle. While it was to help the mages, it was also Meloriel's own way of showing Greagoir that they no longer feared what he will do to them.

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