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Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Maxton is the only Trevelyan child who inherited the looks of his Tevene mother. From a young age he was nicknamed "Sunshine" due to his golden hair, golden skin, and golden eyes.

He obtains a prominent scar on the right side of his face during the destruction of Haven.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He is young and impetuous, caring only for himself and his own whims. His advisors cannot induce him to care about anything other than drinking and sleeping with the seemingly endless supply of available women.

That is at least until they arrive at Skyhold and Persephone Hawke walks through their door. After meeting Persephone, Maxton's personality shifts. He is far more prone to focusing and learning than before, mostly in an effort to impress the older woman, but as time goes on, he seems to descend into what many Theodosians would consider 'madness'. For a time, his advisors are concerned they will need to remove him from the role of Inquisitor for his irrationality and unreliability.

After the events of Adamant Fortress, Maxton becomes a rather subdued young man. The wild days of his youth are behind him as he throws himself rather seriously and uncompromisingly into his work, becoming the Inquisitor his advisors always hoped he would be.

Talents and Skills[edit | edit source]

Maxton wields a two-handed blade, merely because it was a different weapon from his three older brothers.

Biography[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Maxton Sheridan Trevelyan was born 21 Justinian in 9:21 to Bann Marsden Trevelyan and Lady Caristania Tiberina of Tevinter. The youngest of four boys, he was the sparest of spares and never had an honest day's work in his life. He has three older brothers: Byron, Warren, and Elton.

Maxton was his mother's favorite, as he was the only son who inherited his mother's looks.

He was often compared to a young Sebastian Vael, despite the several decades and miles that separated the two men. The comparison irritated both as neither saw the likeness in the other.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Maxton stumbled upon the magister and Divine when he snuck away at the Conclave for a rendevouz with a young Orlesian he'd only just met. Unfortunately, the consequences of that rendevouz did not change his ways and Maxton remains a philanderer through much of his time with the Inquisition.


  • Sides with the Templars
  • Hawke stays in the Fade, banishes the Grey Wardens
  • Keeps Celene as empress
  • Does not drink from the Well

Post-game[edit | edit source]


Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Blackwall
  • Cassandra
  • Cole
  • Cullen
  • Dorian
  • Iron Bull
  • Josephine
  • Leliana
  • Persephone Hawke
  • Solas
  • Vivienne
  • Varric

Maxton does not recruit Sera.

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