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"You want to know why mages turn to blood magic? Try looking into a mirror sometime. You Templars don't protect people, you create the very monsters you claim to be fighting"

-Marielle Hawke to Knight-Commander Meredith

Marielle "Mari" Hawke (born 9:04 Dragon) is the daughter of the Rivaini seer Adelina and Malcolm Hawke. She would go on to become the Champion of Kirkwall and a staunch defender of the mages, largely due to her hatred of Templars.

Appearance and Personality[]

Marielle doesn't look much like the rest of the family. Her dark skin and brown eyes reveal her Rivaini heritage, and she has short, rather messy black hair with choppily-cut bangs. She has a tattoo similar to one borne by her mother, the Rivaini seer Adelina.

Marielle can be nice, but with a massive berserk button: Templars. She hates the Templars for what they did to her birth mother, and she's never forgiven them or been at all willing to acknowledge anything good in them. She's rude and aggressive when she has to talk to them, and she takes pleasure in getting to kill them, taking every opportunity to do so.

Marielle believes in the responsible use of magic, but she also believes that mages should be free of the Chantry and sees the Circle system as an abusive one. She only uses her own blood magic as a last resort, and grew to hate it after Leandra was murdered.

Talents and Skills[]

Marielle is very skilled in both the Primal and Spirit schools of magic, with her lightning spells being particularly powerful. She also has rather powerful frost attacks.

While Marielle possesses blood magic, she rarely uses it, and is generally very careful when she does. She only took on blood magic in the first place because she was desparate to protect herself when she was a street urchin in Highever. Despite this, she is quite good at blood magic, and she's realized that the key to using it safely is to say no to whatever the demons offer you and to not be afraid of your power - both things she is very skilled in.


Early Life[]

Marielle is the daughter of Malcolm Hawke and the Rivaini seer Adelina. For most of her early childhood, Marielle knew almost nothing about her father except that he had been an apostate mage from Ferelden. Adelina gave Marielle a locket that Malcolm had given her as a memento of her father.

Her mother ended up taking up a job as an herbalist and a healer in Highever. Unfortunately, the wrong person caught her practicing healing magic and alerted the Templars to her presence, who raided her clinic. Knowing she'd be separated from her daughter if she allowed herself to be taken away, Marielle's mother fought back, and the Templars killed her before taking Marielle to a Chantry orphanage.

Marielle hated it there and ran away when she was nine. She was cornered in a back alley by a man with...less than noble intentions and ended up setting him on fire, showing that she had inherited the magic of her mother. Terrified that the Templars would kill her like they killed her mother, she tried desparately to hide her powers and resorted to begging to avoid showing her magic again.

While Marielle was starving, sleeping in a back alley, she was offered a way to defend herself if she used it to kill the Templars. Eager to have a way to protect herself and take revenge on the people who had killed her mother, Marielle accepted, and was given the "gift" of blood magic. She turned it on a pair of Templars patrolling the streets and killed them. Horrified by what she had done, she ran away and didn't use it for years afterwards.

Not long after her magic manifested, she met Malcolm Hawke when she unsuccessfully tried to steal his coin purse. Noting the similarities between the two and the fact that Marielle had a locket he had given to her mother, Malcolm figured out that Marielle was his daughter and took her in to the shock of the rest of the family. While she got along well enough with Malcolm and always had a soft spot for Bethany, Marielle didn't get along with Carver at all and got the idea that Leandra didn't like her for being Malcolm's child with another woman. And while she kept her word to Malcolm and gave up blood magic, she had a deep antipathy for the Templars as a result of what had been done to Adelina that would last for the rest of Marielle's life.


Act One[]

Quest Outcome
The Destruction of Lothering Aveline killed Wesley. Joined Athenril and her smugglers.
The Unbidden Rescue Rescued Saemus Dumar. Ginnis Winter was killed
Enemies Among Us Killed Idunna. Keran reinstated with the Templars
Act of Mercy Killed Ser Karras and his men so the Starkhaven mages could escape
Loose Ends Let Pryce take the goods. Lied to Athenril about it.
Shepherding Wolves Defended Ketojan from the Qunari
Wayward Son Killed Danzig. Feynriel went to the Dalish
The Bone Pit Killed the mature dragon. Convinced miners to return
Friends in Low Places Refused Dougal's offer
The Deep Roads Expedition Carver was left behind - he became a Templar
Side Quests Killed Kelder. Tracked down cargo for Martin. Didn't blackmail Ser Thrask. Told Ghyslain the truth about his wife.

Act Two[]

Quest Outcome
Blackpowder Courtesy Didn't kill Javaris even though she kind of wanted to.
Offered and Lost Didn't side with Varnell; did rearrange his insides with blood magic
Following the Qun Didn't side with Petrice.
Prime Suspect Reluctantly helped with the expedition. Killed Gascard
Night Terrors Refused Torpor's offer. Feynriel went to Tevinter
Demands of the Qun Isabela returned. Earned the Arishok's respect. Refused to turn Isabela over; fought the Arishok in a one-on-one duel
Legacy Took Carver. Found Malcolm's will. Sided with Larius
Side Quests Helped stop mine raids; spared Sabin. Anders didn't kill Ella; she was told to flee the Circle. Helped Aveline court Donnic. Began a relationship with Merrill.

Act Three[]

Quest Outcome
Showdown Sided with Orsino
On the Loose Helped Emile escape the Circle. Gave Meredith an earful afterwards.
Best Served Cold Merrill was kidnapped. Didn't vouch for Samson. Gave Keran a serious beating; but reluctantly spared his life. Vouched for mercy for Alain and the other conspirators.
The Last Straw Did not kill Anders (did approve of his actions). Sided with the mages.
Mark of the Assassin Killed Baron Arlange. Fought through the estate. Didn't side with Tallis
Side Quests Rescued Nathaniel Howe. Let Zevran go. Killed the high dragon at the Bone Pit.


Anders Friend. Encouraged to kill Karl. Did not kill Ella. Helped gather ingredients and distracted the Grand Cleric
Aveline Rival. Married Donnic. Abandoned Hawke
Carver Rival. Given Malcolm's letters. Became a Templar
Fenris Rival. Killed Hadriana. Did not kill Varania. Left the group after killing Danarius.
Isabela Friend. Returned with the Tome. Acquired a ship.
Merrill Friend; love interest. Given the arulin'holm. Clan Sabrae was not killed.
Varric Rival. Bartrand was killed. Wasn't given the red lyrium shard.
Sebastian Rival. Encouraged to return to Starkhaven. Abandoned Hawke.



Marielle likes Varric a lot and thinks that his stories are entertaining. Varric himself was okay with Marielle, but he often got frustrated with her anger and aggression, but in the end, they were able to get along well enough. Varric's nickname for her is "Killer", due to her aggressive personality and willingness to resort to violence.


The two were pretty good friends even though they had some disagreements about blood magic and possession. Anders and Marielle ended up bonding over their shared hatred of Templars and Marielle wasn't bothered by what he did to the Chantry.


Marielle and Fenris got off on the wrong foot from the get-go and had a uniformly acrimonious relationship; Marielle hated his pro-Templar views and hatred of mages, and Fenris hated Marielle's shameless use of blood magic and stubborn insistence that all Templars were scum. They never got along and eventually Fenris left the group.


Marielle took a liking to Merrill almost immediately, as her sweet, cheerful personality made her one of the few people who could break through Marielle's anger and get her to show her softer side. She also felt sorry that Merrill seemed to be rejected by her clan and felt like she needed a friend, and Marielle was happy to be that friend, especially after learning that Merrill was a blood mage like she was.

Mari very quickly learned that under the sweet exterior was a woman who was more intelligent and determined than a lot of people gave her credit for, and when the time came, she happily agreed to help Merrill in her quest to fix the eluvian, even trying to loan some of her own blood magic to the cause. Even when she wasn't helping Merrill with the mysterious mirror, she still spent a lot of time with her talking about elven history, learning about Keeper magic (some of which Marielle applied to her own spells), and just being there for each other.

Still, while there was mutual attraction between them, Marielle wasn't entirely sure that Merrill reciprocated her crush due to her distracted and naive nature.

Finally, shortly after Pol's death, Marielle went down to Merrill's home in the alienage and told her that no matter what, she could always count on Mari to be there for her. Merrill thanked her, but it didn't go any further until Merrill showed up unexpectedly at the Hawke estate and confessed her feelings for Marielle. She reciprocated, and the two entered a romantic relationship. Merrill moved into the Hawke estate, but she never really felt comfortable living there, and the two often didn't stay there at all, preferring Merrill's home in the alienage, where they could better do research on the eluvian.

After everything was said and done, Marielle and Merrill had a very loving, supportive relationship with each other and stayed together after fleeing Kirkwall. After the war was over, the two got married and moved into the Hawke estate together.