1. REDIRECT Template:OC Infobox 1Manon Cousland, also known as the Hero of Ferelden, is the daughter of the deceased Bryce and Eleanor Couslands, and sister of Fergus Cousland, the current Teyrn of Highever. In 9:30 Dragon she joined the Grey Wardens, fought in the Fifth Blight, and defeated the Archdemon. In 9:31 Dragon she became the Warden-Commander of Ferelden.

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Manon is 6' tall. She's well-built, especially in the torso area as her arms have quite a lot of muscles from sword fighting. Her hair is dark brown, wavy and long, albeit she usually wears it in a side braid. Her eyes are hazel.

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Nathaniel Howe

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  • Manon Cousland at the Landsmeet
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