Maiira Tabris (born 9:14): Rogue, Sneak, Pickpocket... And, apparently, Warden-to-be.

"I can throw a dagger much farther than I can trust a shem… Or throw a shem, for that matter."

Overview[edit | edit source]

Current Location: The Arl of South Reach's Estate.

Current Appearance: Olive-green eyes take in everything around her with a harshness that is a little unsettling; but even so, it is difficult to pry your attention away from her nose, which has clearly been broken recently. There is also a fresh scar on her cheek, likely left behind by a slashing blade. Her frame is delicate, but she has the muscle of an elf-woman accustomed to physical activity and labor.

Her clothes are surprisingly well-made for those of an elf, and she looks a little uncomfortable in them. If you were to look closely enough, you might notice that there is a dagger whose blade has been wrapped in cloth and tucked into her boot.

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